All About Living Room Decor

It’s time to get the mood set right in that room of the house where you spend a lot of time. This guide is an A to Z insight into living room decor ideas that you will not want to miss out on.

Live, laugh and love! All this in the living room! It goes without saying that the best times are spent with family and friends in the living room. But what’s a living room without any decor? To those of you who have doubts on what exactly constitutes living room decor, let us at Design Cafe walk you through it. The sofa that you sit on, the bean bags that you laze on, the table that you put your coffee on, the mat that you play board games on, the clock on your wall, that pretty lamp in a corner, the lush green indoor plant and the art you display all add to the concept of living room decor.

Light Up A Large Living Room

Lights placed correctly in a living room can change the way your space looks. While choosing lights for your living room, keep in mind the height of the area from floor to ceiling. The height must be considered in the measurement of feet.

Here is a quick and easy formula to help you calculate the diameter and height to place your lights perfectly. 

Diameter: Once you have measured the width and length of your room in feet, add the two lengths together. Now convert the value from feet to inches and there you have your diameter. 

Height: Start with the height of your living room in feet, multiply it by 2.5 to 3 per foot and convert it into inches. 

There are a variety of light fixtures you can choose from for your living room. Let’s take a look at the popular picks. These include chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, flush, and recessed lights,  

Did you know that there are different forms of lights too?

Here are three forms that you can use as part of your living room decor.

1: Ceiling Lights: They are the type that hangs from the ceiling and are generally chandeliers or pendant lights.

2: Floor Lights: Lamps or light fixtures that use the support of the floor to stand.

3: Table Lights: These use the support of a piece of furniture like a side table.

Living room decor with a long chandelier completes and looks modern.
A lovely light-hued living room with a high ceiling is completed with a long a chandelier
Do you want a living room that is lively and livable

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A Picture Perfect Wall

Have a living room with a large wall? Don’t fear, Design Cafe is here!

Have a living room with a large wall? Don’t fear, Design Cafe is here!

Large walls can be haunting if left blank and plain with no colour, paintings or decor on it. Living room wall decor plays a huge role in how your space looks and adds to the final touch as well. Paintings are your best friends. You can always add a statement piece of art to liven up a living room. Displaying this on a wall will not only fill up all the blank space, but also amp up the style quotient of your living room. Relive your memories by putting up some photographs on one wall. Another way to make sure your living room wall decor doesn’t look lifeless is by putting up a thick textile fabric with patterns and designs; in simple words we are talking about tapestry. If you love words and motivational quotes and are a fan of philosophy, then posters or painting with your favourite ones will do you well. Are you ready to pick your favourite living room wall decor type?

A white living room wall decor with colourful paintings brings soothing effects to the area.
A white wall living room with a multicoloured painting adds a splash of fun to a boring and dull space

A Living Room Partition

Many of us have partitions in living rooms. Not only do they look pretty but also create a little bit of privacy. A living room partition also separates two areas of the home such as dining and living room and does feature prominently in our suggestions for living room decor. There are different kinds of living room partitions you can opt for based on your taste and style. Let’s take a look at a few.

  1. Sliding Room Dividers: These are as the name suggests slide into privacy or open up to the world; it’s completely up to you. 
  2. Hanging Room Dividers: These are semi-permanent fixtures and are fixed to the ceiling. They can be rolled up or slid across depending on the material used. 
  3. Permanent Room Dividers: They come constructed attached to the ceiling and floor and are available in different patterns and material. These can be semi-open or completely closed. 
  4. Foldable Screens: These dividers are elegant options and are often used as a living room decor in homes especially because they can be adjusted according to your preference.
Living room decor partition with blue sofa and coffee table against the partition feel soothing to the mind, & body.
A lovely round coffee table with a blue sofa against a white latticework partition makes this space look and feel soothing to the mind, body and soul

Furniture As Decor Elements

A cherry on the cake to any living room decor is the kind of furniture used. Aged folks often have a favourite spot that they proudly call their rocking chair where they rest and rock away whilst reading. If you are a couple, then a loveseat would be apt and this could be a twoor a three-seater. If you are a family, then a sectional sofa is perfect for you as it provides ample space for the whole family to snuggle up together.

Grey armchair and blue L-shaped sofa are the decorative items for the living room that look beautiful.
The interior decoration of this living room is completed by the grey armchair and beautiful blue L-shaped sofa

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Here Come The Coffee Tables

Remember, while picking out your coffee table, the sofa plays an important role. Keep in mind that a coffee table is pretty much the same height as your sofa seat. If you have a sectional sofa, then a round or square-shaped coffee table will merge beautifully. And if you have a regular, horizontal couch an oval or square-shaped coffee table will be perfect. The coffee table is also a piece of art, so remember you can experiment with either marble, wood, glass or copper. You can get your coffee tables customised to give an antique look. 

Home decor living room with wooden square shaped coffee table brings elegance to the area.
This wooden square shaped coffee table adds a dash of elegance to this grey-toned living room

A World Full Of Rugs

Your feet deserve the best touch. And for a feeling of constant warmth and comfort you can count on rugs. Rugs make for excellent living room decor. Rugs come in a variety of shapes like oval, round, rectangular, and square. Popular types of rugs opted by many of our clients are modern, contemporary, traditional, coastal, industrial, local, mid-century, Scandinavian and Tibetan. You can put rugs beneath coffee tables or use them as a decor piece on the floor, to pep up your living room look. Time to rug it up.

Interior decoration guide of the living room with modern floor rung in shades of black
A modern floor rug in shades of black, white and grey in a cube pattern brings an edgy look to this living room

A Lush Of Green

Plants are perfect for living room decor. If you love lush greenery and some fresh air, then what are you waiting for? Indoors plants like succulents, ivy cactus, fern, money and rubber plants bring nature’s vibe to your living room and look pretty too! You can place plants on a stool, side table or even in the middle of your coffee table. Window panes act as a perfect spot for your plants to rest. 

Green pot plants decoration in the living room makes a fresh vibe and provides fresh air.
A living room with a fresh vibe of green pot plants make sure there fresh air 24/7

Bring Out The Souvenirs

Artefacts make great decorative items for living rooms. They can transform a dull living room into an attractive one. If you are a traveller, then you will definitely have a bagful of souvenirs from local markets and from countries you visit. Don’t put these souvenirs away! Instead place them around your living room or hang them up on a wall. Historical or cultural items bring a touch of both the old and new world when displayed and make your living room look great. They are also great conversation starters.

Decorating a small living room with the mirror & artefacts gives a new look.
Mirrors and artefacts pep this room up and give it a new look
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And there you have it! A complete guide on interior decoration of living rooms. Now you are ready to spruce up your space and make it come alive with everything that catches your eye. 

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