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Magical Wall Mounted Murphy Bed Designs You Will Want To Take Home

Latest Wall Mounted Bed also known as Murphy bed is a wall folding bed which can convert into sofa.

Owners of small homes, studio tenants, lend me your ears. And a small section of your wall and floor space where some magic can unfold. Meet the Murphy bed, the miracle wand that you have been waiting for. Also called a wall bed, a fold-up bed or a folding bed, the Murphy bed is the last word in clever space saving furniture design. Simply put, it is a bed that through the wonders of mechanical engineering can be folded up and stored into the wall. Apart from its space-saving features, Murphy beds bring no end of cool to the room. It converts any room into a guest room with an instant touch of a button and you can design it to give you extra storage. The magic of the Murphy bed is that you can literally rest assured of its comfort and a good night’s sleep.

While the original Murphy invented the bed to convert his bedroom into a sitting parlour, today there are multiple ways that you can leverage this design. Use the technology to create a home office, extra seating, and tons of storage. Or you can keep it simple and pared down to just a sleeping solution. Read our guide to find which Murphy bed best meets your needs.

To Wall Mount Or Not?

Murphy bed is innovative bed design which is a collapsible into a wall bed in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
A traditional Murphy bed is wall mounted making it disappear into a wall when not in use

You have two options when it comes to installing a Murphy bed, in terms of its mounting. A built-in bed is mounted on the wall such that it is a permanent installation. It is cleverly fixed to the wall giving it stability and making it seemingly disappear into the wall or behind furniture. In the other option, the bed is a free-standing one. These are mobile and can be taken with you if leave the house and wish to carry it to your new home. These are also perfect if you are a tenant whose rent agreement doesn’t allow you to make changes to the wall and the floor, ruling out the possibility of a traditional wall-mounted Murphy Bed.

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Sit And Sleep In Comfort On This Wall Mounted Murphy Bed

Wall mounted bed with sofa is a convertible multipurpose bed and one of the innovative bed designs in Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad
The Murphy Bed folds down over this handsome sofa transforming into a comfortable bed for two

Ever spent a night on a sofa cum bed, tossing and turning trying to find