Latest False Ceiling Designs For Hall

by Anmol Kalro | November 27, 2019 | 8 mins read

Latest false ceiling designs for hall

An almost effortless way to add sophistication to the indoors and create drama in decor.

The design and execution of your roof has got to be full proof. A false ceiling can literally make or break your living room’s aesthetic appeal. Bid farewell to the days when your walls were the only four surfaces entreating mixed paint palettes and textures. It is indeed now the era of embellished, high ceilings. There are some latest false ceiling design  options available in the market that you can choose from.

There’s something about a well-structured and well-lit ceiling that makes any other hall decor almost futile. It draws most of the attention, giving your hall a touch of royalty. Interestingly enough though, the onset of this trend had other reasons apart from beautifying pads. Sure, they add immense beauty and grandeur to one’s home. But besides that, you must note that they conceal all your scruffy wiring and air-conditioning, have sound absorption capabilities (for a snug and quiet hall), and also manage to help you steer clear from extreme temperatures. Looks like these false ceilings for hall really do send your home’s style quotient straight through the roof, don’t they? 

What Exactly Are False Ceilings?

Quite obviously, false ceilings are a type of an artificial ceiling created as a lowered extension of the existing ceiling. Also known as dropped or suspended ceiling, they were initially only meant for use in commercial constructions. But because of numerous design variations that showed up, every newly constructed homeowner now longs to have one installed. Art is defined as a ‘friendly deception’ and false ceiling designs for homes are no different. Creative hanging illusions with the right use of colour, texture and lighting for false ceiling can do wonders for your home. Although a false ceiling could easily be incorporated in any room of your abode, the most popular is, of course, the hall.

Get Popping With POP Designs For A Small Hall

POP is the most used material when it comes to false ceiling designs. You will be taken aback by how much you can do with POP false ceilings even with a relatively smaller hall area. Let’s talk facts: POP is super durable, and mouldable into any design. It can sustain years before causing you any problems and is hence a go-to choice for most when it comes to false ceiling designs. You can still manage to get crafty with your hall’s false ceiling design despite it being small. Here’s how.

We’ve established that the difference between a spacious and cramped living room is merely just illusions, right? There’s plenty you can do even with a small hall. Start with ditching everything that makes your walls look shorter – they visually bring your ceiling down. This means saying goodbye to every piece of wall decor that goes halfway up the wall – chair rails, panelling, wallpapers – chopping it up and making it look way smaller than it actually is. Another important aspect of designing false ceilings is the use of colours. Making the most of a small hall involves making right colour choices – one of the simplest ways to get that high ceiling mirage in place. Light colours visually open up spaces. A subtle off-white or sand colour tint might just work like magic.

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POP Ceiling Designs For A Small Hall

Pop ceiling design for small hall to provide a vintage look using modern false ceiling designs for hall
Modern furnishing with vintage ceiling design

If you have a taste for all things vintage, you might want to consider artistic POP false ceiling designs for your hall that expresses royalty in every way. Adding on to this could, of course, be fine artwork on gypsum boards that leave your living room looking traditional with remarkable style. Often seen at Indian restaurants of five-star hotels, these POP ceiling designs can be easily adopted in the hall area of su casa, too.

POP Art Blended With Vicious Circles

Modern pop ceiling design for main hall blended with vicious circle to provide a simple and elegant false ceiling designs for hall
Luxury living hall with round, circular false ceiling design

With a smaller living room, sticking to a rather simple design is your safest bet. A POP false ceiling design for the roof of your hall can be blended in art with gypsum boards for an exquisite appearance. The use of circles is one such artistic approach to take. Paired with circular flooring and a contrast colour combination, your living room design is sure to smarten up by margins.

POP Ceilings and Lighting For Hall

Ceiling pop design small hall to provide a simple modern look to hall ceiling designs
Luxury domed apartment with POP false ceiling in bright yellow

In order to play around with prim lighting, you must pick a POP ceiling design with colour shades that allow you to do so. A POP ceiling design with a light shade for a small hall gives it a fantastic illusion of appearing to be larger.  Try a combination of yellow and off-white furniture and cushions with simple stripes to achieve peak attractiveness. Yellow or orange look fantastic on a circular ceiling with a slightly dark yellow texture. This paired alongside spotlights and you’ve achieved a whole new zenith of elegance.

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Get Fair and Square With Your Designs

Simple false ceiling design for hall in a square form is a best false ceiling design for hall in luxury homes

Beautiful hall interiors with offered ceiling design

With a smaller available space, there is little you can do in terms of experimentation. Nonetheless, there are a gazillion simple yet dynamic POP ceiling ideas that look dashing when executed correctly. Something as simple as abstract squares around the fan with a combination of darker shades of cream is a fantastic idea to work with. Add some spotlights on the corners to bring subtle splendor to your living room area. Moreover, this design can easily be executed even on a lower budget.

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Wooden Ceiling Design For Hall

Wooden ceiling design for hall with a matching floor provides a rich value to the false ceiling design for hall in 2020
Interior of a hall with wooden ceiling design and flooring to match

There’s something about wooden furniture and flooring that swivels an ordinary room into a sophisticated experience. Wooden false ceiling designs are no different. The hall specifically, being the heart of your home, a place for coffee and conversations must look majestic with a touch of elegance. Textures and natural patterns replicated onto wooden ceiling designs make them a real winner, especially in the case of homes with smaller halls and white walls. Although slightly expensive, the pleasing appearance of wooden ceilings is truly unmatched.

Modern False Ceiling Designs That Make Your Hall Magnificent

Modern ceiling design for hall provides a magnificent look to hall ceiling in fall season images
Luxurious hall with modern ceiling and a glossy chandelier for a regal look

An effigy of class,  these contemporary designs do have a way of turning any room in your house into a luxurious space. Ever spotted decor of a newly designed home with a high ceiling? Did you wonder how a hall looked fabulous with minimalistic decor and furnishings? A result of modern false ceilings, of course. Overlapping plates paired perfectly with drop ceiling lights and you have for yourself the living room of your dreams! Add in a light wooden floor, some fiber optic lights, and you might as well start calling yourself a celebrity!

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Gypsum Ceiling Design For Hall That Looks Anything But Gypsy

Gypsum ceiling designs for hall are simple and latest false ceiling designs images for hall
Grand Chandelier Hanging From White Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum ceiling designs essentially involve suspended gypsum plasterboard (from your main ceiling) and are used in spaces that require a centrally air-conditioned system. Sounds like a dictionary definition? Basically, they happen to be super easy and clean to install (yay!) and provide this polished, seamless charm to your living room without looking over the top. What’s more? In comparison to POP sheets, a gypsum false ceiling take much lesser time to install.

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Fiber False Ceiling Designs For Hall That Are Fiery Fun

Simple ceiling design for hall using fiber are latest false ceiling designs for  hall
Fiber false ceiling with gallery light attachments

If you happen to have a lower budget but want the whole false ceiling dapper look nonetheless, fiber false ceilings are your thing. Their surging demand is highly attributable to their low cost of installation. The material used to manufacture fiber ceiling panels is made of a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. Since this material itself is manmade, they come in shapes and sizes a plenty, and look enchanting, to say the least.

Even a slightly old school living room can easily be upgraded to a state-of-the-art, lofty abode. You just have to figure out the right material, lighting and colour palette best-suited to your needs and you’re good to go!

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