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A Modern Rustic 2 BHK Home Design

A 2BHK home designed with smart space-saving furniture, pops of colour across all rooms making each zone a pleasure to be in.

Special Features
  • This 2BHK home’s living room is designed with patterned wallpaper, a sectional sofa, and vitrified tiles.
  • A false ceiling with cove and recessed lights elevates the look of this space.
  • A smart TV unit with a backlit panel and extended vertical shelf with LED strip lighting is part of this 2BHK home .
  • The dining area with round wooden dining and four chairs in blush pink.
  • A bench with bottom drawers has been constructed for additional storage in the dining section as well.
  • The straight kitchen has overhead cabinets finished in wood laminate and base cabinets in pink laminate.
  • A diamond patterned backsplash with LED lighting and hooks to hang cutlery make use of space in a smart way.
  • This 2BHK home design has a master bedroom with bamboo wall paneling.
  • A false ceiling with wood panelling and cove lights brings this bedroom’s ceiling alive.
  • Two twin bedside tables are situated on either side of the bed in the master bedroom.
  • The master bedroom also has a floor to ceiling wardrobe with sliding doors finished high gloss laminate.
  • This wardrobe has inbuilt rod to hang shirts and well lit compartments for easy access of clothing.
  • The balcony of this 2BHK home has a bar with a foldable white countertop and a wine rack against a brick wall.
  • High bar stools in the balcony to sit and enjoy your drink.
  • Artificial grass makes this space more lively.
  • This 2BHK home has a children’s bedroom with a stone cladding wall.
  • The bunk bed has been designed with bottom storage and a bookshelf.
  • A full-size wardrobe in yellow and white with profile handles, large storage cabinets and drawers.
  • A study unit here is made from wood with a white chair.
  • This home has a white tiled bathroom with a shower cubicle and inbuilt storage with LED strip lighting.
  • Open shelves above the toilet have been built to stack linen and bathing products.
  • A luxury bathroom with a round shaped mirror, a transparent shower cubicle with both an overhead and hand shower.
  • A floating vanity unit under the sink frees up floor space.
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A Modern 2 BHK Apartment Design With Wood Work

This modern home has a rustic touch to it with wood work across the home. A bold kitchen and smart wardrobes with extended desk and dresser units make this home a pleasure to live in. The flooring for this 2 BHK home is been built with vitrified tiles and marble, both in white.

Special Features
  • This home’s foyer has been designed with woodwork and hooks to hang keys and bags.
  • A chest of drawers for easy storage of socks and shoes has been included in the foyer too.
  • A square mirror to take a quick look at yourself before you head out complete the design aesthetics of the foyer area.
  • This 2BHK home has a modern living room with bay windows that lead to the balcony along with a false ceiling with cove and recessed lighting.
  • White vitrified tiles have been used for the flooring of this home’s living room.
  • This 2BHK home’s interior design includes a sleek TV unit with wooden panel work and handless drawers.
  • The TV unit has a floating shelf to display artefacts.
  • The master bedroom in this 2BHK home has a false ceiling with cove and recessed lighting and marble flooring.
  • The floor to ceiling wardrobe has been built with overhead cabinets and sliding doors in a glossy laminate finish.
  • A king-size bed has matching bedside tables on either side with twin lamps.
  • The TV unit extends into a dressing unit with push to open doors and a pouffe with hidden storage behind to store cosmetics.
  • A modern L shaped kitchen with top and bottom cabinets blue and white finished in high gloss laminate is a part of this 2BHK home.
  • The kitchen has been built with push to open drawers for a seamless look along with a black granite countertop with white hexagon patterned backsplash.
  • The dining area is right next to the kitchen with seating for four and a single poendant light has been in corporated to put the spotlight on the food.
  • The second bedroom is designed with a classic colour combination of blue and white with wallpaper on one wall and wooden flooring.
  • A grey and white bathroom with a white tiled shower cubicle has been designed with a floating vanity unit in wood.
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A Modern 2BHK House Design With Space Saving Furniture

The interior design of this 2BHK apartment has been designed for a fun-loving family. It has been designed to suite the needs of both adults and children. In this house we see the use of popping colours like yellow along with earthy finishes like stone textured tiles and red brick wall.

Special Features
  • This 2BHK home includes a walled brick foyer with focus and LED lighting. A shelf and bottom cabinet has been added in this area to store away shoes.
  • This living room in this two bedroom home has an entertainment unit with open shelf storage and push to open drawers.
  • This home has a straight kitchen layout with cabinetry finished in yellow and white high gloss laminate and an inbuilt oven.
  • The kitchen is equipped with hooks and cabinets for easy storage of utensils and a granite countertop.
  • This interior design of this 2BHK home has a fun children’s bedroom in lilac, yellow and white.
  • A white cot shaped like a house is placed against a lilac wall. The bedroom has yellow wardrobes designed with an inbuilt pull study desk and open shelf storage.
  • There is a special storage unit for toys designed with shelves and push to open cabinets.
  • The first bathroom is designed with bottle green and white tiles with a hovering toilet and a shower cubicle.
  • The second bathroom is designed with stone textured tiles, a bowl sink and a floating vanity unit.
  • The interior of a 2BHK home has a master bedroom with floor to ceiling sliding door wardrobe with push to open drawers, open shelves and a rod to hang coats neatly.
  • There is a hidden bookshelf with an extended study in this bedroom as well.
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A Modern 2 BHK Home With Stylish Interiors

A modern 2 BHK home with neutral colour scheme, a mix of textures and space saving furniture that improves the multifunctionality of this home’s interior design.

Special Features
  • A modern living room with a minimalistic style TV unit in white laminate, a comfortable sofa unit, a coffee table. Floating shelves above the TV unit lend extra space to dsplay decor.
  • Textured wall in grey in the living room and LED strip lighting on the floating shelves enhance the beauty of this space.
  • A vanity unit with floating shelves, a LED-lit mirror and bowl-shaped sink adds the functionality of the kitchen that adjoins the living area.
  • An open kitchen in grey and white with marble flooring and countertop makes this home look grand.
  • The kitchen is designed with plenty of storage in the form of overhead and base cabinets with handles
  • A breakfast countertop with two tall chairs is perfect for cooking and entertaining guests.
  • The kids room has been designed with a red and white colour scheme. A map in the form of a wallpaper decorates on wall against the single that comes with storage and the other has been designed with white wall panelling.
  • A study unit with open shelves, drawers and overhead cabinets to arrange books and toys in a clutter-free manner has been included in the kids bedroom.
  • A small bathroom with a wood finished floating vanity unit complements the wall that together lend a warm vibe to the space.
  • The marble floor makes the bathroom look spacious while the glass partition segregating the shower area helps keep the bathroom clean and dry.
  • The master bedroom has a vibrant yellow wall that adds a pop of colour to the space.
  • The wood finished wall behind the bed lends warmth to the entire space while pendant lights bring in a sparkle to the interiors.
  • A wardrobe with a sliding door and a mirror with a hidden storage unit provides ample storage in this bedroom.
  • The bathroom is designed with a floating vanity unit with a drawer and an open shelf to store personal care essentials.
  • The glass partition separates the shower area from the other side and gives this bathroom a compact look.
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A Well-Lit 2BHK Home With Modern Textures And Finishes

This fashionable 2BHK is designed for the style-conscious urban dweller. The space-saving furniture adds functionality to much of the space in the house. The perfect blend of vibrant colours like yellow and green breaks the monotony of muted colours graciously and strikes the perfect balance.

Special Features
  • A modular kitchen with multiple pull-out units, drawers, overhead cabinets and shelves for a clutter-free cooking experience.
  • A floral tiled backsplash brings an artistic touch to this kitchen.
  • A dining room with a marble-top dining table, four chairs with green cushions and a beautiful glass front bar unit with an open wine rack.
  • A living room with an entertainment unit on one side and textured yellow wallpaper on the other side.
  • A comfortable sofa and a bookshelf add to the space’s functionality, while the golden-framed coffee table and an intricate mirror wall decor stitches the look together in this living room.
  • A bedroom designed in green and white with a small study nook to enjoy a comfortable work-from-home experience.
  • A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with sliding doors and a loft area provide ample storage to the room.
  • The marble flooring and the pendant light adds a luxurious vibe to the room.
  • The master bedroom has a bed and a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. The LED-lit accent wall elevates the look of the bedroom.
  • The false ceiling with cove lighting and two pendant lights on either side of the bed makes a stunning statement.
  • The master bathroom has a vanity unit with two drawers and an open shelf. A glass partition separates the shower area.
  • The other bathroom is designed with white and slate hexagonal wall tiles. The vanity unit has push-to-open drawers to keep your towels and bathrobes in an organised manner.
  • The wall mirror with hidden storage and open shelves on either side provide additional space for your toiletries and other essentials.
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A Simple, Elegant And Modern 2BHK

This modern 2BHK is designed with woodwork throughout the home. The muted colours, earthy decor, minimalistic furniture, stylish texture and finishes make the contemporary interiors a visual treat.

Special Features
  • The living room designed in wood and white oozes a Scandinavian vibe.
  • The entertainment unit has a base cabinet with pull-out drawers and a vertical unit with open shelves on one side to arrange your books and other decor items.
  • The wood panelling and Sputnik lights bring a warm and cosy vibe to this living room.
  • The foyer area is beautifully designed with teal wall paint and coir wall art. The side table with drawers provides space for your shoes and other essentials.
  • The dining room comes with a four-seat dining table and a side cabinet for arranging your crockeries. The large mirror on the wall and a pendant light lend a boho vibe to the space.
  • The kitchen is designed with base and overhead cabinets finished in light pink and white laminate. The yellow tiled backsplash with LED-strip lighting breaks the monotony of muted colours and adds vibrance to the room.
  • The appliance garage, hob, range hood, refrigerator and breakfast counter with storage beneath renders this kitchen chic yet functional.
  • The kids’ room designed with a bunker bed, a study nook and a wardrobe makes use of the space efficiently.
  • A comfortable seating arrangement beside the window allows your kids to enjoy a little break between homework.
  • Our designers have infused multiple colours and textures like pink, yellow, white and wood to bring a fun and playful vibe to the room.
  • The master bedroom is also designed in white and wood for a simple and sleek look. The wooden accent wall and side tables bring in a warm vibe to the space, while the wardrobe with wooden doors on one side and a glass front on the other adds ample storage and display space in your bedroom.
  • This 2BHK house has two bathrooms. One bathroom is designed in white and green and the other in slate and white. Both bathrooms have glass partitions to separate the shower area, a wall mirror and a vanity unit to arrange your toiletries in a clutter-free manner.
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A Stylish 2BHK Designed With A Warm Tone And Space-Saving Furniture

A 2BHK house designed with contemporary space-saving furniture and a neutral colour tone for a stylish yet playful look. The design helps blend the needs of adults and kids seamlessly. The woodwork infuses warmth in the interiors, while a neutral colour palette makes the home look spacious and airy.

Special Features
  • A TV unit with hidden storage, push-to-open drawers, overhead cabinets and shelves add a lot of storage space in the living room.
  • A shelf works as a partition between the living room and the dining room while providing space to display your books and knickknacks.
  • The foyer features floor-to-ceiling cabinets, a coat rack with wooden panelling, a tiny seating arrangement and some open shelves beneath to keep your shoes and other essentials in a clutter-free manner.
  • The G-shaped modular kitchen has overhead and base cabinets finished in yellow and wood laminate
  • The backsplash works to add character to the kitchen design, while the breakfast counter provides space for enjoying quick meals with friends and family.
  • The dining room is designed intelligently with a four-seat table.
  • The grey wainscoting accent wall breaks the monotony of the muted colours elegantly.
  • The side cabinet has push-to-open drawers with organisers and a vertical section to keep your crockery. The cabinet with a glass front on the other side is used to house a stunning pooja unit.
  • The kid’s bedroom is designed with a canopy bed in the shape of a hut, and a storage unit to keep the toys and books in a clutter-free manner. The study nook with some open shelves adds additional storage to organise books and stationery.
  • The patterned wallpaper, a small seating arrangement beside the window and a pegboard wall lend a fun and peppy vibe to this room.
  • The master bedroom is finished in white and wood. The wardrobe with tinted glass fronts adds an edge to the interiors. The side table on one side and open shelves are added to provide additional storage space.
  • The bathroom has a tiled backsplash illuminated with LED strip lights. The vanity unit with drawers and floating shelves and a wall cabinet with mirrors are strikingly designed to elevate the functionality of this bathroom.
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A Spacious And Picturesque 2BHK With Pleasant Colours And Mix of Finishes

A modern 2BHK apartment with a perfect mix of colours, textures and style for a luxurious living experience for your family and you. The use of wood lends a warm vibe to the space, while the accent walls and furniture add a pop of colour to this urban apartment.

Special Features
  • A modern living room with white walls and white marble flooring, a comfortable sofa and a low-lying cabinet with a combination of open shelves and handleless drawers for storage.
  • The oak finished wooden panelling on the wall, a beautiful wall painting, a potted indoor plant and pendant lights stitch the look together and lend a warm vibe to the entire living room.
  • The modular kitchen in white and beige comes with an appliance garage, oil pull-outs and metal handle cabinets. Handleless overhead cabinets blend in with the interiors seamlessly.
  • The inbuilt hob and chimney help to keep your chimney clean, while the mosaic-tiled backsplash cuts the monotony of muted colours beautifully.
  • A compact round dining table in white and four upholstered chairs in blue and mustard make a striking contrast while the floral patterned wallpaper adds a quirky vibe to this dining area.
  • Beautiful accent wall in pink and blue is complemented by pendant lights on either side of the bed that is built with storage in the kids bedroom.
  • The wardrobe with a pullout study table adds to the functionality of the space.
  • The kid’s bathroom is designed with the same colour scheme as the bedroom. A bowl-shaped sink, an elongated mirror and pendant lights illuminate the space beautifully.
  • The glass partition separates the shower area from the toilet to help you keep the bathroom clean and dry.
  • The master bedroom is designed with pastels and neutral colours and marble flooring to maintain the serene vibe.
  • A statement chandelier and pendant lights illuminate the space and lend a luxurious touch.
  • The master bedroom is designed with a bed with an extended headboard and storage, a side table, a dressing unit and a sliding door wardrobe.
  • The dressing unit has a wall-mounted cabinet above with storage to keep your personal care belongings and makeup in an organised way.
  • The master bathroom has a bathtub, a vanity unit and a toilet and has been designed with a mix of textures – white tiles, wooden tiles and brick cladding accent that blend together beautifully in harmony.
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FAQs on 2 BHK Designs

Contrary to popular belief, the cost of 2 BHK interiors can be budget-friendly if you know your requirements and preferences. The price of a standard 2 BHK interior design starts from ₹5 lakh.

A 2 BHK flat will have two bedrooms – a master bedroom and a guest, kids or a parent’s bedroom. The area of these varies from 700-1000 square feet of usable floor space. The right approach to design a 2BHK is to maximise the space available for people to move around. Choose a style that works for you and use multifunctional furniture only where needed.

DesignCafe has designed over 1000’s of 2 BHK homes in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. You can see some of our 2 BHK completed projects here.


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