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How Do I Choose A Layout For My Kitchen?

A kitchen layout is the shape that is formed by the placement of its countertop, storage spaces and appliances. Deciding a layout for your kitchen is almost like finding a home in a new city. When you are designing a new modular kitchen or remodelling an existing one, you must choose a layout that meets your family’s requirements. It also needs to blend in with the overall design and aesthetics of your home interiors. Besides, functionality is the key to a perfect kitchen. This means it is crucial to pick the right layout first before choosing fittings, and materials and finishes.

Here is a tip to choose the perfect kitchen layout. Create a picture of your kitchen in your mind. Now jot down your cooking style, lifestyle, family size, tastes and preferences. Do you entertain often? Is your kitchen restricted to only daily cooking? Will your kids do their homework here as you stir up after school snacks?

Our guide here on various types of kitchen layouts will help you select the one that’s best for you.

An L-Shaped Kitchen For Nuclear Families

The L-shaped kitchen layout is the most popular of all kitchen layouts. As the name suggests, the layout resembles the letter L with two countertops perpendicular to each other with cabinets at the top and bottom. It is a perennial favourite among homeowners as it’s a highly flexible design adaptable to many sizes and styles of kitchens. It reduces the walking time between workstations and fits in well with the ergonomics of a three-point triangle. i.e space between the fridge, stove and sink. This kitchen layout is ideal for open spaces and corners. The only drawback of this layout is the restricted wall space and therefore not a suitable choice for large families requiring ample storage. Yet, if you love everything about this kitchen layout, you can add a central island (especially if you live in a large home) for extra surface area.

Let us tell you how to design a l shaped kitchen

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Design your modular kitchen that are smart like you

A U-Shaped Kitchen For Large, Active Families

Most suited for those energetic and active cooks, a U-shaped kitchen layout ensures everything you need is within easy reach. It’s designed across three walls and provides loads of storage for your appliances as well as expansive counter space to work on. This kitchen layout gives you the option of dividing your space into different work zones for meal preparation, washing and storage. You can also incorporate functional storage features like a magic corner or a magical pull-out in the corners with this type of layout. It allows free flow of traffic and is perfect for large families.

Let us tell you how to design a u shaped kitchen which ensures everything you need is within easy reach

A Parallel Kitchen, Ideal For The Working Class

A parallel kitchen layout is characteristic of two workstations parallel to each other. Light flows steadily through a door or window with this kitchen layout making working and cooking a delight for any home chef. It is also called the corridor style kitchen and you have the option of building storage on both sides. Besides, there is enough floor space in between to move around. If the dimensions of your kitchen are large then this layout gives you a really long countertop making it easy to host large parties.

Let us tell you how to design a parallel kitchen where light flows steadily through a door

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Straight Modular Kitchen For Apartments Or Low Activity Homes

If you are someone who prefers minimalistic design and enjoys a hassle-free cooking experience, then this traditional yet classy kitchen layout is an ideal choice. A straight kitchen layout is convenient and easy to use. This layout follows a single wall counter design with storage on either side of the cooking range. It ensures plenty of space for all your kitchen accessories and appliances and works best if you live in an apartment, small spaces where cooking and entertainment are on low priority.

Let us tell you how to design a straight modular kitchen with all your all your kitchen accessories and appliances

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Island Kitchen Layout For Homes With Kids

With large kitchen spaces becoming the norm in urban households, island modular kitchen designs are all the hype. An island kitchen has free standing cabinets for extra storage and surface area to work on. This type of layout accommodates all your needs with smartly designed features and accessories. Kitchen layouts with island give more rooms for kids to play around, do their homework, making your kitchen a multifunctional zone. It also provides additional storage, is well lit and ventilated.

Let us tell you how to design a island kitchen layout with free standing cabinets for extra store

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G-Shaped With Breakfast Counter

This kitchen layout is comparatively new but is slowly gaining popularity. The G-shaped kitchen layout is a variant of the U-shaped layout, with the equal amount of storage options and counter space on all three sides. A stand out feature of this layout is the partial fourth wall to install extra cabinets. If you want to make the most of the G-shaped kitchen layout: and make it more spacious, free a wall in the adjacent room and design a breakfast bar or a pass-through.

Let us tell you how to design a g shaped kitchen with breakfast counter

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Before you decide on the kitchen layout, consider what you like about your current kitchen? What do you dislike about your kitchen? It will help you pick a kitchen layout that works best for your family’s needs.

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