Checklist For Arranging Furniture In A Small Bedroom

Having an unorganised bedroom space can be a chaotic living experience for everyone, especially, when you are clueless about how to arrange it. A bedroom’s interior acts as the final piece of the puzzle. From placing elements in the right place to knowing what belongs in your sleeping zone — what you choose and how you design your bedroom can make or break the space. Here are a few furniture arrangement and bedroom design tips to keep in mind when designing your bedroom’s interiors. 

Bed Arrangement In A Small Bedroom

There are a couple of ways to go about this. You can possibly try to move your bed to the largest accent wall in the room or place it in the middle with ample space around. Depending on the size of your bedroom furniture, your bed’s arrangement may vary.

Bed arrangement in a small bedroom
The ideal position for the bed in a small bedroom

Wall Colour Idea For Compact Bedrooms

For smaller bedrooms, it’s often important to choose the right colour scheme. Dark walls and graphically patterned wallpapers are a no-go. Instead, try out light colours, neutral muted tones or earthy wallpapers to make your space look inviting and easy on the eyes. 

Wall colour idea for compact bedrooms
Say yes to muted wall colours in a small bedroom

Bed Frame And Headboards For Your Bed

For smaller spaces, try a floor-to-ceiling headboard to create an illusion of a tall bedroom. Alternatively, you can look into mid-century pieces to avoid a cluttered floor. Another option is to avoid the headboard completely and switch it with a riveting centrepiece making for a visible statement in your bedroom space.

Bed frame and headboards for your bed
Try a floor-to-ceiling headboard

Nights Stands, Side Tables And Lamps For A Small Bedroom 

Your bed is incomplete without a complementing nightstand or side table. Choose one that matches the style of your room’s furniture and doesn’t take much space. If it is a couple’s bedroom, opt for twin side tables to offer both partners their personal haven in a shared space.

Nights stands, side tables and lamps for a small bedroom
A twin set of side tables completes the look

Wardrobes With Loft Storage And Where To Place Them

Depending on the needs of your bedroom, the size of your wardrobe can vary. For travellers with large bugs to stow away, wardrobes with loft storage come in handy. Where you place your wardrobe is a question that’s easy to answer. For most bedrooms, they either go on a wall adjacent to the bed frame or simply on the wall in front of it.

Wardrobes with loft storage and where to place them
Loft wardrobe storage for occasionally used items

Study Units And Work Desks For Your Bedroom

If your living room has enough space, it’s recommended to place your study units and work desks in that room. However, if you need an additional desk in your bedroom, opt for a space with natural light that’s closer to the electrical switches to ensure you can charge your gadgets when need be. Having a desk with natural light creates a productive and focus-oriented space for you.

Study units and work desks for your bedroom
Embrace remote work from your bedroom

Dresser Units, Shelving Units And Chest Of Drawers

While not truly a bedroom essential, depending on how you use your bedroom space, you can opt for certain furnishings, designs and interior solutions. Individuals in need of a vanity space can invest in a dresser unit, bibliophiles can have a bookshelf and collectors can go for a chest of drawers. 

Dresser units, shelving units and chest of drawers
A dedicated dresser space in the bedroom

Whether you are a couple with kids, elderly folks or a joint family, every home has storage and furniture problems to look into. While the above parameters help you with your arrangement and furnishing tips, know that every home is unique and so are the interior solutions they need. 

5 ways to arrange furnitureWith that in mind, here are some ways you can make the most of your bedroom interior design regardless of how much space you have!

A Studio Or 1 BHK Bedroom For Young Couples With No Kids

A studio or 1 BHK apartment usually comes with a cramped bedroom space, meaning, you are always short of storage space. Opting for a wardrobe with loft storage and wall-mounted storage cabinets is a smart move in spaces like these. You can also choose to go minimalist with a floating dresser or a hidden vanity that can be pulled out from the wardrobe, allowing you to have ample leg room.

Your bedroom must include the essentials, namely, a bed frame, side table, chest of drawers, work or study unit for WFH professionals and a spacious wardrobe.

A studio or 1 BHK bedroom for young couples with no kids
A bedroom with all the essential furniture

A 2 BHK Or 3 BHK Bedroom Design For Couples With Kids

When you have kids, you are bound to fall into a storage crisis at home. You will need space for all their games, toys, books, accessories, decor and definitely, the essentials (clothes). However, your kid’s bedroom can include a bed with pull-out drawers or lift-top storage, allowing you to stow away items of infrequent use. 

For the master bedroom, a wardrobe with a hidden work desk or vanity comes in handy. Alternatively, you can give Murphy beds a try for a daybed experience, in turn offering extra legroom throughout the day to your compact bedroom design.

A 2 BHK or 3 BHK bedroom design for couples with kids
3 BHK bedroom design for couples with kids

A Bedroom Design For Joint Families Or Large Families

For large families, having dedicated spaces for each item of use can be a hassle. However, your bedrooms can be designed keeping in mind the storage requirements you and your family have. 

For instance, your guest bedroom can accommodate an extra three- or four-door wardrobe with loft storage for keeping items of infrequent use. For the master and kid’s bedroom, looking into overhead cabinets and wall-mounted units is a great way to create a spacious zone. If your kids share the space, you can create dividers to offer them some privacy or simply opt for a bunk bed. These bunk beds comprise storage compartments in their staircases, making it a fine choice for storage-hungry homes.

A bedroom design for joint families or large families
A bedroom design for joint families

A Room For Guests, A Master Bedroom And Kid’s Room

While the master bedroom and kid’s bedroom are taken care of above, your guest bedroom can incorporate a chest of drawers or a tiny cabinet for the guest to keep their belongings in. You can also, ideally, offer them a one- or two-door wardrobe, a double bed with a side table to go with the entire bedroom’s setting. 

A room for guests, A master bedroom and kid’s room
A bedroom that makes your guests feel at home

Now that you know what are the important design styles and elements to consider, let’s move on to the many space-saving solutions that can help build your dream bedroom space. They are as follows:

Murphy Beds That Stay Hidden

For compact bedroom spaces, where having the bed ends your endeavours with the space, a Murphy bed comes in handy. Murphy beds are usually day beds and stay put in the walls of your space, offering you ample legroom for the day.

Murphy beds that stay hidden
The perfect day bed experience in compact spaces

Wardrobe With Vanity And Work Unit

Wardrobes, a vanity and work unit can take up all the space in your bedroom. But what if you could have both, the vanity and the study unit extending out of the wardrobe? Problem solved!

Wardrobe With Vanity And Work Unit
A space-saving unit with vanity and study

Wardrobe With Pull-Out Dresser

And if a vanity and work unit aren’t on your list of essentials, this wardrobe with a pull-out dresser unit is a great alternative for your bedroom’s interior solutions

Wardrobe with pull-out dresser
A wardrobe that hides away your dresser

Wardrobe With Hidden Vanity

For those that love to keep their skincare and beauty regime a secret, these hidden vanity units that can be easily pulled out of the wardrobe are a fabulous space-saving solution.

A wardrobe with a hidden vanity
A wardrobe with a hidden vanity

Headboard With Bookshelves

For book lovers that sleep with books by their side, a bed frame with a headboard that doubles as a bookshelf sounds perfect. The shelves also act as an open storage unit for miscellaneous items in your room that don’t have a dedicated spot. 

Headboard with bookshelves
Want books but also a headboard? Combine them!

Wardrobe With Loft Storage

An extra storage unit never hurts anyone, and that’s exactly why a loft space in your closet is a fine choice. Perfect for stowing away items of seasonal uses, infrequently used apparel as well as travel bags, wardrobes with loft storages have more than one functionality.

Wardrobe with loft storage
Stow away items you never need in the loft storage

Bed With Shoe Storage

While beds with storage can be used for storing seasonal items the same way you store items in your wardrobe’s loft, a bed with shoe storage is perfect for shoe enthusiasts that love to keep their footwear away from moisture, mould and weather conditions.

Bed with shoe storage
A dedicated space for your shoe collection

Bed With Pull-Out Drawers

If your wardrobe falls short of space for your favourite outfits, a bed with pull-out drawers is one you can put to great use. These pull-out drawers are easy to access, low maintenance and dust-free, keeping your clothes clean in the long run. 

Bed with pull-out drawers
A bed with pull-out drawers for extra storage

Bed With Lift-Top Storage

Have an extra mattress, items of sentimental value or simply extra items as keepsakes with you? A bed with lift-top storage offers you ample space to place them safely. Lift-top storage beds are also easy to access, functional in design and visually appealing to look at.

Bed with lift-top storage
Save space with a lift-top storage bed

And that brings us to an end of how to arrange furniture, bedroom layout ideas and space-saving solutions for a small bedroom. Looking for a complete revamp for your home any time soon? Connect with our expert designers at DesignCafe to get started with the home interiors of your dream today.

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