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Space Saving Designs

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A Bedroom With Space Saving Furniture Design

Here’s a perfect bedroom for a studio apartment. A murphy bed built with storage along the wall and a study unit makes optimum use of space.

Special Features
  • A muphy bed that folds into the wall when not in use.
  • Floor to ceiling storage with overhead and base cabinets.
  • Open shelve storage for books and knick-knacks.
  • A pull-out bookshelf to keep everything dust free.
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Multifunctional Modular Furniture Design With A Foldable Dining Table

This modular kitchen has been designed with a crockery unit that has a foldable dining table and bench seating as part of it. Save space with this multipurpose modular furniture design.

Special Features
  • A crockery unit with a foldable dining table and bench seating.
  • Open shelves to display knick-knacks on the crockery unit.
  • Three drawers for deep storage.

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A Bedroom Designed With A Space Saving Study Unit

This bedroom has been designed for small homes with innovative space saving furniture. A study unit to the right with overhead cabinets pushes back into the alcove when not in use.

Special Features
  • Overhead loft storage makes use of space above the bed.
  • Open shleves surround the bed for display of books and knick-knacks.
  • A study unit with cabinets is designed in the alcove and pushes back in when not in use.
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A Space Saving Sliding Bookshelf For Small Indian Homes

Store your bestsellers with ease with this double sliding bookshelf. One rack stands neatly in-front of the other making this a space saving solution that just right for small homes.

Special Features
  • A free standing bookshelf with open shelves and drawers.
  • A second bookshelf hides behind the first.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is space saving furniture?

This is the type of furniture that is designed to make spaces look bigger. So pieces such as such as wall beds, extension tables, foldaway desks, and clever storage cabinets/ drawers or other solutions qualify as space saving furniture. This type of furniture works well in small apartments.


How do small apartments save space?

Small apartments save space with creative use of furniture placement, multifunctional furniture, beds with storage, wall accessories and foldable furniture.


How do I make more storage?

If you want a clean and clutter free home, then having the right storage is essential. Not only does it make a home more organised but saves space too. Use ottomans to store things away, make sure your bed has storage, use all shelves wherever possible, take advantage of high ceilings and use rooms for dual purposes.


How do you make a small bedroom look bigger?

A small bedroom can be made to look bigger with a few design hacks such as using white / neutral colours in abundance, mirrors as they give the illusion of space, use vertical space well and buy furniture with legs.


What is multifunctional furniture?

Just as the name suggests multifunctional furniture serves more than one purpose. It is gaining popularity because it saves spaces and is useful in small apartments.


How can I save space in my apartment?

You can save space in your apartment in multiple ways. One of them is by using multifunctional furniture. Also, have smart storage solutions like cabinets with drawers, shelves, think vertical for storage, avoid duplication of items.


Space saving interior design for 1bhk?

A 1BHK can be designed as well as a larger apartment with smart, innovative interior design. Use colours and accents that make your space look bigger such as white and neutral shades, furniture like a murphy bed, a box shaped bed with ample storage, sliding door wardrobes and study pull-outs.