Home Interiors Guides

Home Interiors Guides

At DesignCafe, we design your home to your individual and family needs. Our guides help inform you about design choices and tradeoffs - whether they are related to kitchen designs, or creating more space. We believe that the better informed you are, the more successful our mutual collaboration will be.

Modular Kitchen Design Guides

Difference between a modular and civil kitchen

What Is The Difference Between A Modular And Civil Kitchen?

Have you just bought your dream house or want to give your existing… Read More
Modular Kitchen Design Guide - Things you need in a kitchen or to know before designing a modular kitchen.

5 Things To Know Before Designing A Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are a popular choice among modern homeowners because they utilise every… Read More

Bedroom Interior Design Guides

Checklist for arranging furniture in a small bedroom

Checklist For Arranging Furniture In A Small Bedroom

Having an unorganised bedroom space can be a chaotic living experience for everyone,… Read More
Different types of bedroom lighting

Different Types Of Bedroom Lighting For Your Home

Your bedroom is your safe haven and a place exclusively for you to… Read More

Living Room Interior Design Guides

Living room storage and orginzation's guide

The Ultimate Living Room Storage And Organisation Guide

Ample storage solutions are vital to maintaining a clutter-free, visually appealing living room.… Read More
All about different types of tv units

Multi-Functional To Space-Saving: Different Types Of TV Units For Your Living Room

TV units are an essential piece of furniture in any modern home. They… Read More

Storage And Organisation

Bedroom storage: maximize space and organization

Ultimate Guide to Bedroom Storage: Maximising Space and Organisation

When creating a serene and clutter-free sanctuary, bedroom storage is a key element… Read More
Kids room storage and organisation guide

Everything You Need To Know About Kids Room Storage

Kids can be angels at times but little rebels to and finding space… Read More

Materials And Finishes

Guide to different types of finishes and how to maintain them

Guide To Different Types Of Finishes And How To Maintain Them

Here’s all you need to know about the different types of furniture finishes… Read More
Guide on how choose a kitchen countertop

How To Choose The Best Material For Your Kitchen Countertop

If you are remodelling or planning on a new kitchen, there are numerous… Read More

Dining Room Interior Design Guides

Interior design - How to design a dining room

A Checklist For Your Dining Room Interiors

A dining room is much more than a functional space where meals are… Read More
Home Interiors - A guide to dining room interior design styles

Dining Room Design Styles

If you want a magical dining experience then you need to design your… Read More

Kids Room Interior Design Guides

A Home Interior Guide To Kids Bedroom Interior Design

A Guide To Kids Bedroom Interior Design

Kids bedroom cannot follow the same design and decor ideas that favour the… Read More
A Home Interiors Guide To Kids Bedroom Styles

A Guide To Kids Bedroom Styles

Kids are incredibly particular on how their bedrooms must look, and their ideas… Read More

Study Room Interior Design Guides

All about study room design

A Guide To Study Room Interior Design

You may be a part of the ever-growing gig economy which allows you… Read More
A home interior guide to study room styles

A Guide To Study Room Interior Design Styles

When you design a house, a study room where your kids or you… Read More

Bathroom Design Guides

Flooring materials for bathroom interior design

A Guide To Bathroom Flooring Materials

We all know the amount of inflow and outflow of traffic in bathrooms.… Read More
Checklist to bathroom interior design

A Checklist To Bathroom Interior Design

A beautiful bathroom is everyone’s dream. Designing your bathroom is an exhilarating task… Read More

Balcony Design Guides

Guide to balcony grill designs and layouts

How To Choose A Balcony Grill Design

Don’t know what balcony grill is best for you? Well we have got… Read More
A complete guide to balcony flooring

A Complete Guide To Balcony Flooring

A complete guide to balcony flooring and the various materials used. How to… Read More