Modern Wardrobe Designs That Add A Creative Spark To Your Bedroom

by Charmaine Kenita | February 29, 2024 | 8 mins read

Modern wardrobe designs for bedroom with a lot of storage inside the wardrobe

Modern wardrobe designs are unapologetic, wild, sometimes solid and at other times adventurous. Here are a few ideas that you’d want to use in your bedroom.

What is modern? That which is not traditional, vintage or perhaps old. Isn’t this what you think? Modern really defines new ideas, a contemporary take on things, a deeply personal reflection of who we are, where we stay and what we do. Modern wardrobes are not just a different look and style, but tie in deeply to our personalities. Today’s homes have moved away from traditional designs, where aesthetics were different and function paramount. Back in the day wardrobes and other furniture was simpler, more organic in purpose, made primarily of wood and homogenous in design.

Modern wardrobe designs do not conform. They challenge the status quo, explore, create and experiment with styles, textures and materials. They look stylish and trendy, but most importantly they reflect your personality. If you’re a business woman charting your way across the world, then you’d want a wardrobe neatly laid out, smart and easily accessible. Similarly, an artist would draw inspiration and art from wardrobes that are creatively textured and colourful. Because they are the first things we see after we wake up and before we go to bed, wardrobe must be designed with care, effort and oodles of creativity.

What are the kinds of designs that scream modern yet move away from the traditional two-door wardrobe look we are all accustomed to? Let’s find out below.

wardrobe design for master bedroom

Art Spares No Modern Wardrobe

Long gone are the days when paintings would be restricted only to canvases or walls. When there was a predefined space for every element of design and decor. Modern wooden wardrobe designs for bedrooms go beyond that today. They emphasise beauty through illustrations on the finish and represent art that you resonate with. Art is in the eyes of the beholder. Why not wake up to this every day of your life? Artistic designs on wardrobes can be pre-made or painted over, stencilled or woodcut – the possibilities are endless. Their creativity even more so.

Modern wardrobe designs for bedroom with a great design exactly matching to the head board of the bed with master bedroom wardrobe modern design
An art patterned wardrobe door with swirls and floral that immediately draws your attention to creativity and imagination.
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Seeing Is Believing the modern bedroom wardrobe

What you see is what you believe, goes a popular quote. The best way to do this, showcase your wardrobe arrangement is with see-through wardrobes. Fronted with plain or frosted glass, they look beautiful when set against wood grain. Modern bedroom wardrobes will just need regular cleaning and maintenance but you’d be able to find all that you’re looking for, including clothes you otherwise would have been searching for months. A great idea for such wardrobes is to keep the frame of the wardrobe in a strong shade while drawers and cabinets in a lighter one, to provide a nice contrast.

Modern bedroom wardrobe with glass shutters and iron corners with an industrial look in modern wardrobe door designs for small bedroom
See-through wardrobes with subtle hidden lighting give out a warm glow and looks stylish in this men’s bedroom

Patchy Isn’t Messy Every Time in a small bedroom

Wardrobe design surfaces in patchwork or geometric patterns are interesting, especially when the rest of your bedroom has neutral colours or pastel shades. An unusual design, patchwork wardrobes can be art of showcase a hobby. They can either be brickwork patches or appliqué inspired patches, the possibilities are endless. With geometric designs, either square or repetitive patterns, the trick is to either use simple lines or go all out with contrasting colours and bold messaging.

Modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom with a football theme and a ball printed on the wardrobe in modern wardrobes for small bedroom
A football connoisseur has a wardrobe embellished with football symbolism, taking his craze to a space that will always keep him inspired
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Mirror Mirror Show Me What You Can See in the bedroom

Master bedroom wardrobe modern design with a mirror finish make your bedroom appear so much larger. Mirror finishes are classy, understated, yet stylish and chic all at the same time. They best represent today’s contemporary times and do not need much to complement the room’s overall design. If you’re going to add mirrors to your wardrobe, see if you want to do it only on a single door or end-to-end. Also whether textured mirrors can lead a bit of interest.

Modern wardrobe designs for bedroom indian with whole glass shutters of mirror and a pink theme room
Look how classy these mirrors make the wardrobe look. It’s hard to define where the wardrobe ends and where the room begins.

Panelled Walls For Simple Sophistication with sliding wardrobe

For large master bedrooms, modern bedroom wardrobe designs include huge bedroom cabinets that resemble walk-in closets. Panels built into the wall provides ample space and can be designed based on function and usage. These kinds of wardrobes aren’t restricted to only two doors but you can add several of them, including drawers making them easier to use. Panelling in darker hues offset by a lighter shaded wall colour looks beautiful and feels spacious too.

Modern sliding wardrobe designs for bedroom with panel style of wardrobes with a classic look
Panelling breaks a wardrobe into little parts, easy to see, access and reach out to. They make wardrobes look classic chic.

Never Run Out Of Space, Even In A Master Bedroom

We’ve always thought of wardrobes as small cupboards or closets in the older context. In a new avatar, they are single-walled or L-shaped but smaller, longer and open storage on the top. Ceiling to floor wardrobes defy all this. They are built in such a way so as to utilise all the available space. These wardrobes can be a little expensive considering the amount of material involved, but the possibilities for storage and design are humongous. Besides the two-door option, there can be separate drawers, smaller closets built-in for storage of various other clothing. You can push the boundaries of storage with this. This wardrobe can seem overwhelming with a darker tone, but a lighter facade can bring out and widen the bedroom space.

Modern wardrobe designs for a master bedroom with the same matching wooden colour for tv unit and bed
A large floor to ceiling wardrobe can pack away your stuff for good so the rest of your room can be used for all your bed and furniture
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Modern Wardrobe Designs In Wood Keep Memories Alive

Wood evokes memories. Of smokey kitchens, of granite floors and homes with pillars and wooden steps. Wood is everlasting and it’s a possibility to design modern bedroom wardrobes with wood. This material today is synonymous with style, sleekness, and radiates the same elegance. Wooden wardrobes can be used as single materials or in combination with metal, gold highlight and even coloured glass. When you get your room done, decide whether it can hold the magnificence of wood. Select the colour tones – mahogany or browns – and the style you want, small wardrobes or floor to ceiling.

Modern wooden wardrobe designs for bedroom made up of heavy wood covering the whole wall
Beautiful dual toned wooden wardrobes break the monotony and add an element of interest to the bedroom space

Reflecting Yourself Back To You

Modern bedroom wardrobe designs are high on reflected doors. There’s tonnes of colours and yet the material remains the same. Reflective doors are a great alternative to mirrors especially if you’re not comfortable with the peeking in yet want the wardrobe to be just as stylish. Shiny laminates for your bedroom wardrobes are available in myriad colours, styles and textures. You want to be in a great mood first thing in the morning? Then try reflective wardrobe doors for ultimate style.

Images of modern bedroom wardrobes with a shiney duco finish
Reflective wardrobes as found in this bedroom seem almost hidden, yet their slight glint catches the eye

Doors That Add An Element Of Interest in bedroom wardrobe

Modern wardrobe doors don’t restrict themselves to the opening and closing types. They can be sliding, folding and partial folding too. Why does this matter? With bedrooms restricting themselves to smaller spaces, few have the luxury of space. There’s also more furniture to fit in, so much to do. At such times, the wardrobe doors have to be inventive and clever, and that’s when you get to experiment with what you want to do with them.

Modern bedroom wardrobe designs images with beautiful textured doors of glass and wood
This sliding door wardrobe with a reflective surface makes it easy to access clothing. It’s also discrete, hidden yet stylish and chic

Modern wardrobe designs are not for the faint-hearted. They need fun, style and oomph. Designing them can stretch your creativity to the limits. The ideas we have put together is what you get to begin with. Don’t wait!

FAQs On Modern Wardrobe Designs

1. Are there specific materials that are commonly used in modern wardrobe designs?
Common materials for modern wardrobes include MDF, plywood, laminates, and glass. These materials are chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal.

2. What storage solutions and organizational features are popular in modern bedroom wardrobes?
Modern bedroom wardrobes often feature built-in drawers, pull-out shelves, adjustable shelving, and hanging space for efficient organisation. These solutions maximise storage capacity and convenience.

3. What role does sustainability and eco-friendly materials play in modern wardrobe design?
Sustainability is a growing trend in modern wardrobe design. Eco-friendly materials, such as reclaimed wood or low-emission finishes, can be used to create wardrobes that are environmentally responsible.

4. Can modern wardrobes integrate technology or smart features for convenience and organization?
Modern wardrobes can integrate technology and smart features like motion-activated lighting, built-in charging stations, and digital inventory systems for enhanced convenience and organisation.

5. Are there considerations for proper ventilation and odor control within a modern wardrobe?
Proper ventilation and odour control are important factors for modern wardrobes. Ventilation can be achieved through the inclusion of breathable materials and well-designed storage layouts. To control odours, consider using natural odour-absorbing materials or incorporating small odour-neutralising devices.

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