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Modern Wardrobe Designs That Add A Creative Spark To Your Bedroom

Modern wardrobe designs for bedroom with a lot of storage inside the wardrobe

Modern wardrobe designs are unapologetic, wild, sometimes solid and at other times adventurous. Here are a few ideas that you’d want to use in your bedroom.

What is modern? That which is not traditional, vintage or perhaps old. Isn’t this what you think? Modern really defines new ideas, a contemporary take on things, a deeply personal reflection of who we are, where we stay and what we do. Modern wardrobes are not just a different look and style, but tie in deeply to our personalities. Today’s homes have moved away from traditional designs, where aesthetics were different and function paramount. Back in the day wardrobes and other furniture was simpler, more organic in purpose, made primarily of wood and homogenous in design.

Modern wardrobe designs do not conform. They challenge the status quo, explore, create and experiment with styles, textures and materials. They look stylish and trendy, but most importantly they reflect your personality. If you’re a business woman charting your way across the world, then you’d want a wardrobe neatly laid out, smart and easily accessible. Similarly, an artist would draw inspiration and art from wardrobes that are creatively textured and colourful. Because they are the first things we see after we wake up and before we go to bed, wardrobe must be designed with care, effort and oodles of creativity.

What are the kinds of designs that scream modern yet move away from the traditional two-door wardrobe look we are all accustomed to? Let’s find out below.

Art Spares No Modern Wardrobe

Long gone are the days when paintings would be restricted only to canvases or walls. When there was a predefined space for every element of design and decor. Modern wooden wardrobe designs for bedrooms go beyond that today. They emphasise beauty through illustrations on the finish and represent art that you resonate with. Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Why not wake up to this every day of your life? Artistic designs on wardrobes can be pre-made or painted over, stencilled or woodcut – the possibilities are endless. Their creativity even more so.