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An L-shaped Home Office With An Attached Bookshelf

This home office has been set up by the window to craft a creative workspace at home. The space with the L-shaped desk and open and closed shelves is bright and cheerful and provides ample storage options as well.

Special Features
  • The unique design of this home office creates a lot of desk space.
  • The L-shaped wooden desk has handleless drawers in high gloss laminate.
  • The workstation has open drawers to keep frequently used items.
  • The strip lighting and the table lamp keep the area brightly lit even at night.
  • The workstation is attached to a tall wooden bookshelf which in turn adjoins a white high gloss laminate wardrobe.
  • The home office comes with a wood-finish armless bucket chair.
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A Yellow and White Themed Home Office Design

This home office exudes a retro vibe. A yellow accent chair is paired with white desk both of which are accessible to people of any height. The bookcase with glass-front doors help you view and reach your files and folders easily.

Special Features
  • The home office makes use of a yellow and white theme and comes with a yellow accent chair.
  • Old-style drawers help keep the space neat and organised.
  • A bookshelf with glass-front doors enlivens the home office.
  • The desk includes a peppy yellow armless upholstered chair.
  • An attractive downlight illuminates the workstation.
  • White wood panelling against the workstation add character to the space.
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A Quaint Wooden Home Office With Multiple Storage Options

This home office design is reminiscent of the golden past. Exciting combinations of shelves and extensive woodwork create a homely atmosphere to work while at home. Its been designed near the window that allows for ample natural light to seep in making it ideal for work.

Special Features
  • The solid wooden workstation has old-fashioned drawers for storage.
  • The unit comes with floating shelves to display artefacts, books, pens and more.
  • The sleek and space-saving armless bucket chair is easy to move around.
  • The desk has a simple table lamp that is both striking and functional.
  • The indoor plants add some contrast to the space.
  • Wallpaper on one wall breaks the monotony of wood and adds character to the space.
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A Fully Functional Home Office Corner With Floating Shelves

This home office is modelled on a modern-day cubicle in an office. It is equipped with every necessary storage unit and shelf. The home office has a floating bookshelf for easy access to files and folders. A glass partition with wooden frames separates this space from the living area for privacy.

Special Features
  • The home office has a white laminated workstation with multiple drawers for storage.
  • The workstation is paired with a sleek armless wooden chair that takes up minimal space.
  • The workstation has shelves and racks to keep books.
  • An open free standing bookshelf delineates has been placed on one side and provides ample storage.
  • A wooden partition with frosted glass separates the home office from the living area.
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