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Dining Room Design In Modern Minimal Style

A modern minimal style dining room designed for wine connoisseurs. A sleek bar/ crockery unit doubles up as storage for crockery with tandem drawers for wine bottles.

Special Features
  • A cluster of pendant lights puts the spotlight on your plate
  • A crockery cum bar unit with ample storage
  • Tandem drawers designed to store for wine bottles
  • Handleless drawers to stackheavy crockery
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Modern Minimal Style Dining Room Design With Crockery Unit

This modern minimal style dining room has a mini bar attached along with a smartly designed crockery unit for better organization.

Special Features
  • A mini bar with a bottle pull-out
  • A crockery unit with touch to open drawers with open shelves to display bottles
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Neo Classical Style Dining Room Interior Design

This dining room uniquely blends colours of grey, emerald, beige and white. It has been designed with style and simplicity in equal measure. A smartly designed crockery unit to store dinnerware, cutlery and other dining related items is a clever addition to this area.

Special Features
  • A crockery unit with tinted glass for an upscale look and easy visibility
  • Spacious tandem drawers to store large pieces of crockery
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An Eclectic Style Dining Room Interior Design

This dining room is an eclectic mix of decor, artwork, wall art and bright colours.

Special Features
  • A TV unit that doubles up as a partition with open shelves to showcase decor items
  • An archetrave with spotlights frame the unit beautifully
  • A crockery unit on the left adds to functionality of the partition
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best ways to design a dining room space?

This heart of the home can be a place you show off your interior design style. Take into consideration the space, functionalities you want it to serve and then experiment with furniture, furnishings, colour palettes, and lighting for a perfect setting to host meals and create memories. Every dining room needs right sized table, with chairs that complement it, good lighting fixtures so you don’t eat in the dark, crockery unit and side cabinets to store/ display dinnerware and decor to amp up the style.


Which color is best for dining room?

The most common colour combinations for a dining room include white and beige, grey, red and white, yellow, blue and black, purple, yellow and white, black and gold, muted green and orange. White and blue, crimson red and white, mauve and green.


What are the best styles of interior design for dining rooms?

Popular styles of interior design for dining rooms include minimalistic, eclectic, rustic, industrial and Indian.


How do I choose a dining room table for a small home?

A newer design but one is becoming increasingly popular is the drop or foldable dining table design. This works well for tables that have to accommodate varying numbers of people from time to time. Converting a four-seater to six, making it concise and small when not in use, are many options for the expandable dining table. Many homes, especially apartments, are gravitating towards them, as they work well in small homes. A popular small dining table design is circular, supported by a central base. Although not seen in many homes, round tables add refined aesthetics to a place especially when designed in glass. It’s easy to seat several people, fits into any kind of corner space including kitchen design with dining table and merges into the design of older homes.


How do you divide a living room and dining room?

There are many smart design hacks you can use to separate a dining from living area. First you can add a partition or a screen. Next you can add a sectional sofa in one corner that will act as natural divider. Next you can try zooming. Carpets are a fool-proof way to zone areas – keeping them large ensures that furniture does not appear to float.


What type of dining table should I get?

The dining table you get depends largely on the dimensions on the room you are placing it in. Round or square shaped tables work best in smaller spaces. You can even try a foldable or expandable dining table if you have a small apartment. For larger spaces you can try a rectangular or oval shaped table or even a large round shaped one. Also, a four, six or eighter seater depends on the number of members in your family. Further you can opt for metal or wooden tables or one with glass tops depending on your taste and budget.