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Boho chic, rustic, mediterranean, minimalist, modern, industrial, classic-contemporary, art deco, traditional – do you get lost with these terms? Or perhaps you know what you want, but don’t know how to get there? That is why we have a team of 400+ designers to advise customers.

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FAQs on Home Interiors in Mysore

Hiring an interior designer has multiple advantages. A professional interior designer will design your space keeping in mind your budget, lifestyle and utility. Opting for local vendors might seem cheaper at the outset, however, add-on expenses, compromise in quality of materials and finishes, and unstructured processes can lead to unnecessary delays. For a seamless experience, book a consultation with DesignCafe for a wide range of personalised design solutions that come with a 10 year extended warranty. Apart from this we provide customers with easy EMI options and 20% extra storage with our space-saving designs.

The cost of designing your home’s interiors depends on multiple factors—the size of your home, materials and finishes you choose and the interior design style you opt for. But to give you an overall idea the cost to design a 1BHK home in Mysore can range anywhere between Rs. 2 to Rs 3.5 Lakh with a basic finish and up to Rs 5 Lakh for premium finishes. For a 2BHK home in Mysore the cost can typically range between Rs 3.5 to Rs 7 Lakh for basic quality and go up to Rs 10 Lakh for premium homes. If you are looking for home interiors for a 3BHK home in Mysore you will need to earmark anywhere between Rs 7 to 12 Lakh, again depending on the quality of laminate, designs, finishes and paint you choose. This cost of interiors can also shoot up to Rs 15 Lakh. For a detailed quotation and personalised designs that suit your budget, book a free consultation with us today or visit our experience centre in Mysore.

DesignCafe has top interior designers with rich experience in creating personalised design solutions to suit your budget and preferences. We have designed over 5000 homes across the country. We provide you 20% extra space-saving design solutions, best EMI options, 10-year warranty, a smooth handover experience, exclusive offers and much more. You can visit DesignCafe’s experience centre in Mysore or book a free consultation with our designers in Mysore for inputs and design solutions.

Traditional designs, artistic accents, and luxurious aura play an important role in Mysore interiors. Here are the top interior design trends in the city:

  • Modern interiors with touches of traditional accents.
  • Minimalist style of interiors with space-saving furniture and intricate artefacts.
  • Eclectic interior design with ample use of woodwork and marble for a luxurious vibe.
  • Traditional interior designs with carved furniture and golden accents.
  • Biophilic interior designs with earthy colours, ample natural light and lots of indoor plants.
  • Traditional pieces of furniture and accents like a swing in the living room
  • Open seating area like a backyard or balcony
  • Intricate woodwork around the house and marble flooring for a royal look
  • Biophilic designs with natural plants and greenery
  • A perfect fusion of traditional and modern home interior design
  • A meditation room and pooja room
  • Intricate artwork and artefacts to elevate the aesthetics of the home
  • Earthy colour tones and terracotta work
  • Modular kitchen designs with intelligent storage solutions
  • Carved sofa units, arches and domes inspired by Mysore’s royal heritage