Creative Space Saving Furniture Designs For Small Indian Homes

by Anmol Kalro | February 27, 2024 | 7 mins read

Creative Space Saving Furniture Designs For Small Indian Homes

These space saving furniture designs are a smart way to add luxury and style to your petite sweet space.

Let’s face it. With real estate prices soaring, one is considered lucky to even own a home in a big city, let alone a large mansion. Compact houses with adept, multifunctional or space saving furniture is the need of the hour. Unfolding trends in interior design cater to this need with great gusto. 

It is indeed possible to own a petite pad and still made it look like a whimsy chateau. Besides, people are starting to realise the downsides attached to owning gigantic homes. Urban dwellers are more than pleased to ditch the idea of hiring battalion of staff to maintain a house that merely lodges three. 

Owning large acres is simply out of the question, especially as society (and more so millennials) edges towards a no-strings-attached state of mind. This trend is trickling down to the space of homes too. 

Nonetheless, stuffing your world into a tiny apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise in terms of style. You can always play it smart with these space saving ideas that are sure to ace your space.

Stairway to Space Saving Heaven

A lot can be accomplished if you made use of what’s under the surface, or in this case under the staircase. If you happen to own a duplex house, chances are that your stairs take up way too much space that needs compensation for. The area under your staircase can be put to use in so many different ways. You can have all your books stacked up in shelves by designing a mini-library down there, throw in some pillows to make it a cosy corner to read/work, or even transform this area into the perfect pet kennel. Harry Potter’s entire room was under the stairs. Do take a minute to think about it?

Another way to bring your stairs into play is to have them designed with inbuilt pull-out drawers. These wooden drawers, that otherwise just get you from one floor to the next, can now be secret storage areas for mundane items you don’t really want parading around. Old Books, toolkits, cleaning essentials and gifts – items you don’t intend to use anytime soon are just some things that can  go straight to these invisible ninjas without a second thought.

Understairs Storage For Small Spaces
Bookshelves built under the stairs to save space

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Space Saving Sofa Cum Beds Are More Than A Couch But(t)

Sofa cum beds are truly a furniture store blessing. Every time you have guests visiting, you won’t have to go through the angelic drill of sacrificing your bed.  This space saving furniture will also save you from a broken back after spending a whole night on the couch!

Thanks to modular sofa cum bed designs available today, you can host unexpected doorbell rings anytime you want to – even without an additional guest bedroom in your home or apartment. 

Sofa Cum Bed as a Multipurpose Furniture for small Spaces
Man resting on a contemporary sofa cum bed
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Fun With Futons

Another alternative (quite a money-saver, too) is a futon for your living room. They are lightweight, visually appealing to look at and serve the exact same purpose of a sofa-cum-bed. Depending on the rest of your living room design, you can opt for one of the two. You could now officially have an uninterrupted Netflix movie marathon because let’s face it, we all hate getting off the couch once movie credits play just to go to bed. Now your couch is your bed, so knock yourself out! (Quite literally)

Futon Mattress Multifunctional For Small Space
Futon converted into a full mattress

Funky Space Saving Fold-Down Tables For Dining

When you opt for a studio apartment or even a 2 BHK, you don’t really have a designated drawing room. But this doesn’t mean you can’t create your own workspace that looks just as prim. Fold-down tables have been in the limelight of innovative furniture for small spaces. When not in use, they are just affixed to the wall and take up practically no space. The moment you put your work pants on, voila! You’ve got yourself a sturdy yet sleek work desk that has all your essentials stored in compartments. Even larger spaces ought to have one of these pinned up, just in case. You never know when the need for an extra counter arises, right?

Converting Fold Down Space Saving Furniture
Wooden wall piece folded down into a table is a piece of convertible furniture for small homes

The Family of Four Dining Table Set

When stacked together, this five-part enigma looks like one single piece of furniture. But when it’s dinner time, you’re in for a real treat. Futuristic yet really simplistic looking, this hidden dining table is going to impress your family and guests alike. This one’s a complete space saver and even a great design when not being used. Innovative furniture like this is a really smart space saver for small spaces.

Compact Space Saving Dining Table For Small Home
Dining room with white table and four stackable chairs

Contemporary Folding Wall beds

It’s surprising that wall beds haven’t completely ambushed the concept of a regular floor bed yet. Even if you don’t happen to live in a tiny apartment, a space-saving wall bed unit can be quite convenient to have. Murphy beds have gained popularity a long time ago, but not so much in India. It’s a general misconception that they’re somehow not as comfortable or easy to incorporate into a home. However, this is far from the truth. Most wall beds – besides the obvious space-saving ones – have durable designs and are comfortable to sleep in. Come morning and the freed-up portion can gladly become your ballet practice arena, how about that? These beds are foldable furniture that make small spaces really spunky too!

Innovative Space Saving Folding Bed Wall Bed Unit
Luxury studio apartment with a fold down bed
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Fun With Folding Furniture

There’s something so mystifying about folding furniture. You never know what they would unfold to become. Or do you? Let’s be real for a moment. The only time you’ll ever feel the need to have more than a couple of chairs is when you have people over. And in the fast-paced world we live in, how often does that happen? Once, maybe twice a month? Even if you’re humble abode happens to be the group hangout spot, you don’t deserve to be stumbling upon chairs lying around your house all day. Enter folding chairs. Two flat sheets of wood that can otherwise be hung like clothes in a hanger when not in use. Problem solved, you’re welcome!

Compact Wooden Folding Chair For Small Spaces
Wooden folding chair that can be used in different spaces of the home

It’s an (Innovative) Island Affair

A kitchen island is a piece of multifunctional furniture you  can own even without modifications. It creates extra counter space, can be used as a breakfast spot and has drawers and hooks for extra storage –  but hey, a little innovation never hurt nobody. Instead of lining up all of your kitchen furniture side by side, you could make your kitchen appear a whole lot bigger by putting together all necessities in an all-in-one kitchen island. So this will now encompasses a sink, a stove, garbage disposal and pull out stools to sit down and enjoy a meal. (On the opposite side of the trash cans, of course!) 

Moreover, if you’re short of room for a proper pantry, consider opting for a sleek pull out pantry- one that can be squeezed into the tightest spaces of your tiny kitchen. 

Kitchen Island As a Multifunctional Furniture
Multipurpose kitchen island with bar stools

Easy-to-use Extendable Desks as Multifunctional Furniture

If the thought of eating at your workstation is not unsettling, might we suggest the perfect way to ditch that dining table? Get a modern expanding desk that transforms into a full-on dining table so you don’t have to worry about having separate study and dining areas. Not only does this save space, but can also turn out to be a real pocket saver. 

Adjustable Folding Table to Save Space
Regular wooden table extended into a dining table

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