Magical Wall Mounted Murphy Bed Designs You Will Want To Take Home

by Ekta Poddar | January 16, 2024 | 8 mins read

Latest Wall Mounted Bed designs for your home

Owners of small homes, studio tenants, lend me your ears. And a small section of your wall and floor space where some magic can unfold. Meet the Murphy bed, the miracle wand that you have been waiting for. Also called a wall bed, a fold-up bed or a folding bed, the Murphy bed is the last word in clever space saving furniture design. Simply put, it is a bed that through the wonders of mechanical engineering can be folded up and stored into the wall. Apart from its space-saving features, Murphy beds bring no end of cool to the room. It converts any room into a guest room with an instant touch of a button and you can design it to give you extra storage. The magic of the Murphy bed is that you can literally rest assured of its comfort and a good night’s sleep.

While the original Murphy invented the bed to convert his bedroom into a sitting parlour, today there are multiple ways that you can leverage this design. Use the technology to create a home office, extra seating, and tons of storage. Or you can keep it simple and pared down to just a sleeping solution. Read our guide to find which Murphy bed best meets your needs.

Advantages of having a murphy bed at home

To Wall Mount Or Not?

You have two options when it comes to installing a Murphy bed, in terms of its mounting. A built-in bed is mounted on the wall such that it is a permanent installation. It is cleverly fixed to the wall giving it stability and making it seemingly disappear into the wall or behind furniture. In the other option, the bed is a free-standing one. These are mobile and can be taken with you if leave the house and wish to carry it to your new home. These are also perfect if you are a tenant whose rent agreement doesn’t allow you to make changes to the wall and the floor, ruling out the possibility of a traditional wall-mounted Murphy Bed.

Wall mounted Murphy bed is innovative bed design which is a collapsible into a wall bed in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
A traditional Murphy bed is wall mounted making it disappear into a wall when not in use

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Sit And Sleep In Comfort On This Wall Mounted Murphy Bed

Ever spent a night on a sofa cum bed, tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot? If you have the (mis)fortune of doing so, you will know all about waking up with aches and pains and swearing never again. What will surely change your mind is the sofa Murphy bed. In the traditional sofa cum bed, a sofa converts into a bed. In this Murphy bed option, the bed is a separate unit with a sofa as an attachment. The convertible bed folds down over the sofa making the sofa disappear. This option is highly recommended if your living space needs to seat people during the daytime and sleep at night. This multi-purpose bed has an added advantage of being comfortable, saving space and providing cosy and stylish seating.

Wall mounted bed with sofa is a convertible multipurpose bed and one of the innovative murphy bed designs in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
The Murphy Bed folds down over this handsome sofa transforming into a comfortable bed for two
Customise your bed and enjoy up to 25 year warranty

Flip For A Desk, A Murphy Wall Mounted Design For Smart Study

The flip-up desk wall bed is a boon for those looking to create a working space and solve for temporary sleeping arrangements. At night, the wall bed folds down and becomes a bedding solution while during the day the desk can be flipped up to make a home study. This smart design comes with the additional option of having drawers, cabinets and bookshelves to make it a complete home office design. Moreover, the desk can be designed in such a manner, that when not being used, it simply slides under with any contents resting on it intact. Thus saving you the bother of clearing the desk surface when pulling down the bed.

A multipurpose Murphy bed that can be folded into a study table, is a multifunctional wall mounted bed at best price in India
To convert into a bed, wheel out the chest of drawers and pull the bed open

Put Up A Show With Shelves And More Beside The Murphy Bed

The wonderful advantage of a convertible bed like the Murphy bed is that you can integrate display shelves and storage into it. To do so, you can custom design open storage and closed storage around the wall bed. Open storage will make the space look airy and big and some stylishly arranged display pieces will further enliven and brighten the room. Closed storage either in the form of closet shelves or drawers will keep your household items safe and free from dust and prying eyes. Use either closed or open storage or a combination of the two in conjunction with the Murphy bed to utilise the full potential of the space. The storage can be built along one side of the bed frame or on both sides, depending on the dimensions of the space and your storage needs.

A wardrobe cum bed is a multifunctional furniture with a wall mounted pullout bed in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad
The open display is further enhanced by an elegant yellow and grey colour scheme in this elegant room

Tuck It Away And Be All Tucked In!

If your storage needs warrant it, go the whole hog and install a wardrobe cum bed. The Murphy bed and a wardrobe for bedroom are integrated in such a manner that you get the best of both worlds. When the bed is not in use and folded away, what you will see is an innocuous-looking wardrobe. When open, not only will you have the bed that you need, but you will also have some cleverly hidden wardrobe storage. By utilising the wall panel behind the multipurpose bed as a closet, two birds are snagged using one stone.  Moreover, you don’t have to stop with the wardrobe behind the bed. Extend the wardrobe in the form of cabinetry around the wall folding bed to result in a full-size wardrobe cum bed that will store all your clothes and accessories and double up as a collapsible bed.

Wall folding bed design with a wardobe acts as a Murphy bed with invisible storage and space saving technique.
A smartly designed wardrobe cum bed will provide wall to wall storage space and tremendous bang for your buck
Modern bedroom interior designs for all home sizes

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Think Lateral, Think Horizontal With This Wall Mounted Murphy Bed Design

Traditionally, Murphy beds were made to be vertically mounted. This option works best if the room that you are looking to install the bed in has sufficiently high ceilings and enough floor space to accommodate the bed when opened. However, if your room has a low ceiling, or if the space available is cramped and awkward, don’t despair just yet. A horizontal Murphy Bed is the answer to your prayers. These are also called loft beds because you guessed it, they are perfect for lofts or rooms with low ceilings. They also occupy lesser floor space making them ideal for small bedrooms.  With such an innovative bed design, you can convert narrow rooms, attic rooms, loft areas, and other small spaces into a spare guest room in the wink of an eye!

Horizontal murphy bed with hidden folding wall mounted bed is innovative bed design at best price in India
The horizontal Murphy Bed is ideal for the narrow dimensions of this small room

Go Clutterless With A Wall Mounted Murphy Bed

A collapsible Murphy bed can be a boon for those living in tiny spaces and those who favour the clean and minimalist approach. Like the original Murphy, you may have a one-room studio which is in dire need of an innovative and modern bed design. Or you may be like Max Black from Two Broke Girls and find yourself hosting a Caroline Channing in your living room.

Up and down bed with invisible bed when folded up is a unique pull out double wall mounted murphy bed innovative design.
This elegantly put together modern apartment with a kitchen, seating space, workspace and a Murphy Bed doesn’t compromise on style or functionality

An integrated Murphy Bed will surely come to your rescue. Opt for clean lines, muted colours and space-saving furniture to achieve the apartment of your dreams. The Murphy bed can be discreetly folded away when not in use enhancing the elegant lines of the room. Installing a wall-mounted bed proves that you may be low on space but you are definitely not low on style!

FAQs On Wall-Mounted Murphy Bed

1. Are wall-mounted Murphy beds safe?
Yes. When properly installed, wall-mounted Murphy beds are considered safe to use.

2. How long does it take to install a wall-mounted Murphy bed?
The installation process for a standard wall-mounted Murphy bed can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. It’s important not to rush the process in order to ensure the sturdy installation and safety of the user.

3. How do I maintain a wall-mounted Murphy bed?
To ensure the seamless functioning of a wall-mounted Murphy bed, regularly lubricate its moving parts such as the hinges and pistons. Periodically check the bed for any signs of wear and tear, and inspect its locking mechanism to ensure proper functioning. Clean the bed frame and any visible hardware with a damp cloth on a regular basis to avoid the buildup of dust and grime.

4. How much weight can a wall-mounted Murphy bed support?
Most Murphy beds are designed to support a weight capacity of up to 400-450 kgs evenly distributed across the bed frame.

5. What sizes are available for a wall-mounted Murphy bed?
The most common sizes for a wall-mounted Murphy bed are queen and king size. In addition to this, you can also find twin-size and full-size wall mounted Murphy beds in the market too.

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