A Guide To Kids Bedroom Styles

Kids are incredibly particular on how their bedrooms must look, and their ideas of an ideal bedroom are often driven from popular movies and fairy tales. However, it isn’t likely to emulate the interior of their dreams if you haven’t hit a lottery! But not all amazing kids’ bedroom styles remain outside your budget. All you need is a balance of your child-like imagination with your practicality and a style that can survive for years. The bedrooms of your uber-stylish kids are a beautiful blend of fantasies, inspirations and functionalities. 

Are you looking for something more extravagant? Check- out these latest kids bedroom styles to give your kids a bedroom of their dreams.

An African Jungle Bedroom

Kids are always amused by animals and are curious to know a lot about them. Bring in wonderful wildlife to their bedroom like this African jungle themed bedroom. Wooden cabinetry, a roll up tent bed, grass carpet, and a wall painted with scenes of the jungle will make them feel like they are amidst wilderness.

African jungle themed kids bedroom style will make kids feel like they are amidst the wilderness.

A Space Themed Bedroom

If your kid is a true Astro junkie; obsessed with everything in space and the solar galaxy then bring it down to earth with this bedroom. This space-themed bedroom has a display wall with an outer view of the earth, a comfortable single bed, stars and clouds dangling as decor elements, all from the wooden ledge to flaunt toys. You can also add glow in the dark stars in the ceilings to let your child sleep under a deep blue sky. 

A Space-Themed kids bedroom style is suitable for a kid who is a true Astro junkie.

Make way for multi functional modular furnitures for kids' bedrooms!

A Sports Themed Bedroom

 A sport-themed styled bedroom is a perfect choice for a boys’ bedroom. The image shows sporty wallpapers and with a study nook to the left. On the level above is a play area designed to resemble a goal area that quite literally kicks in creativity to this bedroom space. A blue and white colour palette with ample floor space makes this bedroom look like a football field. 

A sports-themed Kids bedroom style makes the bedroom look like a football field.

A Fun And Functional Bedroom

A kids’ bedroom style can be fun and functional. This bedroom has ample floor space to play, a bunk bed with an additional trundle bed with multiple drawers for storage, a play area and a study unit which together make this room fun and functional. The fact that this bedroom is styled with three beds make it perfect, especially if a bedroom is going to be used by siblings or for sleepovers. We designed this bedroom for two sisters hence the colour pink, if you like this bedroom style, but your boy doesn’t approve of the girly colour, you can choose a different colour palette for him. Blue or yellow are some options. 

Kids bedroom style a play area and a study unit which together makes the room fun and functional.

A Contemporary Styled Bedroom

If you wish to add a contemporary touch to your kids’ bedroom, this bedroom style is an excellent choice. The interiors are sleek and modern but still add a fun element to this bedroom. This bedroom can be used by kids under 10 years of age and also by teenagers. This bedroom also has additional things like a bay window settee, a compact study unit, ample storage options. It is designed in a soothing green and white palette enhancing this style even more.

Contemporary kids room style is an excellent choice and looks sleek and modern.

A Shared Room Style

Do you have a boy and a girl? If yes, then a shared bedroom style is great to strengthen their bond. However, considering both their interests and hobbies will be different, designing one that meets both their needs can be a wee bit challenging. Designing a simple bedroom with neutral colours does the trick here. Pick a pastel blue and pink colour scheme with simple interiors and decor pieces, as shown in this beautifully designed shared bedroom for kids. A wallpaper with nursery prints and cloud backlights bring peaceful vibes into this bedroom.

Shared kids bedroom style go for a simple bedroom with neutral colours.

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These were our most favourite styles for a kids bedroom. You must pick a style that matches your kids’ interest and hobbies and also what elements are a must for your child, don’t skip on the fun!

Let us know which style you liked and why in the comments section below.