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Home Interiors Guides

Home Interiors Guides

At Design Cafe, we design your home to your individual and family needs. Our guides help inform you about design choices and tradeoffs - whether they are related to kitchen designs, or creating more space. We believe that the better informed you are, the more successful our mutual collaboration will...

Modular Kitchen Design Guides

Difference between a modular and civil kitchen

What Is The Difference Between A Modular And Civil Kitchen?

Modular Kitchens Move With You The most significant difference between a modular and… Read More
Different types of wallpapers for your home

Modular Kitchen Design Types

Indian Modular Kitchen Design A family that eats together stays together! Indian modular… Read More

Living Room Interior Design Guides

How To Decide Your Living Room Interiors

How To Decide Your Living Room Interiors

Right balance of elements make a happy living room. Check our guide to… Read More
Check out living room styles guide

A Guide to Living Room Styles

Are you looking to craft a living room style that suits your personality?… Read More

Bedroom Interior Design Guides

Check out bedroom interior design checklist

A Bedroom Interior Design Checklist

Are you planning your bedroom interiors? Our design checklist will get you covered... Read More
Check out bedroom interior design guides

10 Interior Design Styles for Your Bedroom

Do you want a dream bedroom? Check out our style guide now ... Read More

Dining Room Interior Design Guides

How to design a dining room

A Checklist For Your Dining Room Interiors

Dining Table That Tells Tales The most critical component of dining room interior… Read More
A guide to dining room interior design styles

Dining Room Design Styles

Traditional Dining Room When we say traditional, we think of a formal dining… Read More

Study Room Interior Design Guides

Study room interior design guide

A Guide To Study Room Interior Design

It’s All About Space Houses with a designated study room make picking the… Read More
desk for home office

How Do I Choose A Desk For My Home Office?

How Do I Choose The Right Desk? Your home office is that space… Read More

Materials And Finishes

Common materials and finishes for a balcony

List Of Common Materials And Finishes For A Balcony

MATERIALS Granite: This is a natural material that is strong and very resistant… Read More
Budget friendly materials and finishes for your home

A Guide To Budget Friendly Materials And Finishes

Concrete This ubiquitous modern-day building material is not only used to hold structures… Read More