9 Best False Ceiling Designs For Your Bedroom

by Ekta Poddar | January 11, 2024 | 8 mins read

False ceiling designs for your bedroom

Which design feature of the bedroom has its origins in fourteenth-century Japan and beautifully combines functionality with aesthetics? To answer this question, you will need to cast your eyes heavenward and look to the ceiling. If you guessed false ceilings, give yourself a pat on the back! False ceilings – also called dropped ceilings – serve an array of purposes in the bedroom. The false panels hide wiring of ventilation systems and light fixtures while providing the installation base for these. They also improve the acoustics of your room and provide insulation where needed.

One of their most important purposes is less to do with practicalities and more with aesthetics though. Available in a plethora of colours, textures, finishes, and designs, false ceilings can greatly add to the interior design of your bedroom. While materials such as POP and Gypsum are ever-popular, you can also use wood, glass, fabric and fibre to achieve the exact effect you are after for your room. Our guide on the best bedroom ceiling design will demystify false ceilings and help you choose the best and latest for your home.

Modern False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Go bold with the latest in false ceiling designs in the bedroom by opting for a cut out in the ceiling. The space left by the cut out is ideal for installing electrical fixtures such as lights and fans. Decide on a pattern of the cut out such that it keeps with the overall look and style of your bedroom. Choosing interesting patterns such as squares, diamonds, circular shapes, hexagons and stars to give your ceiling and room a modern touch. The pattern can be repeated across the ceiling or a large single cut out can be put in for a dramatic effect.

Modern false ceiling design for bedroom to choose interesting bedroom ceiling design patterns such as squares, diamonds, circular shapes etc
A star shaped cut out in the false ceiling can set your bedroom twinkling with lights

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Wooden False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Nothing spells warmth and luxury like wood and there are several ways you can make the most of the material for your bedroom ceiling. Wooden planks or beams can be lined up parallel to each other or laid out in a criss-cross manner to create a grid effect. Since wood comes in so many grains and textures and can also be painted for the desired effect. It can pretty much fit into any style of the room. For all their advantages, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to wood. Make sure you treat the material to make it termite-proof. It also works better in temperature-controlled or cool environments as it is susceptible to warping.

Wooden false ceiling design for bedroom which brings warmth and class to the space
A wooden false ceiling brings warmth and class to any bedroom

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Gypsum False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Gypsum is yet another material that is a popular choice for false ceilings.  There are a wide variety of gypsum panels available in the market, catering to the simplest to the most complex of false ceiling designs. Since these are prefabricated and installed on-site, they give your false ceiling a seamless and smooth finish which can be hard to replicate with Plaster of Paris. The ease of installation and maintenance, the high durability and the relatively low cost are what makes gypsum an evergreen choice for false ceilings. Finish your gypsum ceiling in the texture and colour you want to give your bedroom that magical touch.

Gypsum false ceiling design for bedroom with neon lights for a theatrical effect
A black gypsum false ceiling can be set off with neon lights for a theatrical effect

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False Ceiling Design For Children’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom can also be greatly enhanced with an appropriate false ceiling design. As with other bedrooms, reflect the interior design style of your room onto the false ceiling. If your child’s bedroom is designed to be whimsical, splash out on the ceiling in a similar manner. A dreamy look can be mirrored with dimmable lights and floating ceilings. A sporty look can be achieved with ceiling cut outs that showcase your child’s favourite sport. Treat the false ceiling in the kids’ bedroom like a canvas and watch the delight play out on your children’s faces when they see the result.

False ceiling design for children's bedroom with dimmable lights and
A repeated pattern of circular cut outs echo the design found on the walls in this child’s bedroom

Simple False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

If your mantra is to keep it simple, design the false ceiling in the bedroom to reflect your aesthetic. A simple tray design with a strip of hidden lighting will do the job beautifully. The subtle light created by such a false ceiling design draws attention to the bed while highlighting any distinct features of your room. A simple false ceiling is not only easy to design, it is also convenient to source and install, giving you the maximum effect for your efforts.

Simple false ceiling design for bedroom is a simple tray design with a strip of hidden lightings
Simple spells classy and elegant in this pared back bedroom
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Floating False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

To create an opulent and classy look, design your false ceiling such that it appears to float in mid-air. This effect can be achieved with the use of hidden mounts, and some clever backlight. The light in installed around the perimeter of the false ceiling in a manner that they hide the mounts and they give a soft glow to the ceiling such that it appears to float. Within floating false ceilings, you can choose from a variety of designs in keeping with the rest of the bedroom. If you have a simply done up bedroom, a single floating tier will be up your alley. Those with an elaborately decorated master bedroom may want to consider a multiple platform floating ceiling to fit in with their room.

False ceiling design for bedroom within floating false ceilings, choose variety of false ceiling designs in bedroom
The false ceiling appears to ethereally float in this elegant bedroom

Panel False Ceiling Design For Bedroom

If drama is what you are after, design your false ceiling to be an extended panel. Such a panel begins behind your bed with its lines often in symmetry with those of its headboard. Running vertically along with the wall behind the bed, they continue onto the ceiling above the bed making a visually bold statement. Such a false ceiling design immediately draws one’s attention and enhances the sense of theatre in the bedroom. The swooping lines of the panel create a striking effect and can instantly enliven even the plainest or simplest of bedrooms.

Panel false ceiling design for bedroom with swooping lines of the panel create a striking effect
The panel of the false ceiling continues from behind the bed leading to a canopy effect

Zoning Through False Ceiling Design

If you have a bedroom that serves multiple purposes, false ceilings can help you break the room up and crate zones. Install a false ceiling over your bed to demarcate the sleeping area. Using appropriate dimmable lights will further help you create the right mood and ambience. A study area in the bedroom can have a false ceiling installed above it, complete with embedded task lights to create a nook that aids productivity. A seating area in the bedroom can similarly be made cosy with an appropriate false ceiling design.

Use false ceiling design for bedroom to zone the sleeping area from the working area
Use false ceilings to zone the sleeping area from the working area in the bedroom

Dramatic, stylish, elegant, whimsical – whatever be the look you are setting out to create in the bedroom, a suitable false ceiling design will help you achieve it in a jiffy.

FAQs On False Ceiling Designs For Bedroom

1. How long does it take to install a false ceiling in a bedroom?
Installing a false ceiling in a bedroom takes anywhere between 8-10 days depending on how elaborate the design is. If it’s a simple false ceiling installation in a standard-sized bedroom, it can be done in 3-5 days also.

2. How can lighting be incorporated into a false ceiling design for a bedroom?
The easiest way to incorporate lighting into a false ceiling design is through LED strip lights. Install them along the edges of the false ceiling to create a subtle, ambient glow or in between the design to highlight shapes. You can also add cove lights to illuminate the space between the false ceiling and the wall.

3. How much does it cost to install a false ceiling in a bedroom?
The cost to install a false ceiling in a bedroom ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs. 120 per sq. ft. This price increases when you include features such as lighting fixtures, sound insulation, or air conditioning ducts.

4. Can a false ceiling be easily removed or modified if needed?
Yes, a false ceiling can be easily removed, modified, and reinstalled if needed without damaging the structure of the original ceiling.

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