Living Room Furniture Designs

Whether you are a new couple setting out on your domestic journey together or living in a joint family set up your living room is going to be the cynosure of your home. It’s a space where you spend your most enjoyable evenings with friends and loved ones. No guesses why it needs the right decor to make a fabulous impression! Your living room furniture and decor should be a good mix of aesthetics, functionality, texture, fine upholstery, good lighting and a blend of colour for an ideal setting. Most living rooms need sofas, shelves, cabinets among other knick knacks for a complete look that takes care of everything. It doesn’t matter if your living room is small or large there are ample DIY hacks to play around with living room furniture and decor. We at Design Cafe have got the must-haves for every living chalked out for you. Read more to know what your living room furniture and decor must entail!

Living Room Furniture

Nothing is better than a well-crafted living room that is suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. A living room isn’t complete with a living room sofa – it is the centerpiece of your living room. You need a coffee table alongside your sofa. It could be used for anything, ashtrays, magazines, and even a hot cup of coffee. Apart from its aesthetic value, it is a piece of functional furniture to provide a convenient platform to place items. An accent chair works wonders for a living room, an armchair, wing chair or a recliner can lift up the atmosphere too!

Well-crafted living room furniture, which is suitable for enjoying family time

Living Room Decor

Decorating the living room can be such a daunting task – you may not know where to start! A good designer can transform your living room to new heights. Out goes minimalism, maximalism is in: think cozy and pleasure-seeking decor. This is your opportunity to showcase your prized treasures – artefacts, pictures, and furniture. Don’t shy away from prints, classy patterns, and colors so they can blend together for a fantastic combination of pop and classic. Oversized lamps, large chairs, mini coffee tables and more – mix it up and don’t restrict yourself from experimenting.
Living room furniture decor

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TV Cabinet Design for Living Room

Entertainment units need a big space but with clever planning you can have an array of opportunities. Multi-functional TV stands are great. They consist of a movable table that allows you to watch TV from any part of the room. A well-designed TV cabinet allows extra storage or space for various equipment and gaming consoles. Opt for pallet walls to highlight your entertainment station and all shelves for a comfortable blend of modern appeal with domestic charm.
Living room cabinet furniture in white laminate finish

TV Unit Design for Living Room

TV units are a focal point for your living room attention is crucial here! It can act as a decorative thus a little emphasis must be given. If your living room is long, choose a raised console so it gives you a geometric structure of the space. If you are a fan of simple, contemporary design, then a Scandinavian design is your best option. The best design for modern homes could be a stone wall motif as it brings out trendiness, rustic aesthetics, and blends well with the rest of the home by including elements of wood.
Living room tv furniture with floating shelves

Wall Design for Living Room

Living rooms must be aesthetically appealing but also functional and comfortable. Blending all these elements can be quite challenging, however, adding a nice wall with designs brings everything into place. It is important to choose a proper wall for your space to make it visually captivating. A drywall is the most common style – it is cheap, stylish, and versatile. It holds paint and wallpaper well so designs and patterns look enhanced. Another wall design can be wood as it brings accentuates dimensions of a space. If you want a rustic look then wood is your best option. Cultured stone and exposed brick can bring out texture and character of the wall.
Living room wall furniture decorated with old bike

Living Room Partition

Whether you want to create more private or cozy spaces in your home, the right partition can make all the difference. It allows an area to be divided between the kitchen, dining space or even an office without compromising one room from the next. Glass partitions make the home look sleek and classy. If you have two white walls and a spacious room, a glass wall would be ideal. If you aren’t a fan of glass then how about wood partitions? Wooden partitions have been used for decades and with new, trendy designs in the market it can be glamorous and beautiful. There are other ideas like the sliding door wall partition and wooden railing wall divider – whatever floats your boat, or should we say home?
Living Room Partition
Framed glass partition design in a modern studio apartment

Living Room Ceiling Lights

No more boring ceilings! Light fixtures and fittings for living rooms are all the rad now. They take a much ignored part of any room – the ceiling – and turn it into a piece of art with the correct contrasts and accessories. For living rooms, standard recessed lights arranged in a grid pattern, suspended lighting in ornamental style and indirect cove lighting are your best bets.
Living Room Ceiling Lights

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Wall Shelves For Living Room

Wall Shelves are best way to optimise space in living rooms. Wooden, open or built-in, homeowners have multiple options to choose from. They spice up your living rooms with modern designs and varied texture apart from making the space more organized. Your books, souvenirs or your favourite mantel pieces, all have a designated place to be shown off now!
Living room wall furniture design with open shelves

Texture Paint for Living Room

Regular is monotonous! With a variety of textures at your disposal in today’s home decor market, you can always impart a different flavour to separate components in your living room. Variety, which as a whole, will up the ante of your living room by leaps and bounds and break the wheel of monotony. Rustic furnishings, shiny accessories, soft carpeting and fuzzy cushioning – are just some ideas to get you started!
Texture Paint Designs For Living Room

Living Room Wall Unit Design

The bottomline to having a space optimised, minimalist living room is not letting the walls be wasted. Living room wall units are an excellent way of using walls for storage. Variations of design, textures and materials available have ensured they glam up your living room instead of making it look clumsy. Give your living room a contemporary look with clean cut wall units with a design that matches your home interiors.
Living Room Wall Units

Living Room Showcase Design

A simple showcase for your living room to proudly display your collectibles, the awards your kid received, travel souvenirs, your favourite collection of books and much more. Classy woodwork combined with contemporary designs will amp up the look of your living room and make your life much easier with convenient storage all around.
Showcase living room furniture is ideal for storing your favourite collection of books and much more
There is nothing more joyous than creating a perfect living room suitable for a family event or to entertain guests. The living room is the primary spot that sets the tone for the entire house, and also one of the best room to showcase the magnificent decor and aesthetics by experimenting with patterns, color pallets, textures, and furniture layouts. From funky chandeliers to wall shelves to display your prized books, a living room can be decorated massively. Whether it is a complete overhaul or refreshing, spice it up with your creativity and designs.