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by Sreya Dasgupta | January 25, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home interior on emi

Your home deserves the best just like you. Don’t let budget constraints ruin your dream. Choose our affordable EMI options instead.

Home Interiors play an important role in the modern Indian lifestyle of today. Good interior design not just beautifies spaces but improves the functionality of a house as well. Today’s urban generation needs a smart and functional home that is easy to maintain, clutter-free, visually and aesthetically pleasing yet cosy, and comfortable. In short, a dream home is designed perfectly according to your taste, preference, and budget by professionals. 

The quality, finish, design, material, longevity, and functionality of a home designed and executed by a professional interior design firm such as DesignCafe is incomparable to carpenter-made designs. It can be expensive as well. Your dream home deserves the best of everything and there should be absolutely no room for compromise. So we at DesignCafe bring to you easy EMI options to finance your dream home without burning a hole in your pocket.

You Don’t Have To Pay Right Away

Are you thinking of remodeling your home but holding back because of the huge costs involved? Well fret not, because DesignCafe has good news for you. With our easy EMi options you can give a down payment of just 20% and pay the rest in installments. This will help you get your dream home interiors crafted and executed by our team of award winning design experts without breaking your bank.

Home interior on emi where you can get your home interior in 20% down payment
With just a 20% down payment, you can get your home interiors by our team of designers

You Get A Personalised Design Service

If you work with a professional interior design firm like DesignCafe then you can avail an easy financing option like EMI. And this has more benefits. Interiors designed and executed by carpenters may be a tad bit cheaper but the services are not as personalised. Our designers design your home in a way that you get a home that reflects your personality. We try to understand your needs, preferences and budget and design your spaces accordingly. In addition we provide best quality materials and our designs also help you make your home look beautiful and functional simultaneously. Now with easy EMI options you can also get a personalised designing services without thinking of the money involved.

Home interiors on EMI DesignCafe can give you a personalized design service
Our EMI options are convenient and easy, try them and make your dream home a reality.
Eyeing budget friendly interior solutions?

You Can Design Just One Room 

If designing the entire house at once is overwhelming or too much of an investment then you can also start with one room be it a bedroom, living area,  your modular kitchen, bathroom and then slowly do up the other spaces of your home. This option gives you enough time to plan your finances and is excellent if you have recently invested in a new home purchase with existing EMI pressures on your plate. 

Interior design on emi where you can opt for just one room design
You can choose to invest on the entire house or take up one room at a time as per your convenience

DesignCafe Brings You Secured EMI Option

Our EMI options are safe and are easy on the pocket too. You can either opt for 0% interest with a tenure of upto 12 months. Just pay an one time processing fee of INR 999/- (including GST). You can also opt for longer tenures if that is more suitable to you. We have options that extend for as long as three years. 

For one year the interest is 1% + GST, for two years it is 2% + GST and three years it is 3% + GST. 

So now you have no reason to wait for your promotion or salary hike to get your home designed by our expert designers. You can also contact our Senior Relationship Manager, Mini Jaiswal for more information. Drop her a mail at to know more.

Home interior on emi in bangalore where design cafe brings secured emi option
Our EMI options are reliable and secure so you can be well assured about your money going to the right place

EMI Home Interiors Are An Investment

Home is a place you come back to and it is your space of comfort Investing in interiors is not a luxury anymore thanks to firms like DesignCafe that bring you affordable designs. In fact good interior design boosts the buyer value of your home tremendously. And your interiors if done right last for years. So do not take a chance when investing in home interiors. Do not fall for cheaper options available in the market because later you may have to spend even more on repair and maintenance. Our services come with a 10-year warranty and free maintenance because we understand your attachment to your home. So trust us with your home interiors, we promise to do everything to make sure you get what you want.

Home interior on EMI in Pune, where DesignCafe brings you affordable designs
Home interiors are a long term investment, so spend wisely

So if you want to design your home by experts but are not sure if you can manage the budget these options will help you finance your designer home interiors without any financial burden. Book an appointment with our consultant today and let us help you get that dream home in a jiffy!

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