Upgrade Your Home With These Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

by Naina Khare | January 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

A eclectic living room design and decor ideas

Level up the aesthetics of your home with these designer-approved eclectic living room decor ideas!

What does eclectic living room decor mean anyway? The eclectic style is a trendy look that’s all about mixing different elements and creating something extraordinarily excellent! In interior design, eclectic style is one that combines different textures, colours, patterns, periods or decor in the same room. However, the space shouldn’t feel too chaotic. Rather, eclectic decor is about finding melody amid diverse and contrasting styles. 

To create a cohesive, eclectic space that portrays the personality of the person residing in it, it’s essential to take care of certain things. First, never go overboard with mixing different elements. You don’t want to end up with something that looks messy and not peaceful. Second, opt for the decor styles you love — such as boho, vintage or modern. With the living room being one of the main spaces in your home, it can feel intimidating to try a design style that’s a bit out of your comfort zone. So, without further ado, let’s start with our choices for eclectic living room decor! 

A Sophisticated And Bright Eclectic Living Room

Lighting inspired by different eras and cultural movements makes for an offbeat living room decor. Here, the surreal blend of cream and solid colours give off mid-century modern vibes. A piece of traditional-style area furniture grounds the space in shades of nudes and brown, defining it and contributing beautifully to the light and airy vibe. The low-hung coffee table and the dining chairs and table invite comfortable lounging with their sweeping backs and soft upholstery. Ample storage is offered with standard decor pieces. You can add a staple of California eclecticism by installing some leather-based accent pieces. Something like a sling chair or pouffe would go amazingly with this decor. Layered textiles, plush throws and contrasting materials would be quintessentially eclectic.

An eclectic living room in a surreal blend of cream
Go off-beat with a bright eclectic living room

Scandinavian-Style Eclectic Living Room Decor

This eclectic space is like your favourite “business in the front, chill in the back” outfit. The beautifully woven cream couch, glossy low-slung marble coffee table, traditional portrait on the wall, surreal lighting and accent pieces make it feel Scandinavian and sophisticated enough to host guests and chill with friends. Not to mention, the abstract, large-scale, casually displayed photography instantly introduces a surge of edgy energy. The walls in this living room are gorgeously alive and plain, with hues of vibrant lighting adding personality to the space. The cobalt blue rug governs the living area, a classic piece pampered with a pile of cushions that create contrast. To make this seating arrangement more welcoming, add accent chairs or other classy furniture to frame the space even better. 

An eclectic living room decor with cream couch, marble coffee table, and accent pieces
An eclectic living room with frozen blue dominating
Want to make your living room fun and quirky

Eclectic Living Room Design With An Industrial Touch

If you want to create a masterpiece in your living room, incorporate traditional and industrial themes. In this eclectic living room decor, the plain hue of beige in contrast to brown and white adds an undeniable flair to the room. To give your living room a relaxed industrial yet traditional vibe, install wood and metal fixtures. For instance, a low-hung wooden coffee table or other accent furniture item. A handcrafted media console or a bistro counter stool would add an air of casual style — perfect for croissants and a cappuccino. Finally, ground the space with a cool-tone rug that infuses design with drama.

An eclectic living room design in beige and brown-themed
Beige and brown-themed eclectic living room decor

Colourful Eclectic Living Room Decor 

With dainty silhouettes, pastel yellow perfection and just the right touch of whimsical, this living room vignette is what Wes Anderson-inspired interior dreams are made of! The traditional installation of a small library, simultaneously reinforced by a wall portrait adds a touch of flamboyance and harmony. Furthermore, the bottle green couch with different-colored pillows and rug formulate a somewhat modern and colourful eclectic blend. The beautiful wall emblazonment only furnishes sophistication and refinement.

A modern eclectic living room with a small library and wall portrait
Uplevel the interiors with bright eclectic decor

A Small And Cozy Eclectic Living Room

Take notes from this living room design if you’re drawn to the laid-back beauty of low-key pieces and want to exude more formality in the living room. The storage basket, floor plant, colourful furniture and other accent pieces scream free-spirited. Yet, the clean-lined wall embellishments (which pick up on the gorgeous periwinkle blue paint), abstract wall art and blue tabletop décor dress things up. Overall, this living space is rich and warm with an earth tones base and a few pops of colour! The jade green sleeper blanket with chaise adds colour to an otherwise dark-themed palette in this living room design. The gallery art wall creates visual interest and offers a perfect spot to showcase special pieces or pictures and art. You may also install a little library cart to highlight stylish storage.

A cozy eclectic living room features abstract wall art, floor plants, and furniture
Create an inspirational space with this decor

Eclectic living room decor doesn’t have to entail wild print-mixing. It doesn’t mean messy and filled to the brim with stuff. Less is still more, even when it comes to the fine art of eclecticism! A few thoughtful key pieces that you love rather than shelves full of ornaments and a floor flooded with sentiments. Keep things neat and showcase your most treasured possessions. Just because you own it, doesn’t mean you have to show it is the way to go around!

We hope that this blog with our top eclectic living room decor ideas was helpful to you. If you have any queries or questions, you can get in touch with our team of experts. Cheers!

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