A Guide To Different Types Of Wallpapers For Your Home

The days of the bright yellow and blue painted walls are long gone. Wallpapering using different types of wallpaper is slowly making its way as an alternative to wall paints with modern homeowners. But if you’re new to the world of wallpapers, you will have several questions popping up  such as – What are the different types of wallpapers? How do I pick one from among the many different types of wallpaper to match my taste and aesthetics of my home? Our guide on different types of wallpaper here has all the answers. It tells you everything you need to know about different types of wallpaper, so do read on. 

Metallic Wallpapers

Metallic wallpapers, as the name suggests, have thin layers of metal film or thread woven in them to form types of wallpaper patterns. Gold, silver, metallic greys, rose golds and more – depending on the kind of metal composition and types of wallpaper patterns, metallic wallpapers work well as feature walls and make your space shimmer as they play with light. For example, striped wallpaper with metallic tones will bounce natural light around your hallway for a warm glow. Geometric types of wallpaper patterns look trendy and wallpapers with metallic accents give home decor a modern twist.

Metallic type of wallpaper have thin layers of metal film or thread woven

Flock Wallpapers

Most commonly used in master bedrooms, flock wallpapers are classy types of wallpaper in any space. They were originally invented to imitate cut velvet fabric hangings and used ‘flock’ or a waste product of the woollen industry which was available in the form of powder. Flock wallpapers today are made from man made fibres- rayon, nylon or polyester applied on a adhesive coated surface. This process gives the wallpaper an embossed or raised coated surface and is available in different types of wallpaper patterns. This mild embossed look gives your walls an artisan feel and are great as feature walls in areas with less traffic – lounge room, living or dining areas. Flock wallpapers are best avoided in kitchens, hallways, and kids bedrooms.

Elegant flock types of wallpaper patterns add a touch of class to any space.

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Vinyl Wallpapers

Vinyl is a type of plastic that is cheap, durable, light, low maintenance and water resistant. These types of wallpaper are non-woven in nature which means that vinyl is attached to some sort of backing. On the front side it can be applied as a liquid- acrylic type that’s sprayed on or as a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet laminated onto something. Though known  as a cheaper option to add colour to your walls, the right quality Vinyl wallpaper will look just as good. Also it works well in any environment  – even wet spaces like kitchens and bathrooms or frequently used areas. 

Also an excellent choice for people who like to change the look of their walls often. The most significant advantage of Vinyl types of wallpaper is their wide variety of designs, colours and textures. You are bound to find a design you like from the seemingly endless options.

Vinyl is different types of wallpaper which is cheap, durable and light

Hand Screened Wallpapers

Hand-screened or silt screened types of wallpaper are great for homeowners who want something artisanal in their homes. These types of wallpaper are handmade by pushing dye over a screen where ink is penetrable. Though hand screening is a repetition of patterns, no two are exactly alike. They have their unique signature and nuances in the way the ink dries. This type of wallpapers enables papers to be personalised to every project and therefore you can choose a pattern from anywhere and then have it on your walls.

Brick type wallpaper for your home for them who want something artisanal in their homes


Mural wallpapers are for those who love big, bold works of art on their walls. It offers photo imagery that is detailed in nature. From the Sistine Chapel to the Hagia Sophia, artists back in the day achieved this to significant effect. A gorgeous mural wallpaper can add a similar sense of splendour to your space without having to commission a modern-day Michelangelo. This type can be used in all spaces – children’s rooms, living rooms, hallways and kitchens. Mural wallpapers also work well with walls of offices, stores, showrooms and other commercial spaces.

Mural new type wallpaper with bold works of art on the walls

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Tips To Choose The Right Wallpaper

The most crucial part about picking a wallpaper is choosing a pattern you love. However, you must ensure that the types of wallpaper patterns of your choice works well for the space you plan to wallpaper. Here are a few guidelines:

  1. Vertical stripes or designs make the ceiling appear longer, meaning they add a certain amount of height to your space.
  2. Horizontal stripes make spaces appear wider making it perfect for small rooms or passageways so they look spacious or longer.
  3. Large patterns or motifs don’t work well for small rooms as they overwhelm the space making it appear smaller. Big prints, patterns or motifs work best in large spaces.
  4. A tiny-print or wallpaper with minute patterns or geometric design suits smaller spaces.

Map Your Space

Once you’ve chosen the type of wallpaper you will need to estimate how much you need to buy. Follow this simple formula while purchasing wallpaper:

  1. Measure your walls then multiply the height with the width of every wall in feet.
  2. Enumerate all wall dimensions to arrive at the total square footage.
  3. Deduct all windows and doors.
  4. Check the roll label for the amount of square foot coverage  it provides and ensure it is higher than the total wall square footage.
  5. Purchase an additional roll to ensure you have plenty. Mistakes happen and it’s good to have an extra roll (which you can return later).

Note:  Every wallpaper is installed differently. Keep your wall surface ready as per the manufacturer’s directions before installing your wallpaper.

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And there we have it; these are the different types of wallpaper available for walls across your home. Choose one that is ideal for your home interiors, match it to your decor style and budget to adorn your walls with elegance.

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