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Modular Kitchen Designs

A modular kitchen is one that is made in a factory and custom-designed to suit your needs and budget. It has different modulates assembled together that are finished with a variety of finishes for a sleek look. At Design Cafe we have 400+ interior designers who have custom designed kitchen interiors for 5000+ customers. Check out some of our popular modular kitchen designs.

A Blue L-Shaped Modular Kitchen With A Tiled Backsplash

This modular kitchen has floral printed tiles that make this space more charming. Inspired by the colours of the sea, this kitchen interiors is soothing to look at and spacious to work in with its clever storage solutions.

Special Features
  • An oil pull out.
  • A skirting drawer.
  • Cabinets with frosted glass.
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A Parallel Shaped Modular Kitchen Design In Yellow And Grey

This parallel shaped kitchen designed in yellow and grey keeps up with Pantone’s colour of 2021. A tiled backsplash brings in fun and character to this cooking space.

Special Features
  • A patterned tiled backsplash in yellow and white makes this space fun and bright.
  • Handleless overhead and base cabinets lend a seamless look.
  • Open shelves to display jars or other small items breaks the monotony of cabinets.
  • A chimney has been built into the design to keep this space smoke free.
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A U-Shaped Classic Styled Kitchen Design In Green

This kitchen in pastel green is designed for large, spacious homes. Ample storage option with cabinets and drawers help with better organisation.

Special Features
  • An inbuilt cutlery tray in the drawer for clean organisation
  • 50 Kg tandem drawer for storing heavy groceries
  • Built-in dustbin under the sink that saves space
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Get 20% Extra Space in your modular kitchen design by Design Cafe.

20% Extra Space

Get 10 years warranty on your Design Cafe Modular Kitchens.

10 Year Warranty

Design Cafe Modular Kitchens are installed by professionals.

Installation by Professionals

A Bold Navy Blue And White Modular Kitchen Design

This royal blue and white modular kitchen with floral tiles is for those who want to make a statement. This kitchen design with clever storage options makes working easier and much cleaner.

Special Features
  • An oil and spice pull out.
  • Bi-fold lift up kitchen wall module.
  • A tall unit with in-built microwave and grill.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Modular Kitchen Interior Designs


What is the cost of a modular kitchen?

The cost of a modular kitchen can vary between 2.5 Lakh and go right up to 4 Lakh depending on the materials, finishes and accessories you choose.


What’s the difference between a modular kitchen and a carpenter-made kitchen?

Modular kitchens are exactly what they say they are – kitchens divided into ergonomic modules, each with a specialised role. Carpenter-made kitchens, conversely, aren’t always perfectly optimised to the space available, risking cramping your style and space. Explore the detailed guide to the difference between Modular Kitchen vs Civil Kitchen.


What modular kitchen design styles do you offer?

We cater to a plethora of kitchen styles and designs. We have custom-designed kitchens for 5000+ homeowners. Speak to our designers to translate your dream kitchen into your home. Check some of our popular modular kitchen design styles.


Can you customise a design to any kitchen shape?

Yes, we can customise a design to any kitchen shape or size. Design Cafe is one of the best modular kitchen designers in India and has won multiple awards for its designs. Check out kitchen customisation options at Design Cafe.


What is the life of a modular kitchen?

There’s no easy answer to this question. The life of your kitchen rests on how well you treat it, and the materials you choose. The more resilient the materials, and the better your care and maintenance, the longer your kitchen will last.


What are the material options for kitchen cabinets?

We deal with an extensive range of materials and finishes, sourced from across the world. We have global vendor collaborations, which allow us to access the best quality materials from China, Italy and other material-rich countries.


What are the best materials (marine wood, hardwood, etc.) to build a modular kitchen?

The best materials to use for your kitchen are i ) Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is built with a single board produced by binding together multiple wood fibres. It is a common type of engineered wood, has a smooth texture to it and offers an excellent finish when paired with a suitable laminate. ii) Commercial Plywood: It is produced from a specific type of wood panel that is manufactured after being processed. Its surface is laminated and polished that gives it an excellent finish. iii) Boiling waterproof (BWP) is an excellent material to use in the base module structure as it is water-resistant making it an ideal choice of material for a wet area such as the kitchen. iv) High-Density High Moisture Resistant board is made by combining fiber chips, forest wood waste to form a single layer that makes it a robust higher density board. It is a durable material and used for kitchen shutters.


What are the finishes for modular kitchen cabinets?

Common finishes for a modular kitchen include i) Veneer: Made of thin films of real wood veneer is commonly used in modular kitchens to give it a natural look and feel. It is typically used on cabinets, tops, and doors. ii) Laminates: Commonly known as Sun Mica in India) are the most commonly used finish in any modular kitchen and offers a great deal of durability for the price. It is usually made of plastic and an excellent substitute for natural wood and comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours and designs. iii) This finish is commonly used in kitchens due to its high resistance to staining and ease of maintenance. It is made of high-quality glass and comes in a variety of colours. Lacquer is extremely durable as it does not fade or lose its lustre over time. iv) Acrylic: Second to lacquered glass when it comes to maintenance, acrylics are used as a more affordable alternative in kitchens to give it the high gloss look of lacquered glass.


Is it true that MDF isn’t a good material to use in the kitchen?

Yes, MDF isn’t as durable or resilient as plywood, and therefore, isn’t the best choice of material for the kitchen.


Can I clean wooden kitchen cabinets with water?

The best way to clean wooden kitchen cabinets is by creating a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and warm water. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle and lightly mist your cabinets, allowing the moisture to sit for about a minute, before wiping it off with a soft cloth. If you’ve got grimy cabinets that appear beyond redemption, try adding liquid dishwashing detergent to the solution.


Is my modular kitchen susceptible to water damage?

The longevity of your modular kitchen hinges on the materials used. Marine plywood and water-resistant plywood cabinets, especially near water-affected areas, can augment the life of your kitchen. Other types of plywood may develop a weakened carcass due to water damage over time, so it’s wise to invest a little extra in quality materials to let your kitchen live longer.


What type of hob and chimney should I buy?

When it comes to buying a hob and chimney, your decision should pivot on how much heavy-duty your kitchen pulls on the daily. If your kitchen is always a frenzy of activity, it makes sense to invest in a hob with at least four burners. Also, consider whether you’d like your hob freestanding or mounted onto your counter. For your chimney, root your decision in wattage, form and suction power. A hooded chimney is always more efficient than a straight-line chimney, so if you’re an avid home cook, you may want to go for the former to keep the fumes and odours out.


Do all kitchens come with a built-in countertop?

Yes, they do! You can rest assured we’ll customise your countertop to material and finish of your choice.


Can a modular kitchen be assembled if the countertop is already fixed?

Yes, we can work around existing fixtures, although we might advise you to overhaul your countertop for something more suitable.


Can I customise my kitchen cabinets?

Of course! It’s your kitchen, after all! We give you the freedom to choose the style and material of your kitchen cabinets and give them an avatar that matches your design language.


What are the maintenance requirements for a modular kitchen?

Now if you own a modular kitchen and from a reputed brand then it will most likely be constructed with HDHMR wood or High-Density High Moisture Resistant wood panels that are engineered to tolerate high moisture and temperatures often found in kitchens. These cupboards are then sealed with finishes like laminate, acrylic, veneers or lacquered glass. So if you have a kitchen cupboard that’s finished with laminate, acrylic or lacquered glass, you may use your standard kitchen cleaning products to maintain them. Veneers are a little more sensitive to harsh chemicals as they are thin sheets of natural wood glued on to HDHMR. They are applied with a coat of varnish to protect them. However they don’t do well when exposed to strong cleaning agents.


Is my modular kitchen susceptible to water damage?

The longevity of your modular kitchen hinges on the materials used. Marine plywood and water-resistant plywood cabinets, especially near water-affected areas, can augment the life of your kitchen. Other types of plywood may develop a weakened carcass due to water damage over time. So it’s wise to invest a little extra in quality materials to let your kitchen live longer.


Do all kitchens come with a built-in countertop?

Yes, they do! You can rest assured we’ll customise your countertop to a material and finish of your choice.


What’s special about a Design Cafe modular kitchen?

At Design Cafe, our modular kitchens are perfectly planned to your kitchen dimensions and fitted with ergonomic layouts, innovative devices and space-maximising surfaces. They’re designed to let you do more with less, in terms of area, navigation and storage.


Is there a structural warranty on Design Cafe modular kitchens?

Yes, we offer a 10-year structural warranty on modular kitchens.


Why doesn’t Design Cafe use particle board in kitchen interiors?

All our kitchen designs are crafted from superlative plywood. Since particle board is not as durable as plywood and doesn’t last as long, it doesn’t make the cut in our materials roster.


What hinges and fittings are used in Design Cafe kitchens?

We use a range of brands for hinges and fittings, including Hettich, Ebco, Casa Boma and Hafele.


What are the available shutter and door options for modular kitchens by Design Cafe?

We offer a variety of materials and styles for kitchen shutters and doors. From roller and solid wood variants to acrylic and glass options, you’ll have a world of materials and designs to choose from.


How likely are Design Cafe kitchens to be damaged by water?

At Design Cafe, our quality policy ensures our kitchen cabinets stand the test of time. Our designers use top-of-the-line marine plywood for sink-skirting cabinets and waterproof plywood for other water-affected areas.


What kitchen accessories can Design Cafe provide?

Our modular kitchen packages are tailor-made to your requirements. Let us know what you need, and we’ll create an accessories suite to your liking!