How To Decide Your Living Room Interiors

We all want a living room that reflects our personality and is comfortable to live in. A perfectly elegant space for entertaining family and friends. It can be a place for social gatherings or a space to watch episodes of your favourite series. There are several things you can incorporate in your living room to give it personality and flair.

The Basics Of Designing A Living Room

Designing a living room can be a cumbersome process, but with proper planning and execution, it is quite achievable. A few key ingredients to living room decor is the availability of space; a well thought out the colour scheme, furniture, and accessories you fancy. The use of space is indeed very crucial, apart from the use of carpets and other little accessories that will gel well with your living room interior design ideas. Make sure to select the right colours and balance it with the right furnishings to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Basics of designing your living room interiors

How To Choose A Sofa

A living room is incomplete without a comfortable sofa to sink into. And no, a futon doesn’t count! When you pick a couch, opt for one that not only feels comfortable to sit on but also makes a statement to your entire living room. An English sofa is a good option given that its ergonomics make it extremely comfortable coupled with tight cushions and a rolled backrest. If you prefer something more modern, go for the sectional sofa – it is a multi-piece furniture and is customisable according to your need and space. Additionally, U and L-shaped sofas are the most common type that is also great to fill large spaces in a room.

Choosing a sofa for your living room interior

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Complement It With A Coffee Table

A great addition to the living room is a coffee table. Though some may consider it a secondary element to overall living room interior design, a coffee table can be a stand out piece. It brings together all the pieces and makes a living room look complete. A well-curated coffee table is also functional and serves as a place to pile up reading the material, vases for decor or a tray for your daily dose of caffeine!

Living room interior design with complemneting coffee table

Don’t Leave The Walls Empty

Don’t stop yourself from going ga-ga with your walls. We are talking of a collage of family pictures, pieces of art, eye-catching prints or an oversized mirror. Invest in fine artwork or antiques that resonates with your soul. You can do up your wall to resemble a gallery with family portraits. Make a collage with different styles of frames and mount it on the wall – this makes for beautiful memorabilia each time you look at it. You can accumulate scintillating black and white pictures and showcase them on the wall. Not only does it add luxury to a living room, but it is also a good conversation starter.

Living room interior in which collage of family pictures are hung on the wall

What size is your home?

A Focal Point Is A Must

Every living room needs a focal point to capture attention. This could be a fireplace, a fabulous chandelier or a large window. Make sure your living room seating is arranged around this focal point. This will help make your living room decor a better chill out zone when you spend time with friends and family. Layer it with some cool fluffy pillows, blankets, and decorative lighting so your guests will feel welcomed.

Living room interior which has a focal point to capture attention

Go Green

Plants are versatile and look fabulous with any decor and style. Rich, luscious, vibrant natural plants will make your living room lively. Not only does it add a breath of freshness but improves air quality. Opt for plants that do well indoors. This makes them easy to maintain, and your greenery stays intact. Aromatic plants are also a good option for a well-scented room. Plants are fantastic embellishments for living room interior design and lend a relaxing natural feel to a room too.

Living room interiors with a vibrant natural plants will make your space lively

Pretty Patterned Pillows For Perfect Panache

Pillows are a great addition to your living room to bring in variety. Pops of beautifully patterned pillows lend a beautiful flavour to your living room design. Team pretty pillows with bright prints with your sofa – not only do they add colour to the overall decor but make for comfortable seating for guests who enjoy extra back support. And needless to say, if you want to cuddle up with a book then pillows are the right accessory! Play with solid colours, prints, embellishments or patterns and watch your sofa come alive!

Living room interior which has pretty patterned pillows for perfect Panache

Keeping Those Feet Warm

Rugs are essential for living room design. Not only are they a great addition to the entire ensemble, but they keep feet warm and makes for a cosy atmosphere. If you own an apartment or a bungalow, then you are likely to have wooden flooring too. If that is the case, then lay out a beautiful, comfortable rug to make it more welcoming. Rugs also bring in colour giving your living room interior decor that much needed a creative spark!

Living room interior which has pretty rugs to keep your feet warm

Go Bold With Drapes

Beautiful patterned drapes and curtains in any living room is a great way to play with colours and patterns. Drapes lend much-needed character to a living room, so do not shy away from introducing colour and design with them. Choose an eye-catching colour for your curtains, so they stand out at first glance. Besides an empty window will not look good! Drapes complete the look of windows, maximise the height of a room, and are a simple yet elegant idea. Avoid plain simple curtains as they will dissipate into the background.

Living room interior which has beautiful patterned drapes

Lights, Lights And More Lights

Having the right amount of light in your living room is a key element of a well-designed space that is often overlooked. Think beyond the basic overhead lights that come with your apartment or home. The market has a variety of interesting light fixtures and styles available. Make sure you bring in this variety into your living room. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces are good options to create a cosy, warm atmosphere. Double-wall mount lamps will do wonders to illuminate you favourite art pieces and frames. The brighter light from the accent lamp lends visual appeal to a room too.

Living room interior which has lots of light fixtures


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