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Study Room Interior Design Ideas

You may be a part of the ever-growing gig economy which allows you the comfort of working from your home. Or you are someone who works from home occasionally to avoid the never-ending traffic snarls. You may be a writer looking to set your study up or an accountant wanting someplace quiet to do the books. Or you may just need a private space to catch up on emails and important paperwork. Whatever your need may be, a study room can be a great investment for you. With some thought through interior design choices you can easily create a nook in the house which gives you the privacy and peace to get all your work done.

Location, Location, Location!

Some houses come with a designated study room which makes selecting the space for the room a simple one. If you are not so lucky in matters of real estate, don’t lose heart. Convert a spare bedroom into a study or look for a room that is not used much. You have guests that come over occasionally? Remodel the guest room to serve dual purposes. If you don’t have an entire room that you can dedicate to your study needs, look for a suitable corner in any part of your house. The space should be such that it affords you privacy to carry out your work without undue disturbances. For example, don’t station your study in a normally noisy living room or in a passageway that sees a lot of movement. If possible, search for a room or an area that has plenty of natural light. There is nothing quite like a great view to stimulate the productive and creative juices so consider dedicating that room or the corner with the view to be your study.
Convert Spare Bedroom into a Study Room

Colour me Productive

The colours you choose for the study room will have a big effect on your work productivity and creativity, so select these with care. You can never go wrong with neutral shades such as whites and pastels which make the room look airy and spacious while lending themselves to be a backdrop for other colours you may want to mix and match in. Colours such as greys, lighter browns and blues bring a calm and soothing energy. If you are looking for positivity and vibrancy, opt for shades such as yellow and orange. Red may not be to everybody’s taste but there is something to be said for the dynamism and excitement that red brings. Lastly, green is a great colour for the study room as its natural tones create a serene space where you can focus. Whatever your selection may be, make sure it aids the goals of your study room and match your personality.
Choose Creative Colors for Study Room

Desks and Chairs for Every Need

The primary purpose of your study room, and the space available, will also dictate the choice of your desk. If you are looking for something simple, where you can get some writing and basic paperwork done, the no-frills flat surface top of a writing desk will meet your requirements. For something that is still quite minimalist, opt for a laptop table which often comes with a sliding drawer for your keyboard. A wall mounted floating desk will bring elegance and leave your floor space free from clutter. If you have a corner you want to use, a corner desk can be a good solution. An L-shaped desk is another option, but unlike the corner desk you will work on either arm of the L. Standing and adjustable desks which you give the additional benefits of burning calories while you work are quite the rage nowadays. An armoire desk which its compact design of holding in the workspace within storage area can be wonderful if a small unobtrusive working area is what you are after or can afford. When you are picking out a desk for your study room, select a chair that matches the desk or is in keeping with the aesthetic of your room. Ensure that the chair is a comfortable one and designed with ergonomics in mind. It needs to be such that it allows you good posture while working.
Desks and Chairs for Every Need for Study Room Design

Furniture that Keeps you Organised

With the principle pieces of desk and chair sorted, let’s discuss the other furniture you will need in the study room. You will have important documents and files that you will want to store, or reference material or other books that you want handy. Depending upon the amount of storage and kind of storage you need will help you narrow down your options. Many desks are designed with in built shelves and drawers in a way such that they double up as storage solutions. Larger amount of paperwork and books may need more dedicated space such as bookshelves or filing cabinets. Be creative with your storage to create a cosy and welcoming effect. You can have your pick of open book racks or bookcases with glass doors (such as barristers) that come in various sizes and styles. Or simply install bookshelves on the walls to show off your prized collection. Book tree bookshelves, industrial and metal shelves, leaning ladder shelves, your choices are many and varied. Awkward corners can be utilized by a corner bookshelf while the symmetrical elegance of a cubic bookshelf sits well in any space. As with all storage, bookshelves serve more than just a practical need and are an important component of your design aesthetic.
Organised Furniture for your Study Room

Accessories, Lighting and Other Design Considerations

If the dimensions of your study allow you to explore the idea of a sofa. A well-placed stylish sofa can add oodles of style to your room while making it cosy and warm. You can put your feet up here with a book or catch a snooze if you are tired from toiling at the desk. A sofa can create that perfect corner in your study room that can also welcome family members to give you company while you work. With all furniture pieces picked out, do spend some time experimenting with different placements. Install the pieces in such a manner that you have easy flow of movement across the room – no one like to bump into furniture or navigate awkward corners. Work out a layout that is practical and makes the room look spacious and beautiful. Lighting your study room is an important design decision. While you don’t want the sickly glare of an office light, you do want a lighting solution that allows you to read, write and type with ease. Working under poor lighting conditions causes eye strain, headaches and makes one irritable – troubles that you would like to avoid. In addition to overhead or wall lighting, a desk lamp therefore becomes a must. With all furniture and lighting taken care of, turn now to accessory choices. Put up your favourite art on the wall, or a wall clock that reminds you of important appointments. Bring those family photographs in to add a personal touch. Style your desk with handsome and nifty organising accessories and unique office supplies. Houseplants are another great way to accessorise the room, adding calming green to help with those frayed work nerves. Furniture, colour palettes, layout, lights and accessories, you now have the entire study room set up to your liking. Now all you need to do, is to grab a chair, sit yourself down and get to work.
Accessories and Lighting Ideas for Study Room Design