Change Your Home Interior Game With These Wallpaper Designs For Living Rooms

by Noopur Lidbide | January 20, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wallpaper designs for your living room

Let your living room wallpaper do the talking and watch your guests go ga-ga!

Your home interiors are a reflection of your personal style. It gives people a sneak peek into your personal space. Unlike common perception, wallpaper ideas do not have to be restricted to the four walls of a room – you can extend them right upto the ceiling! Make the right statement with one of these wallpaper designs for your living room.

Neutral And Textured

This colour palette is a fail safe way to make a personal statement without going over the top. Whether it is a white coloured wallpaper for your living room or one with muted neutral hues, a 3D texture adds character. Neutrals work well with 3D wallpaper designs for living rooms too as they balance any over-the-top effect it may bring to a space.

3d wallpaper for living room in muted neutral hues
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Vivid Wildlife Prints

For those with a sense of style beyond the ordinary, a fun print with animals or birds makes an interesting choice. This blue wallpaper printed with Flamingos makes this living room look young and playful!

Living room wallpaper printed with flamingo birds looks young and playful

Pretty Motifs

Motifs add a layer of style to your living room aesthetics. In this living room we see large symmetrical motifs printed across one wall that makes it stand out without being too garish.

Wallpaper designs for living room with symmetrical motifs printed across one wall

Victorian Wallpaper Design

A classic way to make an art-inspired statement is by opting for wallpaper with Victorian patterns. This lends a classic and vintage look to your living room, especially if you love all things from a by-gone era!

Victorian pattern wallpaper for living room wall

Delicate Floral Patterns

Soft and delicate floral patterned wallpapers make your living room look warm, welcoming and pretty. You can play around with floral prints in terms of design, texture, and colour.

Living room wallpaper ideas with a soft and delicate floral patterned

Intricate Patterns for Living Room Wallpaper

Anything intricate and ornate is visually pleasing. Here’s another delicate pattern for your living room wallpaper. In this wallpaper, we see design details weaving a beautiful story that will intrigue any visitor.

Unique wallpaper design for living room wall with intricate and ornate is visually pleasing
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Effects Of Marble On Your Walls

Few things look as classy as a living room wallpaper design with the effects of marble. The smooth texture and stylish blend of colours lend a soothing vibe to this space.

Wallpaper designs for living room with the effects of marble to make a beautiful background

Upholstery As Living Room Wallpaper

Upholsteries can range between looking bold and edgy to those that are elegant and comforting. The type of upholstery you choose will decide the kind of statement that your living room wallpaper will make.

Gold wallpaper in living room lends an elegant look with upholstery

Dark Coloured Wallpaper

A dark wallpaper brings in grandeur to any living room. A grey coloured wallpaper or even one in dark hues of green or red, when paired with the right furniture is guaranteed to spell sophistication!

Dark-coloured living room wallpaper brings grandeur to the space

Striped Wallpaper Design

If you want to make a cool and urban style statement then striped wallpaper is the perfect choice for your living room. It is simple and modern and lends a contemporary look.

Simple striped wallpaper design for living room gives cool and urban style statement

Geometrics Are An Evergreen Trend

Geometric designs are a home interior trend that is here to stay. Bring this evergreen style to your living room with geometric patterned wallpaper for a cool, funky space.

Geometric patterned wallpaper for living room wall brings an evergreen style
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Bask In Bohemian Style

Quintessentially retro is what we would like to call this living room wallpaper design. Large floral prints in a pink and black combination lends a Bohemian touch to this space. This wallpaper design is a sure shot way of making an instant style statement.

Luxury living room wallpaper in floral design

The Fifth Wall

Why do wallpaper designs for living room have to be restricted to just four walls? Make a cool statement by extending it to the fifth wall. Yes, the ceiling of your living room can have wallpaper too!

Latest wallpaper designs for living room  walls and ceiling

Go Green

Living room wallpaper with a touch of the outdoors is a beautiful way to display your love for all things nature. Wallpaper design with prints of green foliage gives a rather fresh appeal to your home interiors.

Turquoise leaf wallpaper for living room gives nature touch

Golden Glow

Wallpaper with shades of gold does not limit itself to being just a bling accent. It can be ultra posh and urban with muted tones and textures too. This kind of wallpaper design has luxury written all over it!

Shades of gold wallpaper in living room design

Mountains and Beaches In Your Living Room

Wallpapers with engaging landscape images are in vogue. Modern homeowners are all about bringing that element of wanderlust to their homes. Picturesque scenes of the mountains, beaches, forests, printed or painted on wallpaper are great options for your living room.

Mountain theme 3d wallpaper design for living room
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Bright Colours Stand Out

Bright coloured wallpaper energises any room. Living room, where maximum activity takes place, is just the right spot to adorn with bright wallpapers. Opt for shades of blue, yellow, orange or red that will instantly stand out. This is a natural choice if you want your living room to be fresh, bright and cheerful!

Living room wallpaper with chevron pattern in shades of blue

With this you have a bagful of wallpaper designs to refresh your living room, those that will brighten up your space with minimal effort. Unique patterns, motifs, and textures draw the eye to it and make your living room a stand-alone statement. There are a variety of wallpapers available in the market so do be aware that you will be spoilt for choice. Choose wisely so your wallpaper does exactly what it is supposed to – give your living room the right touch of style!

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