Put On A Show: Style Your Living Room With These Showcase Designs

Living room showcase designs for your home

Show off those souvenirs and books with these showcase designs. Pick one that makes the most aesthetic sense to you.

Introduction: The living room is the face of your home. The impression matters. Your living room must represent your personality and tastes. In this context, showcases can make your living room landscape stand out. They are not only used to displaying your curios, books or travel souvenirs but also keep your living room clutter-free by placing your favourite items within close reach.

Before buying or building a showcase consider the following:

  • Room Measurements
  • The Shape Of The Showcase
  • Budget

Let’s get started on the best options available when it comes to selecting showcase designs for your living room.

Contemporary Glass Showcase Design for living room

This white contemporary showcase design has a mix of open shelves, glass-panelled shelves and closed cabinets to hold everything you want to display together. It gives a neat look to your living room interiors. You can stack your favourite books under the TV, those prized possessions on the glass-panelled shelf and other decorative items on the TV shelf itself. This white-coloured showcase makes this room look more spacious, bright and fresh.

Showcase designs for living room with glass with a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets for modern showcase designs
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A Showcase Design For Living Room That Doubles Up As A Partition

This wood-finished sunmica showcase design is extremely suitable for homes with an open-style plan. Its unique setup and bold pillar-like panelling on opposite sides of each shelf provide the structure with adequate support and simultaneously acts as a divider between two rooms giving you required privacy too.

Corner showcase designs for drawing room with wood finished sunmica which is suitable for open style plan for showcase living room furniture

A Drawing Room Showcase With Glass

This ornate glass showcase is a great choice for those who are looking to give their living room a classy makeover. Intricate carvings all around, pair of drawers beneath and multiple glass shelves speaks of elegance and royalty. Pair this showcase design with a white sideboard to complete the look with maximum impact.

Living room showcase which is a great choice for a classy makeover for living room showcase ideas

Hexagon-Shaped Wooden Wall Showcase Design

Another funky idea for your living room is this hexagon-shaped wall showcase design. It’s breathtaking and sets your home apart from others with its five-frames built together in sequence. The shape provides sufficient stability. You can place both small and large artefacts with ease on shelves.

Showcase designs for living room with a hexagon-shaped wall showcase design for living room showcase models
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A Showcase For All Your Entertainment Needs

This latest entertainment showcase design is just what you need to get the party started. It is utilitarian in nature and looks fabulous too. You can place your stereo, CD player, Wi-Fi, portable speakers, and related accessories for a social atmosphere right at home. The closed cabinet area is compact and stores wires and cables well.

Cement showcase designs for living room with the latest entertainment showcase design for a designer showcase for living room

L-Shaped TV Showcase Design

Here is an L-shaped TV showcase design that is chic and compact.  It does not take up the entire space on your wall. This vertically aligned showcase design is where you can stack your favourite books and other items. It looks cool and is a perfect blend of modernity and style.

Showcase design for drawing room for l shape entertainment unit which is chic and compact for small showcase design for living room

Designer Corner  Living Room Wooden Showcase Design

Looking for a showcase that fills those unused corner spaces? Try out this designer zig-zag showcase design. Its minimalistic build blends perfectly well with your living room landscape, adding a touch of sophistication to space. Pair it with wood-textured furniture and modern wall frames and you are good to go.

Drawing room showcase for living room that fills most of the unused corner showcase for drawing room
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Eclectic TV Showcase Design

This eclectic TV showcase design is bold and dramatic. Its sleek, symmetrical geometric frames are to die for. Here is your opportunity to display your accessories in a fun, dramatic and visually appealing way. You don’t need to worry about the clutter since everything has its own place.

Wooden showcase designs for living room which is bold and dramatic or a readymade showcase for living room

Sleek Living Room Showcase Design

This sleek showcase design blends harmoniously with other pieces of furniture in your living room for a cohesive and stylish look. This showcase design is modern and quite a  popular choice among millennials.

Showcase ideas for living room which is sleek and the design blends harmoniously with other pieces of furniture with images of showcase designs for living room

Lift Up Tv Showcase Design For Living Room

This showcase design is ideal for small homes that thrive on multifunctionality and aesthetics. A lift-up shutter gives this showcase a seamless look on the outside and lets you hide all those ugly wires and cables behind. Behind it, you will find shelves for extra storage.

Living room showcase which is ideal for small homes with a seamless look on the outside for living room showcase items

Wall-Mounted Showcase With Shelves

Are you looking for something elemental? Then this wall-mounted showcase with shelves is just the right one for you. It has five shelves of varying lengths mounted horizontally on the wall. This design is easy to manage as it provides extra floor space, often a problem for small homes.

Showcase designs for living room with shelves which is just the right one for you for drawing room showcase images
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Since your living room is your personal comfort lounge, you must rethink your home interiors with the most visually appealing showcase design. Sprinkle some sophistication into your home interiors. So, select a showcase design that represents you in the most unique way and watch your living room come alive!

Pooja Dara is a content writer at Design Cafe home interiors blog.

Pooja Dara

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