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Modern Bedroom With Brick Wall Cladding

A modern bedroom designed with simplicity and sleekness. A wardrobe with space to hang trousers, a bed with full area storage and a unit for books and decor make this bedroom a space saver’s dream.

Special Features
  • Brick wall cladding for an industrial style aesthetics.
  • Tall wooden open bookshelf with pull-out storage.
  • King size bed with ample storage.
  • Shutter wardrobes with hanger space for trousers.
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Modern Blue and White Bedroom Interior Design

This modern bedroom dominated by a blue and white colour palette is large and spacious. Glass sliding door wardrobe built across the source of natural light make this room appear spacious.

Special Features
  • Gold printed wallpaper on either side of the TV unit.
  • A slender TV unit with open shelves and drawers.
  • Wardrobe with mirror shutters.
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A Compact Bedroom With A 4-Door Wardrobe And Study Unit

If you love wooden finishes and accents, this bedroom is for you. The wooden panelling on the wall and laminates lend an earthy tone to your space, while functional furniture pieces make this room look compact and clutter-free, apt for urban professionals living in small apartments.

Special Features
  • A queen-sized bed with a wood panelling behind it for an earthy look.
  • A four-door modular wardrobe with separate his and her section
  • A compact study corner with a floating cabinet and a wall-mounted bookshelf.
  • A pendant light hangs from the ceiling to highlight the floating bedside table
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A Brown And White Bedroom With A Sleek Dresser And TV Unit

This bedroom has a soothing aura to it thanks to an earthy colour scheme and a lot of woodwork. The room exhibits modern and stylish furniture pieces with a twist of Indian traditional design sensibilities. It is kept organised and clutter-free with space-saving and modular furniture pieces.

Special Features
  • A gorgeous wooden laminate finished bed with a padded cushion headboard adds to the comfort of the space.
  • A sleek dressing unit in the same wooden laminate finish comes with handleless drawers and a full-length mirror.
  • An elegant wooden laminate TV unit with white laminate front handleless drawers and an open floating shelf complements the interiors of the bedroom.
  • A modular study unit, also in wooden laminate finish. has been designed with open shelf units.
  • The bedroom’s window bay seating improves the multifunctionality of the space.
  • A wooden ceiling fan with light adds lavishness to the whole bedroom setup.
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An Industrial Style Bedroom Design

An industrial style bedroom with an exposed brick wall and pops of colour. An all black, sleek sliding door wardrobe lends an edgy look to this space.

Special Features
  • A sliding door wardrobe with multiple compartments.
  • A study table adjoins the wardrobe built with overhead cabinets and shelves.
  • A walk in dresser unit with tall shelves on the side.
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An Off White Bedroom With An Hydraulic Lift Space-Saving Bed

This bedroom exhibits a calm and soothing vibe thanks to a neutral colour scheme used across the space. The main highlight of this bedroom is a hydraulic bed designed with a tufted headboard in white. The bed has space for storage and helps keep the room clutter-free at all times.

Special Features
  • A bedroom designed with a neutral colour scheme for a soothing vibe.
  • An accent wall behind the bed is flanked with a drop-down pendant light on one side and a warm table lamp on the other.
  • A hydraulic bed with a lift-up mechanism has space for storage underneath.
  • The bedroom also has a sleek TV unit in a light grey finish that is designed with handleless drawers.
  • The bedroom’s interiors also include a white bedside table on either side of the bed with handleless drawers for a seamless look.
  • A grey floor rug ties the look together.
  • The bedroom wall is decorated with artwork to bring in character to the space.
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A Neo-Classical Bedroom Design With A Study And TV Unit

This bedroom’s interior design spells elegance all the way. It has been designed in a grey and white colour scheme that brings in an aura of sophistication to the space. A Neo-classical theme has been included with white wall moulding for timeless appeal. A minimalist style study and TV unit adds to the multifunctionality of this bedroom that makes it ideal for working professionals who stay up late completing office tasks.

Special Features
  • A light wood laminate finished bed is complemented with bedside tables on either side.
  • A drop down gball shaped pendant light on one side is paired with a table lamp of the same style on the other to bring in some drama.
  • The bedroom is designed in Neo-classical style of interiors with white wall mouldings.
  • The bedroom also has low lying TV unit finished in light wood laminate with an attached study unit.
  • Above the study table we see a mounted closed cabinet and a single floating shelf for store/ display.
  • The study unit is coupled with a light wood laminate bucket chair that completes the look.
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A Pink And Olive Green Bedroom With Space Saving Furniture

This bedroom’s interiors have been designed with the right shades of pink and green for a feminine touch. While the colours have been paired skillfully several other interior design choices blend together beautifully in one single space making this bedroom a delight to live in. A gorgeous olive green accent wall is paired with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe finished in pink high gloss laminate. An attached dresser unit faces bay window seating on the other side of the bed and together they add to the multifunctionality of this bedroom’s interiors. The chich and youthful vibe of this room make it an ideal design choice for teenage girls or working women.

Special Features
  • A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe finished in pink high gloss laminate is designed with loft storage above.
  • The three-door style wardrobe has an open bookshelf on the right and a stunning dressing unit on the left.
  • The dresser unit has an ottoman with storage and options to store makeup inside.
  • A refreshingly beautiful olive green accent wall is adorned with gold metal wall art.
  • The bedroom’s window bay seating improves the multifunctionality of the space.
  • A wall-mounted slender TV unit faces the bed and is designed to match the colour scheme of the wardrobe.
  • Gold wallpaper against the TV unit complements the olive green accent wall and together make a stunning pair.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Furniture, wall art, cabinets, shelves, cupboards, colours and decorative pieces are must-haves for any bedroom. Every bedroom needs furniture, storage solutions, lighting apart from accessories like rugs, throw pillows, a good display case, a nightstand to complete the look.

The colour of your bedroom depends on your personal style and taste. While there are endless colour combinations you cna choose from some of the popular ones these days are: Classic blue and white, Pink, Yellow And Beige, bottle green and brown, pink and white, grey and teal, red and copper, peach and olive green, lime green and yellow, shades of brown, white an beige, blue and brown, coral and white among others. Check out Bedroom Colour Combinations from DesignCafe guides section.

Our bedrooms are fully customised and completely manufactured in-house.

We believe each bedroom ought to have its own spirit and character. It’s why we design each one independently, as a unique labour of love.

Our bedroom designs are inspired by the personality, hobbies, interests, tastes and preferences of the people that call it home. Before we take on your bedroom design project, we’ll get to know you personally in order to infuse pieces of your personality into your bedroom aesthetic. We welcome your suggestions throughout the design process!</p?

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, and can go a long way in harmonising your mental, emotional and spiritual equilibrium. A thoughtfully designed bedroom can harness the potency of colour, design and space to give you a restful, relaxing cocoon.

Yes, our interior designers curate exclusive bedroom furniture and decor to match your requirements.

Our bedroom packages are tailor-made to your requirements. Let us know what you need, and we’ll create an accessories suite to your liking and budget.

The timeline for a bedroom project delivery hinges on the size of the bedroom. On an average, however, our bedroom delivery turnaround time is about 45 days.

With every DesignCafe bedroom, comes a 10-year warranty and a complimentary Happiness Manager. So, whether you need to fix a small snag or a large problem, you can be rest assured you’re covered for the long haul.

Yes, we provide a 10-year structural warranty on all bedroom interiors!

Our bedroom designs are inspired by the personality, hobbies, interests, tastes and preferences of the people that call it home. Before we take on your bedroom design project, we’ll get to know you personally in order to infuse pieces of your personality into your bedroom aesthetic. We welcome your suggestions throughout the design process!