Show It Off! 12 Gorgeous Wall Showcase Designs for Your Home

by Charmaine Kenita | February 27, 2024 | 9 mins read

Wall showcase designs for your home

Don’t take your walls lightly. Deck them up with these amazingly beautiful showcase designs. Read our guide now.

Walls are blank canvases. They connect and fortify, build and relive memories. Walls are purely functional, forming the core that connects homes, and different functional spaces to bring them together in a cohesive whole. Walls aren’t to be taken lightly. The way in which you decorate and embellish it can either lift the mood of your home or create spaces that define the overall look.

Wall showcase designs emphasise the look and feel of walls. There are several ways to make them beautiful and attractive. When we design our home we often begin by putting together collectibles. A bunch of paintings, photographs, some art or handicrafts to fill up blank walls. This creates a haphazard look and feel, a disconnect that can ruin a beautiful home. With a majority of urban Indian homes having limited space, placing items on the floor doesn’t make much sense. It is best for them to make wall showcases to display items, place important gadgets and show pretty items.

Blank walls are designer ready. They don’t need much work yet when designed well can make a home look cosy or minimalist, traditional or rustic. The decor and designs have to match with the theme you’re trying to convey in order to make the entire space stand out. As a homeowner, designing wall showcases is easy, provided you know what is to be done with them. We have all the information you need about wall showcase designs and the myriad ways to embellish them.

Wall showcase designs with paintings, photographs, art or handicrafts to fill up blank walls

Wall Showcase Design For The Hall

The living room is a space that showcases a home. Obviously then, its walls and interiors must be done in the best way possible and be put together in line with the decor and furniture. If the design is modern minimalist, then the decor will reflect straight lines and minimal distractions. Similarly bright, psychedelic interiors do well with strategically placed mirrors and lighting. Whatever your desired look maybe, below are a few amazing ideas for wall showcase designs.

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Photographic Wall Showcase Design

Wall showcase design for hall with photograph studded wall showcase for memories and nostalgia
Photograph studded wall showcase for memories and nostalgia

Photos are a must in every home. Most of us collect them to reminisce, gather memories, keep track of the passage of time as reminders. Showcases that are full of photographs are reminiscent of traditional homes. They can be glass encased or free and floating, a collage of pictures or solitary frames. They help in giving context and an old world charm to your living room.

Wall showcase designs that will steal your heart

Be Sassy With Statement Hallway Showcases

Wall showcase design for living room indian style showcasing wall mounted wooden showcase design
Wooden showcases make a statement with decor accents

A hallway can be designed as an extension of your living room or as a standalone with photos, paintings, wall scones or curios placed on wall shelves. The hallway can showcase gorgeous wall designs, especially since it leads to the interiors of a home and showcases are a great way to fill it up.

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The Wonder Of A Wall Mounted Showcase Design

Wall showcase design with glass for living room wall showcase design in hall
A wooden framed showcase with decor items is a fabulous idea for any living room

Wall mounted showcases are furniture designs that hang on walls and do not stand on their legs. They are easy to get done, fix and maintain. Wall mounted showcases come in a variety of finishes and styles. There are those that are completely closed and provide utilitarian use. Outer doors are designed in traditional or modern styles, keeping the structure simple.

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Indian Style Wall Showcase Designs

Living room indian style wall showcase design or corner showcase cabinet in kitchen as furniture
A cluster of artefacts in a simple Indian style standing showcase

Showcase designs for Indian homes can go from simple to elaborate, ordinary to embellished. These standing showcases are found in almost every home, a legacy of traditional lifestyles and reminiscent of times gone by. Whether small, long, tall or heavy, showcases have been used since forever to store knick-knacks and curios, photo frames and keepsakes, vases and music systems. They have come to become altars for memories, past, present and future. In the present context, Indian style wall showcases are versatile in designs and have come to be more quirky, inventive and creative reflecting the moods of the home. They are either open shelves or closed, and made of wood or MDF, in a gloss or matte finish.

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Free Floating Wall Showcase Design

New model designer floating showcases are made of light wood or even metal with a wall showcase design
Convenient and fuss free-floating showcase provide easy storage

Set into the wall horizontally or vertically, floating showcases complement modern interiors. They are simple, fuss-free and can be adorned with a few curios that enhance the look of the room. Floating showcases are made of light wood or even metal. Their sturdiness and structure allow for more storage and imaginative displays.

TV Showcases Are Trending

Most popular showcase design for living room tv wall showcase design or drawing room or bedroom
Minimalist showcases for television and gadgets is a popular choice

One of the most popular showcase designs. TV’s need bigger niches and shelves for placing gadgets, apart from books and knick-knacks. Modular showcases are very popular. They can be stacked ceiling to the wall with gadgets and appliances or crafted small just for this single one. Sturdiness is the main criteria for television showcases.

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Chic Contemporary Wall Showcase For Complete Style

Open shelf wooden showcase design for wall can be used in bedroom, living room, drawing room or hall for wall showcase design
An open shelf contemporary showcase design makes a chic statement

Chic, sleek and complementing contemporary styles, these showcases can be made in wood, metal or other materials. They do not create chaos and lend a sense of elegance to the room. Contemporary showcases arose from the need to lend texture to living rooms and create points of interest throughout the space.

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Elegantly Embellished Wall Showcases

Latest Wall hanging or mounted showcase designs are modern furniture designs made of simple glass wall showcase design
Subtly textured, frosted glass showcase

As the name suggests, these showcases are fancier, come with textured glass and shelves, are eye-catching and available in a variety of colour combinations. Embellished showcases are statement pieces by themselves, designed in mosaic and different materials, with fancy design and nooks for lighting. They enhance the style of the curios they store.

Wall Showcases With Lighting

Wall showcase design with lighting inbuilt LED and lighting placed strategically in the showcase design
Showcases with focus lighting focus on decor you want to highlight

Showcases can be lit up subtly for a more modern, stylish look. Inbuilt LED’s and lighting placed strategically in the showcase are used to focus on statement pieces. These in turn are designed to complement the lighting around the room.

Maze Showcase Designs For Walls

Wooden Maze showcase designs for walls designed with pull out tall units are modern living room wall showcase design
Multi-shelved maze showcases fit decor of varied sizes and shapes

Designed with the complexity of the maze, these multi-shelf showcases have interconnected spaces and are made with several intriguing niches to store a variety of items. Because of their horizontal and vertical alignment, they can be used for items of different heights, colours and textures.

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Minimalist Wall Showcase Design

Minimalist hidden wall showcase design with TV is modern simple wall showcase design for Indian living room
A simple, sleek living room showcase echoes style

Minimalist showcase designs echo style without compromise on function. They are understated, elegant and styled with different niches. In simple basic colors and designs, they are able to showcase books, curios and artefacts without calling too much attention, blending subtly into the room. They are unusual, chic and stylish and go better with minimalist deconstructed homes.

Wall Showcase Designs For Kids Room

Wall showcase design for kidsroom to store toys, books and more in a simple modern kidsroom.
A bright yellow wall showcase for a children’s room

For children’s bedroom, the showcase design is very different. Because the need is more for storage and entirely functional, there is also more scope for creativity. Showcases in white with pretty pictures on them and quirky doorknobs helps them display trophies and storybooks, store toys and clothes.

Wall showcases afford a large canvas and can be designed in numerous ways. As important as the looks are, so too the criteria when building them. Always make a note of the below pointers before crafting one for your home.

  • SPACE – Create a showcase design after measuring the dimensions of the room. You can choose to craft a collection of showcases or a single one depending on the space available.
  • SHAPE – The shape of the wall showcase depends on your likes as well as the general design of the space. Round shelves in geometric patterned interiors can look out of place, while black/dark-hued shelves in pastel rooms may attract too much attention. Complement and enhance a room with the right kind of showcase design. 
  • BUDGET – Budgets for showcases vary depending on the design, complexity, material used and structure. Square and rectangular showcases are cheaper to make than floating shelves and round showcases because of the unusual design.

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FAQs On Wall Showcase Design

1. What materials are commonly used in wall showcase designs?
Commonly used materials for wall showcase designs include wood, glass, metal, and MDF, each offering unique aesthetics and durability.

2. Are there space-saving wall showcase designs for smaller rooms?
Yes, space-saving options like floating shelves, compact rectangular units, and vertical shelving are available for smaller rooms, optimising limited space.

3. How can lighting be incorporated into a wall showcase for optimal display?
Lighting in wall showcases can be integrated using inbuilt LED fixtures or strategically placed spotlights, enhancing the display’s visual appeal.

4. Can a wall showcase be integrated into existing built-in furniture or wall units?
Absolutely, wall showcases seamlessly integrate with existing built-in furniture or wall units, enhancing functionality and aesthetics.

5. Are there eco-friendly or sustainable options for wall showcase materials?
Eco-friendly options such as reclaimed wood or recycled materials are becoming popular for wall showcase designs, appealing to environmentally-conscious homeowners seeking sustainable choices.

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