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A Warm And Cozy 3BHK Flat Design With All The Comfort You Need

Designed with the intent of being playful and warm, this 3BHK home combines two distinct design styles to strike a balance in the middle. Rich wooden textures stand out as the major focal point of the master bedroom as a contrast to the rest of the interiors that have been designed with a pastel colour scheme to bring in cheery vibe to this 3BHK home.

Special Features
  • Foyer unit with pull out drawers for storage.
  • A low lying TV unit with handless drawers finished in white laminate.
  • Living room designed with warm and neutral colour tones to keep things lively.
  • Dining room with cushioned seater with storage drawers underneath that blends into the design. Upholstered chairs have been used on the other side to complete the seating.
  • A large spacious kitcchen with tall units and a unit for washing machine. All shutters are finished in acrylic have been designed with handless mechanism for a clean and minimalistic look.
  • The master and guest bedroom follow the warm and neutral colour scheme with wood to keep it elegant and sphisticated. Wallpaper brings in character to the space.
  • The kids bedroom is in white and blue colour scheme with an attached study unit.
  • Both bathrooms have vanity units for extra storage and have been designerd with a pastel colour scheme – lilac and light fgreen – for a refreshing feel.
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A Modern And Quaint 3 BHK Flat Design With Just The Right Amount Of Flair

A modern home designed with neutral colour palette and few warm tones to keep it from being too over stimulating. Ample usage of wood, stone and fabric textures for an understated industrial feel.

Special Features
  • Simple yet sophisticated design where less is more.
  • A wardrobe with pull out study table makes innovative use of space in the master bedroom.
  • Textured wall paint adds depth and character to the design without being too loud in the living room.
  • A combined space for kitchen and dining area to leverage the best use of both spaces.
  • 3D Panel for TV unit to add a bit of pop.
  • A children’s room in white and yellow with a bunk bed and the map of the world as wallpaper make this space a fun room.
  • A study unit with open box shelves and closed cabinets provide ample storage space for books and toys.
  • A foyer area with side cabinet for storage, a w long single wall shelf to display knick-knacks and hooks on the wall to hang rackets.
  • A bathroom in black, bown and white colour scheme with a glass partition separating the shower area from sink / toilet.
  • A floating vanity unit under the sink with wood finished laminate lends a classy look.
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A Vibrant and Fun 3BHK Flat Interior Design

A neatly designed 3BHK home that is a fusion of different interior styles and vibrant colors to suit the unique tastes of the occupants of each space. From the eclectic living room, to the uber cool bedrooms and a classic kitchen design, you will see a wide array of finishes used from laminates, to lacquered glass and duco that have been used to craft this one of a kind home.

Special Features
  • Sliding wardrobe with lacquered glass in the master bedroom and guest bedroom.
  • A unique abstract wall paint design in the living room that’s subtle yet eclectic.
  • Extensive attention is given to the walls with wallpaper, wall panels, wall paint to give each room its own flavour.
  • A false ceiling has been included in the design of every room to add more character to the space and to incorporate soft cove lighting.
  • A modular crockery unit that adds extra value to the dining area is neatly finished off with decorative mirror.
  • Bold use of duco paint in red and white gives this kitchen a vibrant look along with a checkered backsplash and patterned floor tiles.
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A Luxurious 3BHK Flat Designed With Classy Interiors

This wonderfully crafted 3BHK home is designed with minimalist style of interiors to keep spaces across the home neat and clutter-free. The colours used play harmoniously with the overarching theme that is quite elegant. Lots of storage, simple staright lines and rich wood grains give this a home a Scandinavian vibe with an Indian twist.

Special Features
  • The kitchen has a straight layout and has been designed with a white and yellow colour scheme in high gloss laminate for cabinets and shutters. A bi-fold shutter on top is perfect for small homes as it prevents bumping
  • A bathroom has been designed with a white and navy blue colour scheme with a pink tiled wall with a bathtub and a bowl-shaped sink
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A Well Lit 3BHK With Space-Saving Furniture

A well lit 3BHK home with space-saving furniture, an open kitchen and woodwork throughout. The white flooring makes the house look spacious and airy; the textured wallpaper in the dining room adds depth to the interiors.

Special Features
  • A modular kitchen with handleless overhead cabinets, base cabinets, drawers and shelves for storage and display of kitchen essentials.
  •  A breakfast counter with two tall chairs to entertain guests while preparing your favourite meals.
  •  A tiled backsplash with LED-strip lighting to illuminate your kitchen beautifully and lend warmth to your space.
  •  Three open shelves on the base of the breakfast counter to showcase some crockery and decor elements.
  •  A spacious living room with a comfortable sofa, two accent chairs and a coffee table.
  •  A TV unit with push-to-open drawers and open shelves to showcase your decor items.
  •  The wood panelling, elaborate wall piece, pendant light and floor rug lend a warm and cosy vibe to the space.
  •  The six-seater dining table finished in wood and the tapered legged chairs bring in a mid-century vibe to this space.
  •  The textured wallpaper and cone pendant light stitches together the look of the space wonderfully.
  •  The master bedroom has pastel-coloured walls with a window on one side to let in ample natural light.
  •  The stunning floral wallpaper, a petite side table with a vase on it and pendant lights add to the beauty of the bedroom.
  •  A wardrobe with sliding doors, a mirror with hidden storage, a dressing table and a TV unit with floating shelves and drawers add to the functionality of the space.
  •  A kid’s room with pink and blue walls, a single wooden cot and a wardrobe.
  •  A study table with a floating bookshelf and closed cabinet.
  •  A minimalistic style bathroom with a wooden vanity unit that has ample storage space, marble flooring and a glass partition to separate the shower area.
  •  A backlighted mirror, bowl-shaped sink and open shelves to place candles, small indoor plants and toiletries add to the bathroom’s aesthetics.
  •  The guest room has a queen-size bed, a wardrobe with a sliding door, an entertainment unit and a vanity unit with hidden storage; an upholstered stool helps you doll up comfortably.
  •  The false ceiling with spotlights and the Sputnik chandelier helps bring together the look of this space.
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An Eclectic 3BHK Design With A Variety Of Colours, Patterns and Furnishings

This 3BHK home sports a youthful interior design. A collection of different design elements are tied together to create a modern millennial home. With lively colour schemes, patterns and textures, this house is an exciting place to live. The signature modular furniture, decor and lighting make this home the perfect haven for young urban couples.

Special Features
  • A timeless and elegant living room set up with peppy upholstered furniture that brings life to the room.
  •  A rustic brick cladding wall acts as the accent element in the living room—accentuated by a sleek, laminated TV unit with handleless drawers for clutter-free organisation.
  •  A sophisticated foyer design, when combined with a fantastic wallpaper, a hexagonal golden mirror, and a showcase finished in wood, make the space come alive.
  •  An open L-shaped kitchen design with a red matte colour scheme. The pull-out pantry unit is a classy addition to space.
  •  A classic solid wood dining table occupies the dining area for six with tall back wooden chairs.
  •  The built-in crockery unit comes with an L-shaped glass-front showcase unit with wooden storage cabinets below it.
  •  A lively bedroom design with a peppy yellow textured accent wall and a floor-to-ceiling wooden panelled wardrobe unit.
  •  A sleek TV unit with floating shelves to display artefacts and a compact wooden dresser unit with drawers that saves the bedroom space.
  •  Another bedroom with a vibrant interior set-up, accentuated by a wood panelling headboard design that adds a natural appeal.
  •  The bedroom also has a sleek four-door wardrobe with loft cabinets and a concealed dresser unit that adds space.
  •  A blue-and-white kid’s bedroom with a wall-mounted louvre wardrobe and an L-shaped study desk with an attached bookshelf and glass-front closed shelf unit.
  •  The kids’ room also has a wardrobe-cum-dresser unit with open shelves to keep toys and school essentials.
  •  The first bathroom has an earthy colour scheme with periodic-style wooden cabinet vanity and mosaic wall tiles.
  •  The second bathroom has a green brick-cladding wall design with a golden round mirror and a classic white vanity unit.
  •  The third bathroom has a cream colour scheme with a gorgeous wooden vanity unit with a washing machine cabinet.
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A Quaint 3BHK With Modern Space-Saving Furniture Pieces

A contemporary 3BHK home aesthetically designed with innovative space-saving furniture, soothing colours and elegant decor to lend a sophisticated and luxurious look. The ample use of wooden accents amps up the space while lending a warm vibe. The clean lines and fuss-free design add the right amount of flair to the entire space.

Special Features
  • A pooja room with a wood accent wall cladding and two hanging lamps for a peaceful vibe.
  • A TV unit with push-to-open drawers, ledges and wall cabinet provides ample display and storage space.
  • A spacious living room with cushioned rattan sofa and a coffee table.
  • A lavish bedroom with a walking closet, a bed with an extended headboard and a window-side seating arrangement to enjoy the outside view.
  • A modern G-shaped kitchen designed in white and wood to create a striking contrast.
  • An appliance garage, tall unit, multiple pullout units, open shelves and carousel units for a clutter-free organisation.
  • A guest bedroom with a wooden headboard and overhead cabinet for additional storage.
  • A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, open shelves and a dresser unit with an ottoman for comfortable living.
  • A dining area designed with a four-seater dining table and a tall crockery unit with tinted glass front.
  • A foyer area with a shoe rack and seating arrangement on top. Wooden panelling on the wall highlights the foyer area while lending a warm earthy tone to the home interiors.
  • The kid’s room is designed with a canopy bed, a world map-themed mural on the accent wall, some pastel colour wardrobe laminates to add a fun and playful vibe.
  • A small study table with shelves for your kids to finish their homework and keep their books and files in an organised manner.
  • A guest bathroom designed with grey and yellow tiles to create a striking contrast.
  • A floating vanity unit with drawers and open shelves to keep towels and toiletries organised.
  • A round mirror with LED backlights to amp up the space and make the bathroom look spacious and bright.
  • A master bathroom designed with a black and white colour scheme for a classy and bold look.
  • A partition between the shower and toilet area to keep the bathroom clean and dry.
  • A floating vanity unit with drawers, a bowl-shaped stone sink and a massive mirror for a luxurious look.
  • A black pot to match the bathroom design theme while adding a bold statement.
  • Some open shelves beside the shower area to keep your shampoo and soap dispensers and bottles in a clutter-free manner.
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FAQs on 3BHK Designs

A 3 BHK is an apartment/house with three bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen. It usually comes with three bathrooms and a balcony, depending upon the layout you choose. 3BHK homes are generally quite spacious and ideal for those living in joint families with kids or have guests over often. You can keep the master bedroom for yourself, convert one bedroom into a kid’s room and keep the other one for your guests or parents.

Both of them come with three rooms, a hall and a kitchen, but the third room in a 2.5BHK is usually tiny and contained in one of the bedrooms. You can use it as a storeroom, pooja room or a small workstation. A 2.5BHK is perfect for you if you live in a nuclear family and want to live in a spacious apartment; but you must opt for a 3BHK if you live with your parents in a joint family or have friends and relatives staying over often.

  • A 3BHK provides you with ample space to play around with various design styles of your choice.
  • A modern industrial style design or a minimalistic Scandinavian-style interior design can make your home look trendy. 
  • You can also try some traditional design interiors with some intricately designed furniture and a lot of wood work for a retro look.
  • If you love a boho vibe in your home, play with natural fabrics and try adding some colourful pouffes, a wicker sofa, a swing or a hammock. Add many indoor plants and some comfortable floor rugs for a breezy bohemian vibe to your home.
It depends on the design, finishes, material and accessories you choose, but on average, home interiors for a 3BHK in Bangalore can range anywhere from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh.

Here are few tips to make your 3BHK look beautiful on a budget:

  • Opt for wallpaper for your accent wall instead of painting all the walls of your home.
  • Use some indoor plants to deck up your room. They are easy to maintain and are comparatively inexpensive.
  • Add some DIY decor elements to your home. They look chic and are pocket-friendly as well.
  • Spending on a modular kitchen, though expensive, will be a long-term investment for you and save you from renovation costs in the future.
  • You can choose concrete or vinyl flooring instead of marbles to reduce the cost to a reasonable extent.