A Bedroom Interior Design Checklist

What good is a bedroom without the right interior design? Bedroom interiors are like jewels in a crown that make a space shine. Furniture, wall art, cabinets, shelves, cupboards, colours and decorative pieces are must-haves for any bedroom. Every bedroom needs furniture, storage solutions, lighting apart from accessories like rugs, throw pillows, a good display case, a nightstand to complete the look.

Ultimate bedroom interior design checklist

A King Or A Queen?

A bedroom bed is probably an essential piece of furniture you will invest in! Make sure your bed satisfies your needs in terms of safety, comfort, and design. Whether you choose to opt for a classic, modern, or a rustic design, your bed will dominate the room. To give it a statement, team your bed with decorative fabrics (like silks) for some flavour and style, especially if you’re one to keep up with the Joneses. Upholstered beds are great for a modern look while a minimalist wooden bed is ideal if you want to play with colours, materials, and textures in the space.

Perfect bedroom accessories checklist for your taste with a bed that you can relate to with plants and a wall mounted cupboard

Spruce Up Your Bedroom With The Right Furniture

Bedroom furniture completes the look of a room as long as it’s not disproportionate to the entire space. A full room typically consists of a bed and a few other pieces of furniture as must-have elements. Pick bedroom furniture according to your age group and lifestyle. Bedroom furniture designs bring in elements of comfort and fullness to space. If your bedroom has ample space, then put a few accent pieces. You can place a work table in a corner and a vintage trunk at the base of the bed to amp up the aesthetics. This can also double up as storage for bed linen. A vanity table adds a feminine feel to the bedroom, for the woman of the house to doll up and also bring in some elegance.

Best bedroom accessory with wall mounted large shelf with vertical square boxes for book storage in bedroom

How large is your family?

Complement It With A Headboard

No settling for boring beds now! Bedroom headboards, available in umpteen textures, patterns and colours, accessories your bed and your bedroom in ways previously unimaginable. Apart from the comfort and safety they provide, they also play a significant role in varying the texture of the room a little bit and not letting all of it be woody.

Things to consider before interior designing your bedroom accessories, checklist of bedroom design

Choose A Wardrobe That’s Right For You

Every bedroom needs proper storage to keep the room clutter-free and make living more comfortable. You can achieve this by adding cupboards to your master bedroom. There are tons of bedroom cupboard designs you can choose from to make optimum use of your space. A floor to ceiling cupboard will maximise storage in your bedroom. Put your suitcases and strollers above the closet and clothing inside. A mirrored bedroom serves a dual purpose in small bedrooms. It saves space and makes the room spacious. A built-in-cabinet is easy to customise, and it looks beautiful too!

How to do interior design your bedroom, check bedroom interior checklist

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A Well Decorated Bedside Table

Where do you keep your watch, glasses, and phones? If your bed is the answer, then it’s time you considered a bedside table. Not only is it functional but has the potential to become a decorative piece too. A bedside table, lamp atop is perfect for that night reading binge or to move around in the dark. A well-decorated bedside table changes a room’s atmosphere and brings in the sense of calm and peace. Place an indoor plant for a natural look or adorn it with shiny colourful stones. And if you are a stickler for functional design, then opt for bedside a table with drawers to stash away basics like keys, wallets, and documents.

Best interior design for bedroom guide

Face The Day In Style With A Smart Dressing Unit

The kohl in your eyes or the crease in your tie – you check them all in front of your bedroom dressing table, isn’t it? You can now have your dressing table or units designed with smart features and storage solutions to blend in with the rest of the modular furniture in your bedroom. Also, hidden shelving and pull-out stools save space.

Bedroom interior design furniture with hollywood style white dressing table with lights around the mirror

Gift Your Bedroom A TV Unit!

After a long hard day of work, catching up on your favourite show or watching the news should not be something you have to do outside your bedroom. Bedroom TV units – hidden or displayed – are the perfect addition to your bedroom for those lazy Saturday nights to Netflix and chill.

Bedroom design check list with TV unit in the bedroom with floating shelves

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A Study Unit

Are you a book aficionado? Or someone who likes a newspaper ready with your morning tea? If the answer is yes, then you need a bedroom study table. Design one with good lighting fixtures and comfortable smart seating and storage. Study units up the ante of your bedroom and give it the persona of an intellectual.

Corner study unit with led strips in the modern bedroom interior

Upgrade Your Bedroom With A False Ceiling

Adding a false ceiling to your bedroom will take it to new heights, literally! A false ceiling hides flaws and conceals wiring that makes a bedroom look neat. And for bedrooms with high ceilings, false roofs reduce the height to level with the overall dimensions. There are many types of false ceiling designs. A few are:

  • A layered tray (perfect for a master bedroom)
  • Wooden beams (if your flooring is wooden)
  •  Coffered design (crisscrossing beams that form a grid-like pattern)

Bedroom designed with bookshelf and wardrobe with transparent glass door

Loft It Up!

If you live in a tiny room, then a bedroom loft is a brilliant space-saving solution. It makes for a good sleeping area, a place for wardrobes or a space to work in thereby turning your small bedroom into a multipurpose space. A loft bed, or one that is at least 30 inches above the floor, adds to storage space in the bedroom. You can turn your space into an office loft- add a desk, good lighting, and a chair to get on with some work.

Small bedroom interior design with loft bed is a brilliant space-saving solution

Let Your Walls Do The Talking!

Plain walls are passe. Bedroom wall design brings in fresh energy to a room making it a pleasure to live in. Opt for 3D wall painting designs if your wall is wide and long. You can also paint it in an aquamarine theme for a soothing vibe. Blue is good for restful sleep. Play with LED bulbs as it is cost-effective and adds elegance too. Or how about family portraits on your wall to conjure up a nice nostalgic feeling?

Bedroom design check-list: map 3D wall painting design brings in fresh energy to a modern bedroom desig

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Never Ignore Your Fan!

Bedroom ceiling fans are dull accessories you need not tolerate each time you look up. With ornamental ceiling fans and hi-tech silent fan designs cropping up in the market, you can bring in a piece of art in your bedroom.

Simple bedroom interior design with a ornamental ceiling fans and hi-tech silent fan designs

Control The Brightness With Bedroom Shutters

As much as you need an inflow of natural light in your bedroom, controlling it is crucial, both for privacy and good sleep. Instead of curtains, that require manual effort to be put parted or drawn try blinds or shutters. They are mechanically controlled and do the job just fine! 

  • Roman
  • Duette
  • Vertical 
  • Wooden
  • Venetian 
  • Wooden Venetian
  • Roller

Modern bedroom with a shutters to control the brightness & inflow of natural light

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Adorn Your Bedroom With The Right Decor

The bedroom represents your traits in ways you may not have imagined! It’s your place to unwind. Keeping it simple and clean is the best bedroom decoration tip any professional will give you. You can adorn your bedroom with a few statement pieces to give it class and oomph. Good lighting enhances the beauty of your bedroom. So make sure to place a task light for a spot for bedtime reading. Play with colours and dream away in an ebb of sea blue and bubbling white bed linen. Or add matching wallpaper for a beautiful backdrop. Does nothing compare to a serene bedroom setting?

bedroom with a wallpaper for a beautiful backdrop and lightings in this bedroom interior

Your bedroom is a sanctum of sleep an oasis for rest and rejuvenation, and it is essential to decorate it with the right accessories. These are things that are not only aesthetic but functional too to make your bedroom a well-designed space.

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