A Comprehensive Guide To Bedroom Decor

Decorative Lights For Your Bedroom

If you love the idea of light surrounding you then this bedroom is just perfect. Bay windows for natural light during the day time, beautiful globe-shaped pendant lights with a rich copper finish and a chandelier with light tubes merged with a metal frame will leave you illuminated. This bedroom decor has different shades of grey inculcated throughout the room. The headboard, wallpaper, window frames, ceiling to floor wardrobe and floor mat all have a tone of a different grey.

decorative lights for your bedroom decor with beautiful globe-shaped pendant lights
A bedroom with fifty shades of grey brings out a neutral hue, and decorative lighting leaves this room illuminated

Camping 365 Days A Year

If you have kids who love the idea of camping and wait for summer holidays to be sent away well we have some great news for you parents. With this bedroom decoration your kids will feel like they’re at camp all through the year. What more could your kid want when this room has a bunk bed made of wood that resembles a treehouse? A sweet little tent at the bottom is also part of the design and that is where they can pretend to be an explorer camping in a forest hiding from a big grizzly bear. This bedroom has a window with a shutter that means your child can choose how much sunlight to let into the room. 

Bedroom decoration with bunk bed made of wood
A bedroom with a treehouse bunk bed is sure to give your kid a camping experience
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It’s All In A Wall

Would you want your wall to dull your beautiful wooden flooring bedroom, would you? Take a look at this gorgeous bedroom it gives a clear idea on how you can decorate your bedroom wall. A classic feature wall in grey with a tinge of psychedelic pattern changes the look of this bedroom. So just a wall can make sure your room looks fab and glamorous in no time. This bedroom has a lovely dresser with an elegant mirror with focus lights attached to it which will leave you feeling like a celebrity while dabbing on some makeup as you get ready. A petite little stool with drawers in white adds to this little nook.

Wall decorative items for bedroom with wooden flooring and elegant mirror
A bedroom with patterned wallpaper in grey changes gives this room a complete makeover making it look more attractive

Time For A Teenage Bedroom Decor Inspiration

If you have a teenager at home who likes their space, loves to read and adores the colour blue then this teenage bedroom decor is worth checking out. Hues of blue, from dark to light, can be seen on this queen size bed from the quilt to the pillows and the throw. This is all a part of bedroom decor. A lovely blue floor mat gives a calming aura to this bedroom, and the chair by the window will allow your teen to relax and read their favourite book. Bell-shaped pendant lights hang on the sides and add a pretty view to this bedroom. A headboard with a room for placing cute items or photo frames is an add on to this bedroom decor.  

Teenage bedroom with bedroom interior decoration who loves to read and adores the colour blue
A teenagers bedroom with splashes of blue is sure to bring a calming aura into the room
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A Boy’s Bedroom Decor

This boy’s bedroom decor will leave you with a touch of the city. This unique wallpaper depicts a city with high towers is a dream come true for many young boys. Boys love to laze around and play video games. It is second nature to them So if you boy has a keen eye towards the PlayStation now he has a comfortable grey bean bag to sit on. The bamboo shutters, wooden panels along with wardrobe and study add a beautiful rustic, earthy feel to this bedroom while still keeping it modern. Miniature side lamps added to this bedroom decor are perfect for midnight readers. 

Boys bedroom with romantic bedroom decor which will leave you with a touch of the city
This bedroom decor has a city vibe merged with a rustic touch, it is the best of both worlds

Decor For A Girls Bedroom

If you have a girl child you know that she is the little princess in your home. And you, as parents, will do anything to make sure her room is a safe and happy place for her to be in. Take a look at this girls bedroom decor. It has a colourful mat where she can play on and the rich will keep her warm throughout the winter. A white and pink striped fabric tent will give her the feeling of being a princess in a castle. A pink and white study has been integrated and behind that is colourful wallpaper that brings a splash of colour and freshness into this bedroom.

Decor for a girls bedroom which will give her the feeling of being a princess in a castle
A girls room with lots of pink and colourful wallpaper and blackboard will allow your child’s imagination to run wild and free

Decor For A Master Bedroom

Masters of the house listen up! A master bedroom decor must include a TV unit as most couples like to relax, lay back after work and watch a sitcom. This master room has a lovely hollow crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, making it not only a lovely light fixture but also a piece of art. At the corner of this bedroom we see  an elegant cushions console stool with a copper framed oval-shaped mirror.  A bedside lamp sits on a wooden bedside table that is apt for those who work into the night. A pretty picture of flowers and indoor plants with classy vases add to this bedroom decor. 

Decor for a master bedroom in a simple bedroom decor with a tv unit
A master bedroom with pretty vases, plants and lighting make this a great space to relax
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Modern Bedroom Decor

This modern bedroom decor is easy and looks funky too.  Cylindrical fabric pendant lights bring an urban vibe while a moodha stool brings in a pop of tradition. A medium-sized painting of a bridge in mid-air amidst the clouds makes the grey wall more alive than ever. The wooden chair brings in a rustic touch while the white leather headboard adds to the elegance of this room. 

Modern bedroom decor with home decor bedroom with Cylindrical fabric pendant lights
This bedroom has a variety of different decor elements which makes it unique and modern

A Romantic Bedroom Decor Idea

Want to keep your love life active? Check this romantic bedroom decor out. This master bedroom has tinges of red here and there to represent love. A luscious velvet headboard in deep red will set your mood on fire. A red armchair is placed at the study nook, and strips of the colour red have been included on the floor rug. Brown brings a warm, secure feeling while the white wall adds elegance to this space. The indoor plant will give you a dose of fresh air for healthy living. 

A romantic bedroom decor idea with indian wedding bedroom decoration with indoor plant for healthy living
This bedroom decor makes couples come alive with a tinge of red and lots of brown

Simplicity Comes With A Simple Bedroom Decor

If you like to keep things simple and neat but want just the right amount of decor, then this simple bedroom decor might please you. Paintings can make walls alive with minimal effort. So don’t hesitate to put some up. Adding plants in your room will give your room a sense of freshness so don’t miss out on that either. A simple floor rug can bring in a rather sophisticated look to a bedroom so do choose a light coloured one.

Simplicity comes with a simple wedding bedroom decoration where plants will give your room a sense of freshness
A bedroom with simple decor gives it a sophisticated touch

This is what we at Design Cafe think bedroom decor. We would love to know how you have decorated your bedrooms.

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