Exquisite Living Room Partition Design Ideas For Every Genus

by Anmol Kalro | February 23, 2024 | 7 mins read

Living room partition design ideas for your home

Pretty partition designs for spaces of all sizes that do justice to glorify your living room.

Indian homes have considerably changed in style over the past few years. Massive mansions have shrunk in size – and not just because of lack of space but simply because no one has the time to maintain houses the size of football fields.  Hard pass. But new designs do enough and more to compensate. If you’re all for having your living room, dining hall and kitchen all in the same area, we’re all for strategically separating them with pretty partition walls!

Partitions aren’t just plain walls that part two rooms anymore. With each element of your home décor comes the responsibility to make it as visually pleasing as the rest of your abode so it blends in perfectly with the rest of the interiors. So, there is, in fact, more art and thought to it than you would assume. Below are 10 living room partition designs that are sure to get your creative juices bouncing off the wall.

Partition Designs Between The Living Room and Bedroom

1. Make All Things Glow With Glass

With a lack of space on your plate, you can still incorporate a partition between the living room and bedroom of your mini studio apartment with gorgeous glass separators. Look at how elegant a single glass wall makes the entire studio appear? It blends in perfectly with the white backdrop and wooden flooring of the apartment. Glass and white make everything brighter, making this petite pad look much larger and airy than it actually is. White drapes only further accentuate the gloss making glass the ideal studio apartment segregator.  

Glass partition design between living room and bedroom of a studio apartment
Elegant glass partition design separating the bedroom from the living area

2. Jailed With Style

Yet another elegant partition design in between your bedroom and living room area is this vertically striped wooden lattice pattern that does much to warm up the ambience. You can go with one that slides or just about covers half of your entrance like this design – giving you all the snug cottage vibes and making a solid statement separator in your mini studio apartment.  

Wooden partition design for living room and bedroom for a mini studio apartment
Wooden lattice partition for an all-white modern bedroom
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Partition Designs Between The Living Room and Dining Hall

1. All Glasses Are Better With Fancy Frames

If you’re a little sceptical about going full glass or wish to add a little pomp to the plain. A great partition design is one with wooden frame fittings in square or rectangular shapes to make this partition more prominent. In fact, a nicely done partition wall can make for a great statement right in the centre of your dining hall and living room where you wouldn’t usually expect to see much design. This trendy and partially transparent fitment makes your living room interior– much like glass spectacles that instantly get upgraded with the right set of frames.

Partition Designs Between the living Room and Dining Hall which is made of glass and black wooden frames
A gorgeous glass partition design with rectangular black wooden frames

2. Rustic Brick Walls For An Artistic Aura

A vintage lover’s favourite – an antique theme is truly incomplete without adding an element of raw brown bricks to make it appear all things boho. Besides being absolutely pleasant to look at, these brick walls come with an added advantage of being easy to maintain, unlike glass furnishings. Adding a few niches in this partition design would also allow you to complete the look with some indoor plants. Who doesn’t fancy an outdoorsy vibe within the comfort of their own home, right?

Living room partition wall designs made up of brick for a vintage touch
A red brick partition design in a vintage style living room

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Partition Designs Between The Living Room And Kitchen

1. If It’s Not Gold Enough It’s Not Good Enough

Decorative lattice panels almost instantly make the room look more vibrant and royal. Beautifully carved designs on thin sheets take practically no space and give your living room a majestic makeover. This golden lattice partition design looks particularly posh right in the middle of your kitchen and living room. It also does a great job cutting your otherwise open kitchen out of sight. With a wall this radiant, you wouldn’t even feel the need for secondary embellishments.

Partition design between the living room and kitchen made up of metal boxes in gold colour
Artistic golden lattice metal partition design make a prominent statement

2. Honeycomb Heptagons

A living room with tall windows demands that there be light in every corner. While blocking the light from reaching your kitchen area with a bold partition wall may not seem ideal, you can always succumb to the loophole of using actual loopholes within your partition walls to make your abode look light and breezy. Get creative with your partition wall patterns by incorporating honeycombs, circles of different sizes, or simple squares to make this partition wall seem anything but simple.

Living room partition wall design made up of small honeycomb heptagons
Honeycomb mesh partition design for a raw and rugged feel

3. Not-So-Basic Wooden Walls

With a lack of space especially in small studio apartments, even a wall has to be made dual-purpose if you ask us. Every element counts as furniture, every nook as storage. There’s a lot you can do with plain neat wooden partition designs to make the most of your space. A half partition half dining table slab like this design is an ideal barrier to incorporate between your kitchen and living room. With a single wooden partition, you literally just created a dining area for yourself with using the least amount of space that would otherwise seem impossible. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Living room and kitchen partition by a dual-purpose wooden wall that acts as a dining slab also
Dual-purpose wooden partition cum dining slab

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Eccentric Partition Designs For Your Living Room 

1. Bricks Walls That Flaunt Flora

How aesthetically appealing would it be for you to walk into your apartment and spot a mini garden growing out of your brick walls? A partition that feeds your inner nature lover who fancies a little bit of green everywhere you go, this part art part sprout design also makes for a beautiful statement in a cosy home.

Living room partition by a wall made up of bricks that flaunts flora
Groovy brick partition design with room to grow plants

2. Quirky Carvings

Too much light can sure as hell be blinding. You can’t do with but you can’t do without either. Enter creative carvings in a partition design.  These are strategically positioned in your living room to block excess light – sort of like a filter that only lets the right amount in. Besides the obvious utility of this wall that separates your living room from the dining hall, abstract designs also seem to be working their way completing the modern home look with the right balance of quirk and elegance. Win-win.

Living room partition designs that have quirky carvings on it to amp up the style
White carved wall partition to amp up the style quotient in a modern living room

Partition walls are a great way to enhance a home’s interior design. It makes a small abode feel larger and help fill empty space in a larger abode- Fascinating much? While selecting a partition design for your living room, be sure to have your pick according to your personal taste and get on with it! 

3. Go Au Naturale

A neat white wooden partition wall is a wonderful element to add between your living room and dining room. Tiny wooden cut-outs can be incorporated in this partition to grow green and go green. Lush green leaves make for a surreal earthy combination that is sure to make your home look all things natural. Nothing like the added benefit of augmenting your green footprint within well-crafted niches in your wooden partition wall design. With a built-in self-watering system in place, you could even eliminate the hassle of maintaining them. Eat your greens but grow them first!

Living room partition design with beautiful greenry
A clean partition design with beautiful greenery
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