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Bedroom Design

An Industrial Style Bedroom Design

An industrial style bedroom with an exposed brick wall and pops of colour. An all black, sleek sliding door wardrobe lends an edgy look to this space.

Special Features
  • A sliding door wardrobe with multiple compartments.
  • A study table adjoins the wardrobe built with overhead cabinets and shelves.
  • A walk in dresser unit with tall shelves on the side.
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Modern Bedroom With Brick Wall Cladding

A modern bedroom designed with simplicity and sleekness. A wardrobe with space to hang trousers, a bed with full area storage and a unit for books and decor make this bedroom a space saver’s dream.

Special Features
  • Brick wall cladding for an industrial style aesthetics.
  • Tall wooden open bookshelf with pull-out storage.
  • King size bed with ample storage.
  • Shutter wardrobes with hanger space for trousers.
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