Modular Kitchen Design Types

Modular kitchens have become the hottest topic in town! The fast-paced lifestyle of urban homeowners, ready to trade kitchens built by carpenters for sleek and efficient ones, have given birth to a cornucopia of modular kitchen designs by home decor professionals. You will be glad to know that modular kitchen designs available in the market today mimic styles and aesthetics from every part of the globe. So if you want a slice of Italy in your home or a classic American country-styled modular kitchen you can have your pick at the click of a button today! Take a look at some of the most popular modular kitchen design ideas and cherry-pick your way to luxe living!

Indian Modular Kitchen Design

A family that eats together stays together! Indian modular kitchen designs reflect the culture and traditions of a household. Modern designs come with modular cabinets and smart space-saving ideas, but with a sense of familiarity and family values. DesignCafe understands the importance you attach to your family’s heritage and has a wonderful collection of Indian modular kitchens for you to choose from.
Indian modular kitchen design is a type of modular kitchen

Modern Modular Kitchen Design

Modern modular kitchen designs are all the rage now for new homeowners since it gives the home a much needed contemporary look and feel. The idea is not just to look modern but to function smart as well. Modern modular kitchens are functional, smart and beautiful, and all at the same time! Explore a plethora of modern modular kitchen designs at DesignCafe designed for you by the best of our talent!
Modern modular kitchen design is a very popular kitchen design type

Italian Modular Kitchen Design

Oh, Mama Mia! The mothership of design, Italy is the place to be if you are a connoisseur of all things fancy when it comes to home decor. Centre islands, cooktops and cabinets – you can catch them all with this variant of kitchen design that looks as classy as they can. DesignCafe is where your search for the best Italian modular kitchen designs ends. We bring to you the best of designs from Italy – well researched and handcrafted like fine pizza!
Italian modular kitchen design

Traditional Modular Kitchen Design

Old is Gold! Relish your culture with traditional modular kitchen designs that preserve your values but also give your kitchen a royal look and feel. Fret not, you don’t lose out on a kitchen’s useful and functional aspects. These designs present your kitchen decor in a more traditional and simple way. Explore your tradition in DesignCafe’s handbook of traditional modular kitchen designs, where you will never run out of options.
Traditional modular kitchen design gives royal look and feel

European Modular Kitchen Design

Want an international feel in your kitchen? Head out to Europe every time you enter your kitchen with these sleek European designs that preserve royal finesse blended with modern accessories and practical elements. Let DesignCafe take care of your modular kitchen design on the back of 0ur vast international design experience.
European modular kitchen design gives international kitchen look

American Modular Kitchen Design

American modular kitchens are open spaces dedicated to culinary explorations. American modular kitchen designs have oversized appliances and refrigerators perfect for bulk shopping, a dishwasher that handles larger pots and pans. It houses a kitchen island for food preparation that doubles up as a breakfast joint or mini joint for guests gather at. Modular kitchens in America have open glass fronts on cabinet doors and areas of open shelving. American modular kitchens are also designed with a designated charging port and loads of plug points for handsets and tablets. This style of kitchens has a drawer dishwasher in addition to a full-sized dishwasher, a cooler for wine and beer, as well as an extra cabinet designed purely to store coffee supplies and utensils.
American modular kitchen design suitable for open spaces

French Modular Kitchen Design

Bonjour! Que voudriez-vous manger? From delicious cuisine, fashion and interior design French design and culture are enviable. Earthy colours, evenly arranged florals, and farm animal decor are quintessentially French. French modular kitchen design is marked with powerful notes of polish and elegance but still resonates countryside living. Most Europeans see cooking in front of guests as inappropriate so, a French modular kitchen might not have a centre island. What you will find are shutters instead of window screens for more light and air in the house. French modular kitchen designs seek inspiration from provencal landscapes, rustic accents – basically, we are talking about effortless elegance!
French modular kitchen design

Contemporary Modular Kitchen Design

Contemporary modular kitchens epitomise minimalism and sleek design! Shiny stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinets and fresh white countertops spell contemporary! Contemporary modular kitchen designs are both functional and artistic in nature. They are one of the most popular styles of the kitchen as they are clean, stylish and uncluttered. More importantly, they are super practical. The use of space in a contemporary kitchen is remarkable with clever horizontal lines that make a kitchen look bigger than they actually are. Flat door panels, no furrows, and decoratives on the cabinets characterise this kind of decor. Most of the appliances like ovens, freezers, wine coolers, coffee machines, and microwaves are built-in while other smaller ones are stored inside cabinets.
 Contemporary modular kitchen design with wooden cabinets and white countertops

Sleek Modular Kitchen Design

A kitchen is a space for your entire family to cook, chill, and make memories. A sleek modular kitchen design works on one basic principle – the golden triangle. The triangle ensures that everything you need is within your reach. Sleek modular kitchens blend with modern design and other styles such as industrial and traditional. They have minimal cabinets, neutral colour palettes, and metallic accents. Appliances are placed in a meticulous manner so you can access them easily when needed. A sleek kitchen offers you the correct ergonomic intelligence of its design. Sleek modular kitchen designs are designed with a focus on what a customer needs. Depending on a homeowner’s taste, available space, and personal preferences, it can be customised. Shelves are well planned and properly placed to save space and fit your appliances along the wall or shelves.
Sleek modular kitchen design with modern look

Basic Modular Kitchen Design

If you are deprived of a large space but have a modular kitchen on your mind, we have good news for you. Yes, you can have a simple modular kitchen without compromising on functionality and design. A comfortable kitchen has an L-shaped counter where the sink and stove are installed. Place cabinets under the counter that can be made of dark wood with a shiny chrome fitting to create an interesting contrast with the background. Make your kitchen appear bigger by following an open floor plan, play with wall colors in every room to visually separate spaces. Use a light color palette to make it open and airy.
Simple l shaped modular kitchen design
Designing a kitchen was never more fun, isn’t it? What’s more, all modular kitchens come with smart storage solutions, wall cabinets, tall units, drawers, floor-standing cabinets, dedicated shelves for appliances to make cooking clutter-free! What’s more, modular kitchen designs also come in a plethora of finishes, colours including matte and glossy surfaces. The best advantage of modular kitchens is that they are hassle-free and designers take extra care to make them durable by using the right materials. For example, cabinets are lined with aluminium especially in water prone areas like near the sink or drains. The only downside is that they are a tad expensive and a comprehensively designed one can start at INR 1 Lakh upward. But, as they say, some things are worth it and you sure won’t be disappointed once the ‘heart of your home’ is ready for great times with friends and family!
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