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A Modern Living Room With A TV Unit Designed With Storage

This living room is designed to utilise space efficiently to give this area a clutter-free look. It comes with sectional sofa upholstered with pockets on the side to store magazines and newspapers. The room also has a completely-modular TV unit in grey and light wood laminate designed with ample storage. Cabinets at the bottom and open shelves on top.

Special Features
  • A multifunctional compact TV unit that has enough storage shelves and cabinets to maintain a clutter-free look.
  • A sectional sofa upholstered in white fabric with side cover pockets to stack reading material.
  • Two marble top coffee tables complement the white and grey colour palette of the room.
  • A textured wall in white behind the sofa ties the look of this space together.
  • A jali patterned partition in white adds to the aesthetics of the space and seperates the living area from the rest of the home.
  • Warm lightings in the side table lamp and a chandelier accentuate the homely ambience of the room.
  • White and beige curtains complete the look of the room.
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An Industrial Rustic Living Room In Soothing Earthy Tones

This living room features an industrial rustic design with brick-wall cladding and wooden panelling on either sides of the room. It’s compact yet spacious in outlook and offers an inviting vibe to the space and is perfect for entertaining guests over the weekend.

Special Features
  • The living room has brick-wall cladding on the wall against the seating area and a stunning indoor window that overlooks the bedroom space.
  • The seating area features an L-shaped sectional sofa with decorative pillows, a round coffee table, area rug and a floor-to-ceiling pair of curtains in solid earthy tones.
  • The TV unit features a floating cabinet with handlesless drawers that extends into a tall shelving unit in a dual open shelf and shutter unit combination on one side and floor-to-ceiling wooden panelling on the other end.
  • The wall against the TV unit features wall art above the TV and an large indoor plant on the side.
  • The chandelier binds the aesthetics of the room together with its contemporary design.
  • The entryway features a handleless shoe cabinet, a minimalist round glass mirror and decor elements like a buddha status and plants above the cabinet.
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An Elegant Living Room Design With A Dark Wood Laminate TV Unit

This is a spacious, orderly living room setup in a neutral colour scheme with a pop of yellow. The living room is equipped with a TV unit finished in dark wood laminate and storage cabinets at the bottom. A white brick wall brings in a mix of textures to the space.

Special Features
  • The TV unit has a TV unit finished in dark wood and white laminate with handleless drawer storage.
  • A large sectional sofa in beige makes this space feel comfortable and warm.
  • A brick wall in white breaks the monotony of beiges and browns making this living room look bright.
  • A foldable centre table completes the look of this space.
  • The living room is designed by using beige, white and yellow uniformly and is seen in small details like the wall painting, the lamp, cushions, and carpet.
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A Modern Minimalist Living Room With TV Unit And Bookshelf

Designed in neutral tones of beige and cream, this living room boasts modern luxury and cosiness. The grand living space features a lovely TV unit with a cabinet as well as a wall-mounted bookshelf for leisurely evenings.

Special Features
  • The TV unit is designed with a sleek cabinet below with open shelves and drawers at the bottom. It is complemented with a floating shelf above.
  • The living room comprises of a geometric 3D wall on the accent wall and the adjacent bookshelf wall as well.
  • The seating area consists of a gorgeous 3-seater upholstered sofa and an accent chair on the side in subtle shades of grey.
  • The living room’s design scheme is complemented with a modern coffee table, a side table and indoor plants on either side.
  • The wall besides the seating space features an abstract art frame and a pendant wall lighting to highlight the area
  • The foyer area displays a marble buddha statue, geometric wall art and a shoe cabinet with drawers as well as a coat rack on the side.
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A WFH Friendly Living Room For Working Professionals

This contemporary living room boasts a striking combination of whites, blues and greys to create the perfect atmosphere. It works as a multi-functional room with bookshelves, study and work unit alongside a TV unit, perfect for young urban couples and working professionals.


Special Features
  • A contemporary living room with mid-century furnishing.
  • The seating features a 3-seater sofa, a comfortable accent chair and two-tiered wooden round coffee table in mid-century design.
  • The seating space hosts a tall storage unit with multiple storage components like the shutter units on top, open shelves in the middle and handleless drawers on the bottom.
  • The TV unit features a minimalist space-saving solution with a floating box shelf on the side and a quirky open unit that extends into two drawer units on the side.
  • The TV unit extends into a study/home office unit and features a wall-mounted cabinet in blue for storing documents and work essentials.
  • The study/work unit comprises a desk with a pull-to-open drawers and an EAMES chair with a comfortable backrest.
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A Living Room Design For A Small Indian Homes

This living room in a subtle pastel tone has two textured walls facing each other. A sleek TV unit mounted on the wall adds functionality to this space apart from making this area look incredibly stylish.

Special Features
  • A textured wall on either side or a touch of class.
  • A sleek TV unit with push to open drawers for a seamless look.
  • A tall wall unit on one side with open shelves to display knick-knacks.
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An Eclectic Living Room With A Traditional Touch

This compact living room includes a perfect combination of multiple design aesthetics. Ample use of wood lends warmth to the space, while the stone finish walls and a traditional swing lends a unique touch to the room, making it ideal for young couples open to experimenting with different designs and finishes.

Special Features
  • A wall-mounted Tv unit with low-lying cabinet and stone finish back panelling for a rustic look.
  • Multiple shelves next to the TV unit and above it for displaying books and decor items.
  • A three-seater sofa in bright red to bring a pop of colour to the muted colour scheme.
  • A wooden swing with a red cushioned seater for a traditional vibe.
  • A book cabinet with concealed storage and drawers beneath to house all your books.
  • A white partition with shelves to exhibit your expensive artefacts.
  • Nested coffee table and patterned rug to complete the look of this eclectic living room.
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Industrial Style Living Room Interior Design

Wood and marble finishes blend together in one industrial style living room. Wooden flooring and an exposed brick wall behind the sofa add to the interior design style.

Special Features
  • A large TV unit with marble back panelling that brings in character.
  • A floor mounted bookshelf with open and closed storage options as part of the TV unit.
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FAQs on Living Room Designs


The most common interior design styles for living room include: modern, minimalistic, eclectic, rustic, industrial, traditional, Scandinavian, Mid Century and Asian styles. 

Living room colour combinations include class blue, white and grey, lavender and white, all white, black and white, white and beige, yellow and white.

Living room walls must not be left bland or boring! You can style your living room walls with decor, art/ painting, wallpaper, shelves, a vertical garden with indoor plants, wall paint or wall textures, mirrors, murals, objects (like your old bike!) or mount that TV set!

A few common interior design tricks to make a living room is to use a lot of white on the walls or even furnishings. Mirrors lend the illusion of space too so mount some on one wall. Use corners well and place furniture strategically here. Also, choose the right furniture such as an L shaped sofa that gives more seating and takes up less space.

Small living rooms require multifunctional furniture that saves space. To utilise small living rooms well consider leg-free pieces of furniture and attach units directly to the wall. We are talking about wall mounted shelves. Also opt for tables with lean exposed legs and tight-back sofas as they are friendlier in spaces that are small.
A living room can be made to look beautiful in multiple ways. Apart from decor, artwork, paintings and furnishings other elements like lighting fixtures, flooring, wall paint/ textures, ceiling design and furniture play an important role in beautifying a space. Also, how you place and arrange everything together makes all the difference too.