A Guide To Interior Design For Different Sizes of Homes

Designing the home interiors may seem like a daunting task whether it’s for a tiny 1 BHK or a grand 4BHK. However, the key is to understand your needs and how to fit everything within the usable space and your budget. We have created this guide to help you make the journey of designing your home interiors a little less challenging by empowering you with the knowledge that will help you make the right choice for your home interiors.

So let’s get started!

How To Design Interior For A 1 BHK?

A 1BHK is typically home with a bedroom with a hall and a kitchen. It’s best suited for a young couple or a single working professional to live in or as an investment to lease out to tenants. Designing the interiors for a property this small can be a tricky business as it requires balancing limited space and getting all the functionalities right. So here’s how you can design a space-efficient 1BHK for yourself.

Extract The Most Out Of Your Space

The average size of most 1BHK homes are anywhere between 400-600 square feet in usable floor space. There are several ways of optimising your interiors to make the most of available space. Multifunctional furniture is what most designers recommend. So for instance a Murphy bed in the living room that doubles up as both sofa and a bed is ideal. It can be used as extra bedding when you have guests over to stay and with a TV unit with storage options behind the panel to hide small gadgets (like remotes). You can also use a storage bed with drawers and lift-up storage section in your main bedroom or a wardrobe with a loft and a pull-out study table to utilise every inch of space. Given that you will have a small kitchen consider adding a drop-down breakfast table for two that neatly tucks away into the wall when not in use is another smart design hack for small homes. Also, you can have additional multifunctional designs such as a skirting drawer, janitor pull-out, dado storage, pull-out chopping board to smartly utilise every inch of space.

Colours And Accents To Make Your Space Look Bigger

Bright colours like peaches and creams, teals and turquoises, and oranges and yellows, when paired with the right decor pieces, will make your space look bigger and more spacious. Consider adding full-length mirrors, spotlights and small patterned upholstery to your living room and bedroom as larger patterns will make the place look unsightly. Add floor to ceiling curtains and wallpapers to make your walls look taller.

How To Design Interiors For A 2 BHK?

A 2 BHK flat or an independent house like the name suggests will have two bedrooms – a master bedroom and a guest, kids or parent’s bedroom. The area of these varies from 700-1000 square feet of usable floor space. It’s ideal for a couple with kids or planning to start a family or someone who has parents living with them or for those who need a guest bedroom. The right approach to design a 2BHK is to maximise the space available for people to move around.

Use Multifunctional Furniture Only Where Needed

Murphy beds and folding tables are a great way to save space but not when you have enough space! A full-length table in the dining area and a sectional sofa is a more elegant solution over multifunctional furniture for a 2BHK home. The one place you could use the multifunctional furniture is in your second bedroom. The second bedroom is usually much smaller compared to the master bedroom. If you intend on using this as your children’s bedroom then you can make optimum use of space with a wardrobe with study pull-out. If you are using the second bedroom as a guest bedroom or your parent’s bedroom, you must choose between a wardrobe, TV unit or a queen sized bed. You can have all of these elements if you choose a multifunctional wardrobe with a TV unit. You can also use multipurpose furniture in study and kitchen where form and function go hand in hand.

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Choose A Style That Works For You

Unlike the 1BHK where you are bound by budget and space constraints you will have more scope to play with a theme or style for your 2BHK home. You can incorporate different themes in different areas of your home. Some popular interior design styles are modern, traditional, minimalist, modern-classical, eclectic, rustic and industrial. A style or theme is a combination of both fixed furniture and loose furniture in addition to the colours and decor you choose. For a 2BHK home, we recommend opting for a bright and fresh colour palette such as blue and white. Consider adding false ceiling cove lights, chandeliers, and pendant light. Use of metal accents in decor and furniture is a great way of giving your home an upscale vibe.

How To Design Interiors For A 3 BHK?

A 3BHK home consists of three bedrooms: a master bedroom, a children’s bedroom and a guest/parent’s bedroom, with a relatively larger kitchen and common areas. You can also use the third bedroom as a home theatre or an entertainment room based on your lifestyle and preferences. 3 BHK homes usually range between 900-1400 square feet of usable space. Here’s how you can design the right interiors for a 3BHK home.

Pick The Right Storage For Your Bedrooms

You are less likely to run out of space in a 3BHK home. However, you must keep the space clutter-free.

Designing The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of a 3BHK home is usually designed with a walk-in wardrobe or is big enough to have one added. If required, you can convert this space as your personal study. Walk-in wardrobes offer ample storage and serve as a dressing area too. There are several ways you can customise walk-in wardrobes with pull-down hanger rods, trouser racks, shoe racks, skirting drawers, mirror pull-outs, accessory trays and ironing boards. Having a dressing area in a walk-in wardrobe gives you the freedom to use both areas independently. You can also have additional storage in your cot with drawers and hydraulic lift up storage. If space allows you can also add a TV unit cum study in your master bedroom.

Designing The Kids Bedroom

The design of a kids’ bedroom entirely depends upon how many kids you have, are planning to have or if they can share a space together. There are endless ways of designing a kids bedroom from single beds to twin beds, to bunker beds and to trundle beds. All of this is specific to the age group you are catering to. If you have enough space left over after adding beds you can think of more creative design ideas to make your children’s bedroom more fun—for example, a rock-climbing wall, a play-pan, a basketball net, mini-golf patch or more. Choosing the right wardrobe with ample storage and ease of access is equally essential as children tend to grow out of these spaces in no time. Ensure that you design a wardrobe that is in line with their growing phases as you may not be able to update it frequently.. A study unit with easy storage is essential for your growing children as a thoughtfully designed study space will allow them to concentrate on their academics. Choose a study unit that has open bookshelves, cabinets and drawers. You can also incorporate a theme to your children’s bedroom with loud peppy colours and fun decor depending on the age groups of your children.

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Guest Or Entertainment Room

Third bedroom or the relatively smaller bedroom can be designed as either a guest bedroom or an entertainment room. Some of the essential elements for this room type will be a study unit with ample storage, a standard shutter wardrobe, a standard queen size bed. However, if you like the idea of converting it into an entertainment room, you’ll have to eliminate the wardrobe, bed and study unit and replace it with other furniture. This means you will need a recliner or two, a TV unit or a projector set up, with lighting and decor to match. This along with sound dampening materials on the walls, carpets, spotlights and LED strip lights to bring home the cinematic experience.

How To Design Common Areas For A 3BHK?

Common areas are your kitchen, living room, dining room, balconies and the foyer area.

And considering you may have a lot of people living together you’d want to keep your space clutter-free for easy movements. Therefore, designing these areas require proper planning. Some of the design elements to consider for each of these areas are:


Here we see a U-shaped kitchen with a breakfast counter, an appliance garage, pull-out tall units, magic corner units, tandem drawers and the standard base and wall cabinets. You can incorporate a theme or a style to your kitchen design such as modern, industrial, rustic or minimalist to suit your taste and budget…

Dining Space

Design a full-length six-seater dining table with a bar or crockery unit that complements the dining table. You can also consider adding a console unit as a display spot. Lighting plays an essential role to give any dining space the right ambience. Try a modern chandelier, track lights, spotlights or pendant lights that blend with the overall theme.

Living Area

Add a sectional sofa opposite to a grand TV unit with ample storage and display options as a centrepiece. Like the dining area, your living room requires the perfect combination of lighting and decor to woo your guests. You can further add a statement wall with stone cladding or textured wall paint or panelling.

Foyer Area

The foyer area is the main entrance to your home. You can design this space to feel warm and inviting by adding an elegant patterned wallpaper, wall mirrors, pendant lights, A foyer unit with a shoe rack and cushioned seating.


Transform your balcony into a cool seating spot for you to catch some fresh air. Throw in a swing, a lounge chair, a coffee table, some throw pillows to make it a cosy space to escape from a long tiring day. Ensure you add enough lighting to make the space more charming.

How To Design Interiors For A 4 BHK Home Or A Villa?

A 4 BHK home or a villa is a vast space with upwards of 1600 square feet of usable space. Designing a large space like this is quite a challenge, it is easy to over-design a space like this and end up making it look a cluttered and tragic sight. Here is how you can design interiors for a 4BHK or a villa intelligently.

Don’t Go Overboard With Your Bedroom Styles

Considering you will have a lot of room to experiment with styles, colour schemes and textures you will be tempted to add furniture and decor to every nook and corner of your bedroom space. Now while this can work if you fancy a bohemian style but could end up being a hotchpotch of a mess if you overdo it.

The key is to show restraint in some areas and allow negative spaces to be a part of the design.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of a 4BHK or a villa is relatively the largest of your bedrooms. This is where you need to bring on your style game. From walls to wardrobes, to beds and decor, it must scream luxury! You can add a shutterless walk-in wardrobe with a dressing area and ample storage—a king-size bed with a statement wall behind an elegant headboard. To create a statement wall, you can consider a luxurious wallpaper, a 3D wall panelling, or metallic textured wall paint. You can further add a crystal chandelier, sconce lights, a false ceiling with wooden rafters to put the bow on top.

Children’s Bedrooms

A 4BHK is preferably the first choice for families with two or more kids in their growing age needing a personal bedroom. Therefore usually the remaining two-three bedrooms can be used as children’s bedrooms. The designs of each of these children must reflect the individuality and requirements of the said child. The idea is to add a piece of who they are, in the overall design of the bedroom, by adding a theme that reflects their interests and hobbies. You must include all essential elements like a comfortable bed, a large wardrobe, a study unit and a play area. You might want to design a bedroom in such a way so that you can replace the furniture and decor as and when they grow. Colour schemes can be bright and cheerful like pinks and yellows, oranges and blues, or as soft as pastel pink with beige. Consider adding a designer false ceiling with cove lights, spotlights near the study unit, and wall lamps on the bedside.

Guest Or Parent’s Bedroom

The fourth bedroom or the relatively smaller bedroom is often used as either a guest bedroom or a parent’s bedroom. With space being a premium always consider using multifunctional furniture to make the most of this bedroom. You can include wardrobes with mirror pull-outs and a dressing unit or a wardrobe with a TV unit. A standard queen size bed with side tables, and if space allows, you can create a reading nook with an armchair and a small coffee table and a floor lamp.

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How To Design Common Areas For A 4 BHK Or A Villa?

Common areas include your living room, kitchen, dining room, balconies and the foyer area. In short the gathering and feasting areas of your home, therefore demand the much-needed drama and flare. Here’s how you can transform these spaces to look like they belong on the cover of a magazine!

Living Room

You are looking to create a whole lot of drama with a touch of class! Living rooms of a 4BHK or a villa are usually large and spacious. And this means you have ample space to play around with. You can include a huge TV unit that can house a 65 inches TV, a home theatre system, chesterfield sofas, a marble top centre table, and designer carpets. Further, add a false ceiling with cove lights, a modern chandelier and spotlights. Consider adding a feature wall with stone cladding, 3D wall panelling, large paintings or wall arts, metallic textured paints or wallpapers to steal the show!

Dining Room

It can be an extension of your living room design aesthetics with a chandelier above a large dining table with a stunning bar-unit and a wine rack to flaunt your prized collection of spirits. Bring in a crockery unit to display your best silverware and porcelain.


The large and expensive kitchen, you can have everything you ever dreamt of for the ultimate cooking experience the MasterChef in you deserves! An L or U shaped kitchen with an island, breakfast or bar counter, large pantry units, appliance garages, tall units is what you can design in such a large home. Accessories such as tandem drawers, cutlery tray, oil pull-outs, spice pull-outs, skirting drawers, pegasus units; to complete your dream kitchen. Choose premium finishes like lacquered glass, acrylic, veneers and duco for the cabinetry to give your kitchen a million dollar look! For flooring, you can never go wrong with marbles, granites, or ceramic tiles to maintain that opulent look. You can use the same material on the backsplash to create symmetry. Another important element of a perfect kitchen design is the right lighting. Make sure you add spotlights over the countertop, a modern chandelier, cove lights and strip lights. You can further install LED lights inside your kitchen units to complete the look.

Foyer Areas And Balconies

If your foyer area is large enough, you can opt for a console unit, mirrors, shoe rack and armchairs. Install pendant lights or a ceiling lamp to design a striking entrance. For balconies, you can deck it up with wooden flooring or artificial grass, a couple of armchairs, a coffee table and an in-built bar unit. You can also try having a barbeque grill set up for weekend catch-ups. Install LED strip-lights, spotlights, or wall lights. And that’s how you design the right interiors for different home types! All you need is to understand that your home interiors must match your requirements, but also at the same time should stay classy, elegant and sophisticated!

We hope that this guide helps you to get started with planning your home interiors.