L-Shape TV Unit Design Ideas To Add Utility And Character To Your TV Wall

by Naina Khare | January 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

L-shape tv unit design with cabinets and open shelves ideas

With an L-shaped TV unit design, your TV gets a neat frame and your room gets extra storage space. Check out our designer picks.

Are you looking to add more storage areas? Are you an ardent fan of cable management and clean looks? Lastly, do you have a special place in your heart for the 11th English alphabet? You will love our L-shaped TV unit designs if your answer is yes.

There is no reason why a simple TV stand cannot be aesthetically pleasing while offering a ton of utility. The L-shaped TV cabinet design can serve almost any purpose. The design of an L-shape TV unit combines bottom drawers and a single shelving unit. This unit can hide away the clutter from your guests or display your trophies and collectables. Here are some thoughtful L-shape TV showcase ideas for your home. 

L-Shape TV Unit Design For A Small Living Room

L-shaped TV unit designs are more suitable for small living rooms as they create more space for storage and provide a better viewing area for your TV. The designer decided to go with closed vertical storage for the L wing. The bottom half branches into a magazine holder and a glass case. 

Now, the glass has the specific purpose of housing set-top boxes, DVD players, and gaming consoles. The transparent cover ensures that the infrared signal goes uninterrupted. And the housing area helps hide the wire clutter. You will notice that no wires extend from the TV to the housing unit. This is because they have re-routed it through the wooden panels.

TV unit design l shape for small living room creates more space for storage
Small living room with l shape tv unit features closed vertical storage for the L wing
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Classy L-Shape TV Showcase

This is one of those designs you bookmark to show the designers of your dream house. The L-shaped corner TV unit design offers both utility and visual aesthetics. Let’s break this down to better understand the design philosophy. 

To begin with, they added both open and closed vertical storage. The closed vertical storage has hidden hinges and magnetic push locks to maintain the no-handles look. On the other hand, the open storage has an abstract structure which adds a bit of whimsy to the entire unit. The stand-out feature of this entire contraption is its glossy red drawers. This feature adds a much-needed pop of colour to a plain cream-coloured wall. The top shelf of the red drawers also has a floating stand to make it look even more interesting. Lastly, the designer has added a grey panel to add more character to the entire L-shaped cabinet structure.

L shape tv showcase offers a perfect combination of utility and visual appeal
Elegant TV unit design for medium to large rooms
Space saving tv units with our innovative home interior solutions

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Corner L-Shaped TV Wall Unit Designs For Bedrooms

While the L-shaped units are mostly designed for living rooms, they are not limited to them. The designer decided to add this to the owner’s bedroom to make it look more appealing. If you want, you can add one to the bedroom for storage without affecting the overall aesthetics. 

You will notice that the vertical storage shelf is on the right side of the design. Yes, this structure will be called an ‘L’-shaped TV unit. The bottom shelf has a glass door for displays. Of course, you are free to modify it to whatever you want. For example, you can add a security vault for all your precious items. 

The back panels are decorated with hidden LED strips to provide the back glow or the halo effect to the TV unit. The designer has also left enough space on the left side to accommodate the open door. In this way, the flow of the unit is not interrupted while the door is open.

Corner l shaped tv wall unit design in grey with vertical storage shelf
Compact but classy TV unit design

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Abstract L-Shaped TV Cabinet Design

If you liked the abstract shelf design in the second unit example, you would love this one. The L shape is somewhat less obvious in this design. It appears as though the shelves are on top of each other. Yet, there are no visible stands below the unit. There is a lot to unpack here. 

The entire unit is fixed to the wall without visible support from below. For this reason, the room’s floor area looks bigger and uncongested. The middle drawer in the horizontal shelf has a glass front to showcase products. As you can tell from the furniture, the owner likes to keep the design elements minimal. Consequently, they skipped the back panels altogether. The vertical shelf is also fixed to the wall. Moreover, it is a combination of both closed and open designs. The black and white theme is also visible in the L-shaped TV cupboard.

A modern L-shaped TV cabinet design with a vertical shelf elevates the living room space
Modern L-shaped TV cabinet design

L-Shaped TV Unit With Fully Exposed Shelves

Saving the best for last, this TV unit is a true marvel. Starting from the bottom, they have wooden drawers with a floating arrangement. But, the most beautiful element of this design is its exposed vertical shelves. The black steel frames matched perfectly with the earthy tones of the rest of the unit. They truly add to the aesthetics of the home. Half of the back wall is textured, while the other half has a gloss finish. The colour and the design choices make this TV unit one of a kind.

Wooden l-sahped tv unit design with exposed shelves
Aesthetic L-shaped TV unit design with open shelves

You can buy a readymade corner L-shaped TV wall unit from the store or commission a specific design for your home. More often than not, it is better to do the latter. Because you are commissioning it, you can craft it to match the aesthetics of your home and not the other way around. Also, you can add extra details and storage areas depending on your needs. Do you still have any questions? Which finish is better for your cabinet, wood, or gloss? Feel free to contact us.

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