A Guide To Planning Your Balcony Interior Design

You are lucky if you have a private balcony as it is a great outdoor space to entertain friends and family. Turn your balcony into a comfortable spot, one where you can unwind, relax or make beautiful memories.

The decoration and seating arrangements are crucial to enjoy the breeze and view of the outdoors. So when you plan to design the perfect balcony for yourself make sure to take into consideration the size of the space so that it does not look or feel cluttered. In this guide, we will take an in-depth tour of how a balcony must be designed so you can make the most of one of the best spaces in your home.

Essential Elements Of Balcony Seating

Balcony Seating

A balcony lets you enjoy the cool, crisp air of early mornings, a morning cup of tea, and a  comfortable space to sit down and read. But a balcony is nothing without a proper seating arrangement. What you need is the right kind of furniture that is enough to seat a few and fit into the layout of the space. Here are a few options for seating in your balcony.

Check out the best options for seating in balcony interior design

A Swing:  If your balcony has an overhang you can install a swing to enjoy the view from a higher height. A sleek swing with a coffee table fits in perfectly into a small balcony and provides ample seating when you want to enjoy reading or sipping a coffee cup. 

Add Wicker Furniture: A balcony isn’t complete without a few pieces of furniture. You will need a place to sit and relax. So why not add a set of wicker furniture and give your balcony a modern twist? Make your balcony fully functional with comfortable wicker sofas, a table and create a tranquil and relaxing space in your own balcony. 

A Picnic Spot: Bring the outdoor fun inside and transform your balcony like a garden. Install artificial grass for the flooring and throw in some comfy cushions and sheets, and you can have a mini-picnic. 

Built-In Seating:  If you have a small balcony make use of every inch. Maximise the space by installing built-in benches. This way you will save space and have an ideal place to sit and relax. 

Make It More Ethnic: Take a classic and traditional approach for your balcony to give it a desi twist. Bring in upholstered sofas with ethnic motifs, chairs, poufs, candlelight holders and an ottoman. Add an uruli with floating candles and flowers to accentuate the overall look of this space. 

Select Small Furniture: If you have a small balcony then do not clutter it with unnecessary items. Select small pieces of furniture that will fit smartly into space without compromising on comfort. Add a little bit of greenery to make it more enjoyable. You can opt for folding chairs and tables so you can put it back neatly when not in use.

Let Us Explore How A Balcony Can Act as Storage

Apartment dwellers know the value of storage because every inch matters. If the rooms in your home do not have enough space you can use your balcony for storage. Bring in those extra chests of drawers or side cabinets and place them in your balcony to store all your belongings.

Apartment balcony interior design with storage options

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Seating Furniture With Storage

If the balcony is small then opt for a bench with storage space. The size of the bench depends on the available area in your balcony. Choose a bench where you can store items under its seat. You can add a matching ottoman with storage inside so you’ll get much storage even in a tiny space.

Use Your Walls As Storage

Your balcony can be used cleverly to store things if it lacks space. Since your wall offers so much vertical space you can use them to build extra storage space for books or indoor plants. Shelving can keep smaller items tidy like tools, gadgets, and accessories safe. 

Multifunctional Furniture

A piece of single multifunctional furniture is a smart and cost-effective way to maximise both seating and storage in your balcony. Most multifunctional furniture sets start with a conversational style seating – a sectional sofa or coffee table and spare chairs.

How To Decorate A Balcony?

Decorating a balcony is fun when you have all the elements figured out. A well-planned balcony can turn it into a beautiful oasis full of greenery. It can also be a place to read or a nook for your friends to hang out. 

Do you know what the four critical factors are to keep in mind when you decorate your balcony?

How to decorate a balcony - check out balcony lighting, layering and layout

Well, we’ve listed them out for your benefit so read on.

  1. Lighting: This is a crucial element of decor for any space be it the living room or balcony. Good lighting will make your space feel cosy and warm. So make sure to adorn your balcony with string lights or lanterns to give it a cosy atmosphere. 
  2. Layering: Give your balcony various layers of textiles so it looks comforting and inviting. Throw in some rugs and fluffy cushions to have a wonderful time. 
  3. Layout: If your balcony is small you must be careful about proportions. The objects must be placed in a way so that there is no restriction of movement. Make sure the types of furniture you buy and install are appropriate for your balcony. Slimmer furniture works best if you do not have ample square footage. 
  4. Greenery: A balcony is incomplete without the introduction of greens. Pack the balcony with indoor plants to create a feel of the backyard you always wanted. You can also create a mini garden packed with various herbs.

How To Do Proper Space Planning In Your Balcony?

Before you make any hasty decisions you need to understand what you have to work with – the size of the balcony. Measure the available space before bringing in furniture and decor. Additionally, keep the following in mind:

Balcony interior design guide before bringing in furniture and decor

  1. Function: What is the intent of the balcony? Is it a place where you can sit and relax? Or is it a reading nook? Do you want to make it a children’s activity area where they can sit and draw? It is also essential that your balcony acts as storage space. Think hard about the different uses of your balcony and do not shy away from experimenting and adjusting as you go along. 
  2. Outdoor Furniture: Your balcony will be exposed to nature’s elements. Choose good quality outdoor furniture that can withstand harsh Indian weather. If you have a small balcony opt for more compact and dual-purpose furniture sets that can be stacked up when not in use.
  3. Choose A Colour Or A Theme: Just as you choose a particular colour scheme for your home interiors your balcony deserves one just as well. This will help you plan your furniture and decor around it. 
  4. Use Of Vertical Space: If your balcony is small then make use of vertical space. You can use your wall to hang potted plants or make it a vertical garden. Also, add shelves which can be used to display knick-knacks or plants.
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There you go! All you need to know about balcony interior design is right here at your fingertips. It needs mindful planning, the right elements and some help from a professional. Book a consultation with Design Cafe and begin your home interior design journey here.

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