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How Do I Choose A Desk For My Home Office?

Most of us end up using a regular desk or a dining table to work on with our laptops at home. Modern-day families have realised the need for a study room with an appropriately designed desk to ensure complete privacy. Many homes these days are designed with the inclusion of study rooms both for kids and adults. A sturdy, efficient study table is needed to keep this workspace organised and clutter-free. Whether you’re a business tycoon, a coder, a photographer, or a writer, we have put together some fantastic study desks for your home office so you can work in style and peace!

How Do I Choose The Right Desk?

Your home office is that space where you make plans, work on those deadlines and get your tasks done – all in the comfort of your home. It works even more effectively when you add a desk that matches your requirements and interior design of your space. From multi-functional corner desks to chic glass-topped designs and custom made ones for different professions, you have myriad options to choose from. You need to choose one that will enhance your comfort and productivity. There’s a lot to think about when you choose a desk for your home office – size, storage, materials – and it can be challenging to know where to begin from and what to look for.

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Pick A Desk That Suits Your Profession

So first tip to choosing a guide is to choose a desk-based on your profession. So whether you’re an entrepreneur, an artist, or a technologist your desk needs to be designed to suit the nature of your work, make your job easier and smoother. Our expert guide will help you choose the perfect desk for your home office that matches your profession and requirements.

Choose a desk for home office design as per your profession in which we help you to choose

A Classy Desk For Business Tycoons

If you are a business tycoon it is quite likely that your calendar is chock-a-block with meetings/ calls and your desk has piles of files. You will need a study unit that keeps everything organised. Pick a desk that promises ample storage, seating options, and a design that stays true to your stature in society.

Home office desk design for you if you are a business tycoon where the desk is covered with a lot of tiles on a large corner home office desk

Design Tip: Luxe up your home office with wooden panels, strip lights and a leather upholstered chairs

A Writer’s Desk To Clear All Those Blocks

If you’re a creative writer and it isn’t something you just do for fun but as a full-time profession a desk at home is a must! Opt for a desk for your home office that’s compact yet spacious enough to place your laptop, notepads and stationery. Remember, most writing desks aren’t huge – however, if you work full time from home you must design or buy a large one for yourself.

Large home office desk online to clear all those blocks if you are a creative writer

Design Tip: Surround yourself with the works of your favourite authors with a floor to ceiling bookshelf

Artist’s Work Station: Creative Jobs Demand A Colourful Desk!

If you are a full-time photographer, a 3D or a visual artist your desk needs to inspire you 24/7 to let your creative juices flow. This desk is designed with multiple shelves, a pull-out keyboard tray, with a humid cabinet to store your expensive lenses and filters. Also, extra space to organise tripods and other pieces of equipment.

Adjustable home office desk for an artist or if you are a full-time photographer or a 3d visual artist and require a home office desk chair

Design Tip: Add a pin-up board to flaunt your best artwork and let your walls to do all the talking

A Coder’s Desk For Technologists

Here’s one for all the geeks! If you’re a coder, a developer, a software engineer, or a professional gamer then this one is just for you. Your home office needs a desk big enough to accommodate dual-monitors, laptops, UPS, and other small pieces of equipment. A sleek, modern desk with side cabinet storage, as shown in this image, is a good pick for you. Since all your work files are stored digitally, you don’t need large cabinets or drawers.

Best corner desk for home office if you are a coder or a developer who usually requires a unique home office desk

Design Tip: Pick an all-white or a pastel coloured desk with a comfortable seat to protect your eyes and back from hours of exertion

Architect’s Desk Is All About Space

A clutter-free desk is a must in an architect’s life! This job requires creativity, focus and hours of sketching and designing blueprints. Working on a cramped and untidy desk is a nightmare for an architect. A ledge-desk similar to the one shown in this image is ideal for your home office if you are an architect or a professional painter. The desk is designed with a lot of storage options to organise your reading material, charts, prints and holders.

Antique home office desk for an architect where your job requires creativity and hours of sketching where you can also require a partner desks for home office

Design Tip: Design your study with bay-window seating and back panels in geometric shapes (like in this image) to bring a beautiful blend of comfort and creativity to your home office

These are just a few designs we have listed for professionals, especially those you are part of the gig economy. And if you are still in the 9-5 routine, you must still own a desk. Choose one that matches your work and storage requirements.

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