Knock On Wood: Showcase Designs For A Fashionable Abode!

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 30, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wooden showcase designs for home

Behind every a-la-mode home is the latest wooden showcase design.

Showcases liven up spaces. It does not matter if you use it in your living room, bedroom or even by the dining area, the results are always impressive But, wooden showcase designs for your home are definitely an interior design game-changer! Wooden showcases are primarily created to place your television set. However, they also can be home to all those pretty knick-knacks – indoor planters, vases, souvenirs, books, vinyl records, or magazines.

Factors To Choose A Wooden Showcase Design

  • Firstly, allocate a budget for a wooden showcase. This will help you select a simple wooden showcase or fashionable one for your home.
  • Also, think about the space a showcase is likely to occupy. Based on the available space you have in your home choose the best design.
  • Finally, keep the overall design of the wooden showcase in mind. Would you like a modern wooden showcase? Or one that is funky? Understand your sensibilities and take a final call. We’ve made your decision simpler with a handpicked list of wooden showcase designs.

Simple Wooden Showcase Design

Do you like all things simple and minimalistic? If that is the case then this wooden showcase design is ideal for you. In this design the television is mounted on the wall. Drawers below are built to hold your CDs and other knick-knacks. At a first glance, this wooden showcase design might appear dull but it can fit in well with your home interior plan if planned thoughtfully.

Simple wooden showcase design for minimalistic home
A simple showcase design can work well for a minimalistic home
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Modern Wooden Showcase Model

From the colour to design, this wooden showcase looks pretty much in sync with a fashionable home. With three to four tiers of complementary colour and form, it radiates a chic vibe. Thoughtfully created cabinets and drawers give you space to store all your knick-knack in this wooden showcase design. Most importantly, this wooden showcase is sturdy enough to bear bulky mementos and vases.

Modern wooden showcase design with cabinets and drawers
A multi-tiered wooden showcase design grants a refined look to your home

A Contemporary Wooden Showcase

Although a tad simple, this contemporary wooden showcase grants a modish look to your living room or bedroom. Floating cabinets and shelves built against the wooden backdrop work as an interesting element on the wall. A set of drawers at the bottom give all your remotes and knick-knacks a place. This wooden showcase design is chic and compact. This design works well for small bedrooms too.

Contemporary wooden showcase designs for living room grants a modish look
A chic and compact wooden showcase is quite contemporary for a small or medium-sized room

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Modular Wooden Showcase Design

This wooden showcase is quite a sought-after design. From the music system to decor, this one will hold it all. It covers the entire wall and you can fit all your books as well. Also, a patch of pastel color gives your showcase a stylish look. Both functional and fashionable, this wooden showcase design is perfect for a contemporary home.

Showcase design in wooden with a patch of pastel colour is perfect for a contemporary home
Modular wooden showcase designs suitable for contemporary homes and these are latest wooden showcase designs
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Keep It Artsy

A funky wooden showcase grants an artsy look to your living room. With an intricate wooden frame around your television and a supporting drawer at the base, the structure of this showcase is cohesive. Choose this one if you want an impressive and functional look for your modest living room.

Artistic wooden showcase designs for living room
For a fancy living room, an artistic wooden frame showcase design is ideal

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A Wooden TV Showcase

If you want to use an entire wall in your bedroom then this showcase design perfectly fits in perfectly with that plan. With wooden cabinets, shelves, drawers, and backdrops, you can place anything and everything you want to display in this showcase design. The overall look of this wooden showcase design is simple and a white base adds that extra charm to it.

Wooden tv showcase designs for the hall perfectly fit
A wooden TV showcase design makes this room a simple space to live in

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Multifunctional Showcase Units

With your television as the centerpiece of this wooden showcase, all your decor items, books, and souvenirs can be placed on either side of the television. If you need more storage space, this unit has a pull-out bookshelf on one side that lets you keep your books away from dust!

Multifunctional wooden showcase design for the dining room is suitable for modern homes
A multifunctional showcase design is a must for modern homes
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It might seem all trivial, but a wooden showcase is a vital part of your home interior plan. Wood is a sturdy material and therefore is an ideal material if you want a robust and long-lasting showcase design. As long-term investment, wood works really well. Choose one from our aforementioned recommendations and if you need any further assistance, do check our website to book a consultation with DesignCafe!

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