Industrial Style Bedroom Design Ideas

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.” Massimo Vignelli, Designer Industrial style home decor is very minimal and aesthetic in its style of design. It takes inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces. This style can bring beauty to any item. Most commonly used elements for this style are weathered wood, concrete, building systems, exposed brick and industrial lighting fixtures. Wood adds warmth and texture, while metals lend a sleek and modern style. Incorporating raw materials gives an unfinished look. Exposed structures bring out the natural and originality of the piece.

Simplicity adorns uniqueness

With people seeking a minimalistic approach to interior decor and environmentally friendly elements, industrial-style bedroom decor is perfect. The goal of this style is to bring out the beauty in the simplest of ware materials instead of discarding them. One of the best things about industrial style is that it is easy to mix different styles without any clashes. It only enhances the beauty of things around this style. This style is the most flexible style that allows room for play. It is also easy to switch from one theme to another. Industrial styling is about making the simplest thing unique and beautiful. You will never get tired of this style.
Industrial style bedroom design with environmentally friendly elements

The comfortable style of bedding

The bed rest, rails and legs can be made out of wood. Using the same colour tone, a bed rest can also be placed alongside to complete the whole bed set. For dark shades of weathered wood, using a soft undertone of white and related hues will bring out the beautiful weathered feel of the bed. The light tone of wood against dark coloured bed sheets are a great contrast to play with. Steel rods are also part of industrial style. This style of bed is perfect to add on to any kind of item. Usage of appropriate accessories can bring out a unique look of a room without overpowering the bed. This also gives more spaces around and under the bed to keep things going. This would be perfect for minimalists. A bed with low height will create a statement. Bunk beds also work perfectly with this style.
Industrial aesthetic bedroom in all white colour

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Illuminating the surroundings

Steel hover lamps add luxury of the room. Another idea for lamps is showcasing the bulb. Other examples of lamps are a bulb in a wire mesh or a bulb hanging by a rope. This would help bring out more retro style. There are several varieties of stands available as well as with covers to add to the aesthetics of your room. These kinds of lamps are also available as lights. Chandeliers add an interesting touch to plain ceilings. Another trending element is fairy lights, for teenagers, which you can lay around the bed frame. Lights under the bed are a modernistic attribute.
Warm industrial bedroom with hanging rope lights

Storage is art created inside a home with minimal effort

A sliding door wardrobe with a wooden finish will add a classy look to your industrial style bedroom decor. You can also install sliding drawers to the side and front of the bed for more space along with a separate wardrobe. For book lovers, various colours of book covers can add flavour grey shaded shelves. If you don’t want a wardrobe, then the alternative for it a wardrobe cart that is perfect for the minimalist. Wardrobe cart with a plumbing pipe design lends an industrial feel.

Industrial minimalist bedroom adorned with wooden wardrobe

One person’s ceiling is another person’s floor

Wooden ceiling frames and concrete walls with wooden art decors beautifully complement each other. A very neutral shade and unfinished looks pop the industrial effect to the room. A concrete wall near the bedside with a pop of colour will look extremely attractive Fans can be a good element for your bedroom. Paintings on the other hand lend a classy or modern style to bedroom decor. It adds a pop of colour to neutral walls. Large clocks are also another beautiful add on. There are varieties of clock designs that complement the industrial-style decor.
wooden ceiling frames concrete walls for industrial style bedroom design

Fabulous flooring for industrial feels

Wooden flooring is the most common material for industrial-style bedroom design. It gives a warm feeling to the room. Concrete flooring possesses a modern and contemporary form too. Choosing the right floor is crucial for adding elements to make any room look alluring. It also plays a role in lightening up the bedroom. Flooring colours can be mixed. Weathered wood gives a more natural and earthy look.
fabulous flooring idea for industrial style bedroom design
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Windows are a source of flowing energy

The most elegant, simple and modern style of window panes are ones with metal frames. One of the most common types used in industrial style bedroom, it is also one that never goes out of fashion. It takes less surface area, giving more light to a room. Depending on the overall theme of your bedroom choose between wood or metal. Having dark coloured panes and light coloured walls is a beautiful combination.
modern style window pane with metal frames for industrial style bedroom design

Colour palette rejuvenate the look

Industrial style rooms are neutral and earthy in essence. So for large spaces such tones offer a wide range of colours that you can play with from dark, light, pastel, neon and more. Adding a pop of dark colour brings out the beauty of contrasts. You don’t need a certain colour combination to match things around. It is open to playing around.
Colour palette idea for industrial style master bedroom

Other Accessories Light Up the Ambience

You can play with various accessories in industrial style bedroom decor. For kids bedrooms, you can add posters, colourful lights, soft pastel or dark shaded pillows. Alternatively, You can also opt for mirrors. There are several types of mirrors that just for a showcase purpose alone. A dressing table with a mirror is another accessory. Having colourful chairs or just a plain open structured chair would go well with industrial style bedroom. A plain wooden chair with or without colourful cushions also makes a good add on to any bedroom. Rugs are a good way to add colour to a floor as well as for safety purposes. A new way of using rugs are under the bed for an illusion of a large bed and space. It also adds a comfortable feeling to the room. Crates are a simple and reusable item. It can be used as a wall hanging or as a cupboard. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hacks come in handy with industrial-style bedroom design. Reusing home appliances are cost-efficient but also adds a personal touch to your room. This is one of the best ways to conserve materials as well as reduce pollution. Curtains come in a variety of styles. Drawing curtains with a steel rod or any other material gives a bedroom the much needed industrial feel. Wooden or metallic blinds are also a great option.