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A Guide To Bedroom Colour Combinations

Before redesigning your bedroom, choosing the colour combination is the first thing you need to work on. You must find the right combination that will make your bedroom look chic, modern and peaceful. Colour holds power to evoke contrasting moods, tell a story inside your home, or even improve the way someone feels in your bedroom. So picking a colour palette for your bedroom has to be done mindfully. Before you start choosing shades, furniture, fittings or decor, it’s necessary to understand colour pairings.

Classic Blue And White

Paint your walls a beautiful shade of classic blue, also Pantone’s pick for 2020. Punctuate it with fresh white accents for a harmoniously blended bedroom colour combination. However, if deep blue walls sound terrifying consider the set up shown in this image. White painted walls and introduce classic blue to your wardrobes, cabinets, headboards, and accessories.

Bedroom colour combination with white painted walls and classic blue headboards

Pink, Yellow And Beige

This bedroom is done up with radiant and happy colours.  White and beige furnishing paired with a bright yellow wall  and you will feel like you’re waking up on a sunny spring morning everyday. This colour palette will work like magic in the bedroom of a young married couple or a guest bedroom. The cheery colours help make this bedroom seem bigger than it is. So if you are painting a room that’s a bit tight on floor space, consider this one.

Bedroom color schemes with a white and beige furnishing paired with a bright yellow wall

Make your little girl’s bedroom a lovely, serene oasis. Create a blend of pinks and vanilla white on your walls, upholstery and furniture pieces. Besides, we all know how little girls adore the colour pink.

Girls bedroom colour combination with a blend of pinks and vanilla white on your bedroom walls

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Greys And Teal

If you love everything edgy and raw or wish to add an industrial feel to a bedroom in your home, then grey your go to colour. Mix it with a lighter shade of teal and white to increase the appeal of your bedroom interiors.

Bedroom wall colour combination guide with a lighter shade of teal and grey

Red And Copper

This bedroom features two beautiful, striking jewel-like hues that always blend well together. Red and copper complement each other without overpowering the room even though they are contrasting colours. Red and copper is a great colour palette for a master bedroom or a guest room setting.

Master bedroom colour combination or guest bedroom colour combination with red and copper colour palette

Peach And Olive Green

Looking for a fun colour combination for your bedroom?  Then a bedroom palette in peach, olives and hints of white is what you need. You’ll have a pleasant aura that’s bound to make every morning sparkle.

Two colour combination for bedroom with peach and olive green to make a fun bedroom

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Shades Of Brown

Who says brown is boring? Dependable, warm, and subtle – it is an excellent shade for bedroom interiors. Shades of brown contrast just enough with the right interiors and accents while also bringing in warmth. It will remind you of rocky, sandy beaches. Hints of grey and white with decor and upholstery like shown in this image to balance overall aesthetics.

Simple bedroom colour combination with shades of brown contrast with the right interiors

Blue, White, Grey And Black

This excellent colour combination is another take on the standard blue and white duo. This room features a dual-toned wall in sky blue and white paired with hints of grey and black that creates a bold look. The lighter colour, sky blue, being the more outstanding colour opens this small bedroom up, that is helpful if you’re working with a small bedroom.

Best colour combination for bedroom walls with a dual-toned wall in sky blue and white

Blue And Brown

This bedroom is impressive, simple and comforting. The gorgeous pairing of blue and brown makes it an ideal pick for a master bedroom. Besides, minimalist decor brings the best out of this palette.

Master bedroom color schemes with blue and brown makes it impressive bedroom

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Bottle Green And Brown

This bedroom features a beautiful shade of brown with bottle green giving it a touch of nature and the outdoors. And like we here see brown and greens pair well together. It is quite common with wedding decor or even anniversary events. However, this mix goes well in a bedroom set-up as well, as shown in this image.

Bedroom color combinations with a shade of brown with bottle green gives nature look

Coral And White

Here we have a bright shade of coral with white accents. Coral and white complement each other and when you add variants of both in your bedroom, with the right amount of lighting, it makes your space visually stunning.

Bedroom wall color combinations with a bright shade of coral with white accents

Lime Green And Yellow

This fun bedroom colour combination is an excellent colour combination for a young couple or a kids’ bedroom. Bright yellows and greens blend well together and make this bedroom look cheerful. To prevent your bedroom from feeling cramped, paint your ceiling white so your kids do not feel they are living in a box.

Young couple bedroom colour combination with bright yellows and greens blend

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Burnt Orange And Purple

Another bold bedroom colour combination, this image features a burnt variant of orange and purple. These two colours are great and work well even when picked individually. This duo makes a bedroom appear fun and energetic and is an ideal choice for a bedroom of a working woman or a teenage girl.

Bold bedroom colour combination with a burnt variant of orange and purple

Red, White And Turquoise

For clean and minimalistic colour decor, hints of red with a white background and a dash of blue will do wonders. These colours add volume to your bedroom space and are a great pick for small areas.

Small bedroom interior colour combination of red with a white background and a dash of blue

Brown, Orange And Grey

This bedroom displays an impressive assemblage of orange and brown with a splash of grey. Introduce a textured wall behind your headboard as shown in this image. This is a modern colour concept for a master bedroom or seldom-used guest bedroom.

Guest bedroom colour combinations with orange and brown with a splash of grey

Red And Shades Of Pink

This colour combination features two shades of the same family – red and pink. Add hints of grey and copper accents, as shown in this image to let these two colours stand out from each other.

Two colour shades combination for bedroom with red and shades of pink

Green, Blue And White

An excellent colour palette for a comparatively small master bedroom or one housing old aged homeowners because these shades are so outstanding yet soothing. With this colour scheme you will need minimalist decor. Include designs, patterns and beddings within the same combination as shown in this image to make your bedroom interiors more appealing.

Small master bedroom or old aged homeowners color combinations with green blue and white

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Cream And White

The ideal colour scheme for those looking for a clean, fresh look in their bedroom. Creams and white work well together. Contrary to popular belief both these shades do not overpower but complement each other. Introduce attractive cream accents and a splash of a deep shade like grey to add texture to space, as shown in this image.

Bedroom color schemes with creams and white for a clean, fresh look in bedroom

Shades Of Black And Steel Grey

For all the young couples or bachelors out there looking for a bedroom with an industrial vibe a bedroom painted and designed in blacks and greys is a perfect pick. As this image shows, wooden furniture adds a luxe touch to the overall industrial bedroom.

Bedroom interior colour combinations with shades of black and steel grey for industrial bedroom

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Black And White With Chocolate Brown

If you are not a fan of bright and bold colours then, you must know that your bedroom interiors do not have to incorporate them. Pick a neutral colour scheme of black, white and chocolate brown. Add texture through fabrics for a classic feel with a modern frame.

Latest colour combination for bedroom with a neutral colour scheme of black, white and chocolate brown

So which colour combination topped the list for you? Which ones would you like to use in your bedroom? If you’re not convinced with one combination, pick hues from different combinations and designs and create your own colour scheme for your bedroom interiors.

Also, if you have recently changed your bedroom colour scheme, we’d love to hear about it. Please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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