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Living Room Design

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Industrial Style Living Room Interior Design

Wood and marble finishes blend together in one industrial style living room. Wooden flooring and an exposed brick wall behind the sofa add to the interior design style.

Special Features
  • A large TV unit with marble back panelling that brings in character.
  • A floor mounted bookshelf with open and closed storage options as part of the TV unit.
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Minimal Style Living Room Design

This living room is designed with a colour palette for those who like an understated look. The TV unit is designed with slender shelves and low lying cabinets for utility.

Special Features
  • A chest of six touch to open drawers for display and storage of daily items.
  • A sleek TV unit with shelves and cabinets that are easy to access.
  • Wooden flooring lends a warm ambiance.
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Modern Style Living Room For Small Apartments

An all-white living room designed for small apartments. Smartly designed furniture helps with space maximisation.

Special Features
  •  A study unit with drawers on either side and a white marker board for quick notes
  • A TV unit with vertical wood panelling and open shelves for display
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Modern Eclectic Style Living Room Design

A kitschy, eclectic living room with a mix match of decor styles and accents. Bookshelves, false ceiling design, bright pastels and a funky chandelier make up the decor of this room.

Special Features
  • A contemporary chandelier hangs as a centerpiece.
  • A grey geometric patterned wall paper balances the splash of colours in this room.
  • A TV console with distressed wood finish adds to the character of the room.
  • A skirting drawer in the Tv console to store away small items.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different living room styles?

The most common interior design styles for living room include: modern, minimalistic, eclectic, rustic, industrial, traditional, Scandinavian, Mid Century and Asian styles.


What are best colors for living room?

Living room colour combinations include class blue, white and grey, lavender and white, all white, black and white, white and beige, yellow and white.


What should I put on my living room walls?

Living room walls must not be left bland or boring! You can style your living room walls with decor, art/ painting, wallpaper, shelves, a vertical garden with indoor plants, wall paint or wall textures, mirrors, murals, objects (like your old bike!) or mount that TV set!


How can I make my living room look bigger?

A few common interior design tricks to make a living room is to use a lot of white on the walls or even furnishings. Mirrors lend the illusion of space too so mount some on one wall. Use corners well and place furniture strategically here. Also, choose the right furniture such as an L shaped sofa that gives more seating and takes up less space.


How do you arrange furniture in a small living room?

Small living rooms require multifunctional furniture that saves space. To utilise small living rooms well consider leg-free pieces of furniture and attach units directly to the wall. We are talking about wall mounted shelves. Also opt for tables with lean exposed legs and tight-back sofas as they are friendlier in spaces that are small.


How can I make my living room beautiful?

A living room can be made to look beautiful in multiple ways. Apart from decor, artwork, paintings and furnishings other elements like lighting fixtures, flooring, wall paint/ textures, ceiling design and furniture play an important role in beautifying a space. Also, how you place and arrange everything together makes all the difference too.