Beautiful And Bewitching: Bedroom Interiors With Wooden Flooring

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Luxurious wooden flooring designs for bedroom

Infuse some warmth in your bedroom this season!

You may be planning to redesign your bedroom or move to a one in your newly bought house. The first thing that you might just notice in it would be the flooring, right? While the overall interior design of the bedroom definitely matters, its flooring is the show-stealer — don’t you feel so? For its comfort and texture, as well as the vibe that it creates, your bedroom flooring deserves more thought. So, as you are considering all of that, you might consider the subtle charm and functionality of wooden flooring designs bedroom.

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Is Wood Flooring Suitable For Bedrooms?

Bedroom wooden flooring continues to be one of the most preferred elements by homeowners. It grants a touch of elegance to your bedroom. More importantly, a wood tile bedroom comes in various options to choose from — its versatility knows no bounds. They do not trigger any kind of allergies and are available across various finishes. This makes them perfect for homeowners who have refined sensibilities and clear ideas for their home design. Moreover, bedroom wooden flooring is durable and strong, it can weather wear and tear of various degrees. Indeed, wood flooring will be good for your bedroom, rest assured.

Light colour wood tile in the bedroom lends a touch of elegance to the area.
Wooden flooring lasts long and weathers well. Choose it for your bedroom

What Is The Best Wood Flooring For Bedrooms?

There are plenty of options for the wood flooring you wish to finalise for your bedroom, take our word for it. Depending on whether you like a light or dark palette of wood, you can filter their varieties for your bedroom flooring. When it comes to bedroom wooden flooring, options like walnut, maple, oak, birch and even cherry are preferred for their durability as well as finishes. So, following an informed consultation with your design team, you can choose any of them. These days, even bamboo and eucalyptus wood are being liked by homeowners for bedroom wooden flooring.

Having said that, let’s explore all the latest designs, textures and themes that you can choose for your bedroom interior with wooden flooring right away.

Minimalistic bedroom wooden flooring and ceiling lends a modern look and is the best wooden flooring for the bedroom.
From bamboo to cherry, there is no dearth of options to choose from for your bedroom wooden flooring

Rustic Bedroom Wooden Flooring

Bring the outside in by choosing this extraordinary bedroom wooden flooring. In line with all the rustic and natural interior design trends, this wooden flooring can be installed with a variety of woods. As apparent by its name, this wooden flooring is organically rustic and won’t need much finish or polishing. If you love natural wooden flooring minus all the fine touches, this rustic one is perfect for your bedroom!

Grey bedroom in rustic style with wooden flooring lends natural touch is the hardwood floor for the bedroom.
Add a natural touch to your bedroom, choose a rustic wooden flooring for it

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Bohemian Bedroom Wooden Flooring

Still not over your love for Bali and Southeast Asian home decor? We get your obsession, oh yes! What if you can bring a piece of it to your bedroom? Well, you can do just that by choosing befitting, sustainable bamboo flooring for your bedroom. To notch it all the way up, choose patterns for it and finish it up with a semi-refined yet rustic polish and there you go, you have brought the bohemian beauty of Bali to your bedroom already!

Bohemian white bedroom wooden flooring in a chevron pattern and made from bamboo is a chic design.
Choose bamboo to create a bohemian wooden flooring in your bedroom
Lets plan your home interiors together, speak to designers now

Indian Bedroom Wooden Flooring

Want your bedroom to have a traditional, authentic touch? Go for sal or rosewood and let its magic unravel in your chambers. These woods exude warm, unbelievable charm and not to mention how durable they are! We recommend going for a mildly dark to dark finish for this wooden flooring. It will elevate the comfort of your bedroom — we bet!

Indian white bedroom with dark wooden flooring lends a traditional touch is the dark wood floor bedroom.
Homely and traditional, this wooden flooring adds more sophistication to Indian households

Modern Bedroom Wooden Flooring

A modern bedroom deserves nothing less than extraordinary wooden flooring. Do justice to it by selecting teak, deodar or mahogany wood for the flooring. Many homeowners also incline towards sal and satinwood for their modern bedrooms. All of them will add more plushness to your modern bedroom.

Modern wooden flooring design in bedroom with classic furniture lends a seamless look to the area.
Give a seamless look to your bedroom with modern wood flooring

Vintage Bedroom Wooden Flooring

The charm of a vintage bedroom interior cannot be resisted, right? To set up the mood of those good old days, you can definitely choose relevant knickknacks and accents. However, nothing will make it more vintage-ish than artistic wooden flooring. To recreate it all, choose etched walnut wood with distinct borders for your bedroom flooring. It will not only grant a luxe character to your bedroom but also comfort you in its warmth.

The vintage bedroom has dark wooden flooring that adds charm and is the bedroom's dark wood floor.
Distinctly etched, dark wood flooring is timelessly vintage

Contemporary Bedroom Wooden Flooring

Not too etched and too rustic, contemporary wooden flooring strikes a wonderful balance between two textures. You can choose rosewood, maple and other varieties of wood for this bedroom flooring. Just be clear about the finish that you will finally need and this flooring will indeed make your bedroom all the more comforting and contemporary.

A contemporary bedroom with wooden flooring in two textures looks chic and is the light wood floor bedroom.
Urban and upbeat, choose light or mildly dark wooden flooring with a smooth finish for a contemporary bedroom

Feeling all inspired to finalise wooden flooring for your bedroom, right? We have shared all the ideas with you already! So, get started and get the dream wooden flooring that you oh-so-wanted for your bedroom!

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