A Guide To Bathroom Flooring Materials

We all know the amount of inflow and outflow of traffic in bathrooms. Whether you live with a large family or by yourself your bathroom sees a lot of activity. In Indian homes especially, bathrooms are also used by domestic staff to handwash clothes and more so when there is no dedicated space to do your laundry. 

Therefore, you need a bathroom flooring durable enough to handle excessive moisture, traffic and dirt. Let us look at best flooring ideas for bathrooms that are practical, efficient and aesthetically beautiful as well.

Practice these bathroom layout tips and plan your bathroom with unique bathroom flooring ideas.

Materials For Bathroom Flooring

Picking the right material for your bathroom floor design is much more than choosing a colour scheme or just some shiny tiles. The idea is to design a floor that is durable, low on maintenance, resistant to moisture and looks stylish too. There’s a variety of creative bathroom floor ideas and  materials you can choose from. Some popular ones are porcelain, ceramic, marble among others. Here is a detailed guide on the different types of bathroom flooring materials to help you pick the best for your space.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain was first invented in China in the 15th century and they have come a long way since. Modern day ceramic tiles are dense, strong, extremely durable and can be used in wet areas like showers, bathrooms or kitchens. They are available in a variety of shapes, patterns and sizes. Such tiles are resistant to water, heat and stains and therefore are the best choice when look for some non slip bathroom flooring ideas.

Ceramic tiles bathroom flooring which can be used in wet areas like showers, bathrooms or kitchens

Anti-Slip Tiles

Anti-slip tiles are made with a coating that prevents the risk of slipping. This coating maintains a high level of friction even when the tile is wet or soapy. They are ideal for poolside spaces and bathrooms, especially when you have kids or old aged folk at home. Anti-slip tiles have the strength of other tiles such as resistance to heat, stain and water apart from being quite durable too. These tiles are available in a variety of shapes and colours so you will not be compromising on aesthetics if you choose them for your bathroom interiors.

bathroom flooring with anti slip tiles which is resistance to heat, stain and water

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Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are manufactured by vitrification which is the strengthening of tiles by combining it with quartz, silica or feldspar at high temperatures. This process coats the tiles with a layer of glass that gives it a sleek finish. This further strengthens it and makes the tiles water and scratch-resistant. They also lend an elegant look and apt for modern bathroom flooring ideas.

Best laminate flooring for bathroom vitrified tiles with layer of glass that gives it a sleek finish

Granite Flooring

Granite is a hard and naturally occurring stone used commonly in the construction industry. It is known for its high strength and durability. Flooring made out of granite is resistant to water and heat, and this material is almost impossible to crack or chip. Granite is available in a variety of colours such as white, pink, green, shades of brown or grey. This is a material that will blend into your colour scheme of your bathroom easily.

Best flooring for bathroom with granite flooring which is hard and naturally occurring stone

Marble Flooring

Marble is a naturally occurring stone that has been used by artisans since ancient times. It is known for its lustre and is predominantly white in colour with veins of a darker colour mixed in. Marble is available in a variety of colours such as pinks, blues, blacks and greys. It is resistant to water and heat but it is not a durable material. This is because marble is prone to cracks and chips and is therefore not a great choice for a kids bathroom. However, marble does add a touch of luxury and class to any space and is a good choice for a master bathroom. You can also look for some mosaic bathroom floor ideas if marble seems difficult to maintain or want some bathroom flooring ideas on a budget. 

Creative bathroom floor ideas for marble which is resistant to water and heat

Slate Tiles

Slate is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock. It is commonly used to tile roofs but can also be used as a flooring material. These finely foliated tiles are highly durable and are available in a wide range of colours. Besides, they are also anti-slippery in nature thanks to its rough texture and hence a great choice if you want to explore some  black floor bathroom designs. 

Bathroom flooring ideas on a budget with slate tiles which is anti-slippery in nature and rough texture

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A Few More Tips

The flooring material you use in different sections of your bathroom is dependent on the function of that zone. And so as you plan the flooring for your bathroom there are a few other aspects to keep in mind so you have a space that is functional in all its aspects. The right layout is fundamental to a functional bathroom so that you utilise every corner of your bathroom. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind. 

Apply Functional Zoning

By designing functional areas surrounding the central space, your bathroom will get ample free space regardless of its size. Space planning depends primarily on the way you use your bathroom. However, ensure you locate all plumbing points, ventilation, or drains as you plan your bathroom’s interior design. Do note that the cost of your project will double if you need to change plumbing points after the design is done. Not to mention, layout choices are more limited if you stick to existing plumbing joints, ventilation or drains. This makes designing the space a lot easier too.

Listed below are the functional zones you must incorporate while designing the layout of your bathroom.

The Vanity Section

The vanity section comprises the countertop, storage, mirrors and a sink or two. New-age homeowners are giving up on the idea of adding two sinks. This is so they gain more counter space in their master bathrooms. Dual sinks are effective in common bathrooms where kids or other members share the bathroom and need separate sections.

Pictures of bathroom flooring ideas with vanity section with countertop, storage, mirrors


It’s the most used element in any bathroom and also one you don’t want to highlight or make the cynosure of your bathroom interiors. Yes, you guessed right, it’s the toilet. The toilet seat can be placed behind the bathroom door, by the vanity and adjacent to the wall, or partly hidden. This will help in highlighting other elements of your bathroom. Ensure that the toilet seat is placed near a ventilation window and plumbing joints and a drain, the latter especially if you have a tap beside it.

Small bathroom flooring ideas for your toilet

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A Tub

Large, vintage style bathtubs have given way to deeper, tinier bathtubs in modern bathrooms. Typically tubs are confined to master bathrooms, however, if your other bathrooms are spacious enough this is an element you can consider as you design the layout.

Bathroom flooring ideas small bathroom with tub which is large and in vintage style

Shower Area

Shower fixtures have slowly become the preferred choice of homeowners today as they occupy less space. This is especially for smaller bathrooms in apartments. There are various ways to design the shower area. A popular design includes a glass-covered shower cubicle that separates the toilet area from the bath area. Another common one is a simple walk-in shower area with just a shower curtain or a sliding door to separate the space completely. You can make a choice based on your bathroom space and your budget. However, regardless of what style of shower area you choose, do ensure you include it as part of your bathroom interior design plan. 

Bathroom flooring with shower fixture which is preferred choice of homeowners

Picking the right flooring material for your bathroom depends on your budget and the type of bathroom. For instance, the guest bathroom and kids bathrooms must have anti-slip floors considering the age-group of its users. Whereas, you can get a bit more creative with your master bathroom and add all the luxury to it with marbles or slate tiles. It all depends on your budget and style!

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We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision regarding bathroom flooring.

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