Everything You Need To Know About Kids Room Storage

Kids can be angels at times but little rebels to and finding space for all they own can be hard. That’s why we at Design Cafe have a guide on everything you need to know about kids room storage.

Those of you who have kids know what a handful they can be! Finding toys in the fridge, food in the washing machine, the rubber ducky in the toilet and books in the kitchen is not at all a surprise. Organising a kids room in the right way can be a tedious task, and that’s why we at Design Cafe have come up with ideas for a kids storage unit to simplify your job and keep your worries at bay.

How To Organise Your Kids Room

Very often, as parents, you will be questioning yourselves on how you can organise your kid’s room. The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is lead by example. If your kid sees you keeping your room and surrounding neat and tidy, they shall follow your lead. Another important thing is to involve them while organising their room, ask them where and how they would like toys, books, clothing or other things to be kept and then guide them.

Kids storage units can be really helpful to ask them where and how they want the units to be. Involving a child will help you bond with them, will give them a sense of responsibility and make them feel needed too. Once you have gained their trust to get a set organiser to let them do it you can help them out, but don’t do it all yourself. Make a small game out of it and make sure you reward them after. Counting to 10 or 20 helps at times, so they have allocated time and a sense to quickly clean up.

Organizing kids rooms storage with open and closed cabinet storage and a wardrobe keep surrounding neat and tidy
A kids room with open and closed cabinet storage and a wardrobe to store clothes provides ample storage space throughout the room

Tips To Organise Your Kids Toys

Toys are here everywhere when you have kids. And we at Design Cafe understand what a hassle it can be to store them away. So we have made it simple for your parents with some kids room toy storage ideas.  Pull-out cabinets under window sills or handcrafted to be kept at the corner of the room is one of the best options. With pull out cabinets or boxes access to toys and putting them away is easy. Another easy kids room toy storage option is a woven toy basket. You can get them in different sizes and shapes and are safe around kids too. Coloured tubs are another great kids storage option your kids can choose a coloured tub to segregate their toys. Hanging pockets are great to store stuffed animals, cars and small plush toys. Storage bins for kids rooms are also super-efficient storage options for toys and can be found in different colours and sizes

Tips to kids room toy storage, Pull-out cabinets under window sills or coloured tubs are super-efficient storage options.
A kids playroom with a colourful mat and pull out wooden storage cabinets make sure your kids are safe and secure

How Should I Store My Kid’s Books? Brilliant Book Storage Ideas

When it comes to kids room storage for books, it’s quite simple.  You can store your kid’s books and arrange them in various ways and in different places. Some of your kids might have a habit of reading before they go to bed in such cases a hanging bedside organiser is a great choice. Once your child is done reading, he or she can slip the book to the side of the bed where the organiser hangs. You can store all your kid’s favourite bedtime stories here. Mounted bookshelves are great when you want to save some floor space. Mounted bookshelves can be screwed on to the wall in your child’s bedroom where you feel it’s most convenient for them. Floating racks are also a great option and are similar to wall mounted bookshelves. If you have a kids room with loads of space, then you can also opt for standing bookshelves or standing book racks from where your child can pick their favourite book with ease.

Yellow & white study tables with wall mounted bookshelves are great options for book storage for a kids room.
This yellow and white kids bedroom is equipped with a study unit with lots of space to store your children’s books neatly and in an organised manner

This Is How You Can Save Space In Your Kids Room

If you have constricted space but want to make it the best kids room for your kids well then having everything against one wall creates all the space your kid requires. A bunk bed with only the top bunk and stairs to reach it with a personalised study at the bottom is perfect to save space. A large wardrobe can be placed next to the bunk against the wall that will provide sufficient storage units to store all your kids belongings. Also, you can have a storage bed in place, so you don’t need to make room for an extra closet. This will give you more space in your child’s room. Opting for wall mounted storage options are great to save space as well.

A large wardrobe next to only the top bunk and study at the bottom is perfect for saving space are kids room storage ideas.
This yellow and white kids has managed to create space by smartly arranging all the furniture against a single wall

Where Can You Store All Your Kids’ Clothing?

While you have your clothing well segregated and neatly arranged into various categories your kid deserves the same. An open closet or a wardrobe provides easy and hassle-free access to your kid’s clothes. Inbuilt hanging rods to hang dresses, coats, jackets, sweaters and shirts make it easy for you child to pull their clothes out and place them neatly. Kids storage units within the open wardrobe can be used to store towels, kids boxers, undies and socks. Overhead, shelves can be used to put away things, toys or bedding that are not used often.

Cloth storage units for kids room An open closet or wardrobe gives easy and hassle-free access for kid's clothes.
A lovely room with a open closet makes your little kids clothes super accessible and within easy reach

Shoes Are No Less, They Deserve A Storage Space Too

Tiny tots these days as you know are fashionable and love to match their shoes with their outfits. Keeping in mind their height and also space-saving techniques, we have an idea for a kids storage unit for shoes that’s going to surprise you. An inbuilt shelf at the side of your bunk bed is perfect for storing shoes and saves a lot of space. You can have inbuilt wall shelves at the bottom or even place shoes neatly in order on a mini wooden shoe rack or drawer under your child’s bed. It’s totally up to you.

An inbuilt shelf at the side of a bunk bed is perfect for storing shoes is kids room storage ideas.
This cute bed has a special are made for you to place your toddlers’ shoes without no hassle

Creative Storage Options That Are Easy On The Pocket

Here are some budget-friendly creative kids room storage ideas for you:

  1. Plastic Storage Drawers: This is an excellent storage option where you can store toys, clothing, and shoes 
  2. Laundry Baskets: If you have a spare laundry basket it is time to make use of it to store towels or toys
  3. Milk Crates: You can store all your kid’s toys from cars to teddies in milk crates that make for easy storage units
  4. Wire Baskets: Dump in all the toys your kid has in a huge wire basket. This way they all will be in one place!  
  5. Fabric Cubes: Segregate types of toys or clothing in different coloured fabric cubes. You can either buy cubes or make them at home with fabric and wooden frames
  6. Lidless Bins: The most convenient option to store all your kid’s toys

And there you have it. A boxful of storage ideas for your kids bedroom. Now you can say goodbye to all that mess and clutter your kid makes because these ideas make storage fun too!

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