5 Things To Know Before Designing A Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are a popular choice among modern homeowners because they utilise every nook and corner of available space. The market today has several designs of modular kitchens keeping in mind different tastes, budgets, and family sizes. So be wise, choose smart and pick one that’s most suited to your kitchen space but your cooking style. Here are five things to keep in mind before designing a modular kitchen.

The Golden Triangle Rule

The golden triangle rule says that

the preparation slab (sink), the storage unit (refrigerator), cooking range, (stove), must be installed within a gap of four-nine feet. The sink, stove, and refrigerator are the focal points of the kitchen and therefore need to be placed strategically. An excellent is placing your stove and refrigerator opposite to each other with the sink in the centre — forming a tentative triangle. Consider little details like putting your frequently used appliances closer to the refrigerator to make this golden triangle far more user-friendly. Do remember to segregate and bundle everything as per the functionality.

Modular kitchen cabinet in red and grey colour

Incorporate Low-Maintenance Materials

Any experienced interior designer will tell you why your modular kitchen needs low-maintenance materials like wood or glass for cabinets, stainless sinks, and marble kitchen countertops. Such materials make cleaning your space simple and quick. Remember, the purpose of a modular kitchen is to make life simple with easy access to every nook and corner of your kitchen. Easy-to-maintain materials make working easy.

Modular kitchen materials are to make life simple with low-maintenance.

Do you have kids?

The L Shaped Feature

An L-shaped kitchen fits in perfectly well with the golden triangle rule. An L-shaped design is an excellent pick for small and medium-sized kitchen spaces. It incorporates the efficiency of the golden triangle with a cooking range and storage units no more than 1200 millimetres apart. The L-shaped feature helps utilise every nook and corner of your kitchen space. You can either place the sink in the corner leaving space for other appliances. Consider a foldable door underneath the corner to use dead space inside for a pull-out storage unit.

L-shaped modular kitchen design: perfect for small and medium-sized spaces.

The future of kitchen design: modular solutions

Include Smart Storage Options

Another important factor to keep in mind as you design a modular kitchen is optimum use of space with smart storage options. Compartmentalise a dedicated space for spices, appliances, pots and pans, and utensils. Sectional drawers, for instance, are quite a trend these days with modern modular kitchen designs. They help you to efficiently organise and maintain your kitchen cleverly. A pull-out pantry, a standard pantry unit (with winged door mechanism) to store crockery or dry food items is another storage marvel.

Optimum use of space with smart kitchen storage options while designing a modular kitchen.

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Keep The Quality In Check

While designing a modular kitchen, it is imperative you do not compromise on quality be it the materials, finishes or hardware. You want a kitchen to last you through the years and the days of endless activity, hence opt for the best! If your budget is holding you back, opt for moderately priced modular kitchen fittings, instead of something from a luxury brand. Worry not, there are countless options to choose from when it gets to choosing the right materials and fittings for your modular kitchen so that it matches your taste, budget and requirements perfectly and is durable too.

Quality check, choosing the right kitchen materials and fittings on budget and requirements perfectly and durable too.

Design Tip: Regardless of what design you pick, don’t overlook ventilation as it is a must for every kitchen. Windows are one option, however, modular kitchens are incomplete without chimneys over the stove or exhaust. You don’t want your guests or yourself on a sneezing spree when you fry those chillies, do you?

Do you have some tips to make a modular kitchen smarter? Please share them with us in the comments section below.

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