A Guide To Modular Kitchen Styles

Modular kitchens are all the rage. The fast-paced lifestyle of urban homeowners has been furiously trading kitchens built by carpenters for functional and sleek designs. This has given birth to a host of modular kitchen styles by home interior design experts. You will be happy to know that modular kitchen designs available in the market today mimic aesthetics and styles from all over the world. So if you crave for a touch of French riviera or a slice of American countryside in your home the market has an array of modular kitchen styles you have options on your fingertips. The hub of family activity, kitchens continue to be the heart of every modern home. Take a look at some of the most preferred modular kitchen styles and cherry-pick your way to stylish living!

Modern Rustic Style Kitchen

There’s something undeniably fascinating about rustic kitchen designs you discover in old farmhouses. Bringing the same feel into your kitchen is much simpler than getting yourself an old country-style house. You have to have a few essential elements in place, like natural materials, a neutral colour palette, and a worn and weathered feel. This style of modular kitchen is ideal for people who like rustic with an edge of modern functionality.

Modern rustic style kitchen design who like rustic with an edge of modern functionality

Minimal Style Kitchen

It is designed for minimalists! If you are someone who fancies a clutter-free kitchen this style is the right pick for you. The key to mastering this style in the kitchen is to play with textures and subtle colour variations. Remember not to mix too many materials, textures, and surfaces of different colours because the outcome will be an eyesore. Ideal minimalist kitchens are modern, sleek, and refined. Who said minimalism means stalk, cold and empty?

Minimal style kitchen is a one of the modular kitchen styles, it is designed for minimalists

Classic Modern Style Kitchen

The classic modern kitchen style has been around for a while now. Modern refers to things current and therefore this style is dynamic, continuing to update itself almost every day. The most recent incarnation of classic modern style kitchen refers to traditional aesthetics mixed with modern material and state of the art appliances. Colours typically used in this style of interior design are beige, brown, black, chocolate brown, silver, gray, white, and gray blue. A classic modern kitchen is characteristic of panelled cabinet fronts, natural materials, intricate moulding and corbels, and beautiful lights. Aged houses are often fitted with a traditional kitchen; therefore, instead of replacing it entirely, it’s always easier to update the look especially if your cabinets are in excellent shape.

Classic modern style kitchen characteristic of panelled cabinet fronts and natural materials

Urban Modern Style Kitchen

Excellent for modern city dwellers, modern urban style kitchens are perfect for those with cosmopolitan lifestyles. This style is hip, trendy with industrial influences but less edgy in appeal. This style is usually designed with highly functional accessories and features such as a janitor unit, pantry unit, lofts, warm tones/ neutral colour palette and patterns that are well coordinated.

Urban modern style kitchen design is one of the famous kitchen styles, it is perfect for cosmopolitan lifestyles

Modern Sleek Style Kitchen

With minimalist cabinetry, neutral colour shades with metallic accents, modern-sleek kitchens have subtle charm that never goes out of style. An ideal modern-sleek style kitchen blends contemporary design with other styles, including industrial and traditional. This style of design is both modern and sleek but not dull. So if you are picking this style, add a pop of colour — whether it’s on the furniture, cabinetry or the backsplash to ensure your kitchen is welcoming enough.

Modern sleek style kitchen designs with minimalist cabinetry and neutral colour shades

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What kitchen style do you prefer?

Bold Style Kitchen

The key to this style of kitchen is taking your kitchen from bland to bold with just the right hearty colour. A great choice for a flamboyant couple or family that loves colours and is not afraid to show the world what they stand for. While we’ll never leave the complete white kitchen behind, this style of kitchen incorporates bold and stunning design options. It is an excellent pick for people looking for a kitchen that makes a statement. Consider adding bold colours like black, charcoal and red into your kitchen cabinetry, walls and other areas.

Bold style kitchen design to take your kitchen from bland to bold with just the right hearty colour

Modern Eclectic Style

There are endless ways to design an eclectic kitchen. That’s probably because an eclectic style of interior design, as the name suggests, brings together contrasting colours, different patterns and styles, and textures into one cohesive whole. The key to designing this style of kitchen is to ensure you don’t overdo anything. Base your design on an attractive pattern or colour palette, and then add in more subdued details. This way your kitchen design will look elegant and lively as opposed to odd or overpowering with too many elements squeezed in.

Modern eclectic style kitchen is also style of modular kitchen design and it looks elegant

What’s your favourite of these modular kitchen styles? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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