A Guide To Study Room Interior Design Styles

When you design a house, a study room where your kids or you can work without any disturbances should not be overlooked. And if you are one of those lucky ones to live in a large apartment or independent home you can dedicate one room as a study. However, it doesn’t mean that it can not be designed for a small-sized apartment. The main elements of a perfectly designed study room are a right-sized table or a desk, a chair under light fixtures and storage options. The most essential factor to keep in while designing a study room is the style that suits your profession. Here are some of our favourite study room styles to help you choose the right one.

Long Surface Shared Study Style

A long surfaced shared study like this blue and white one is an excellent choice if space is going to be shared by siblings. It is even perfect for home-based entrepreneurs who work with micro teams and need an elongated work desk. Here, a long ledge desk with three comfortable whisker chairs, individual storage cabinets, bookshelves on top with wall art and wall-mounted lights make this study room design ultra-modern and functional.

Study room design style for your home with long surface shared study style

A Rustic Modern Study Room

Rustic modern design is for those of you who like the idea of old world charm back into your home. This rustic style study room consists of a wooden study table with storage drawers, a wooden chair with a wicker back, and flooring in wood too. Another great thing about this style is you don’t need the entire room to work this out. This concept can be a part of your bedroom or any corner of your home as well.

A rustic modern study room which consists of a wooden study table with storage drawers and a wooden chair

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A Charming White Study Room

This style of a study room screams peace! A mirrored cabinet in white to keep your books organised, a built-in unit with a combination of ledge shelves and drawers, a compact study table with a striped back panel make this space multifunctional. Putting everything together is a bright yellow wing chair. If you are a full-time writer, a lawyer or a home based entrepreneur this modern study room style is an excellent choice.

A white charming study room idea with a mirrored cabinet in white and a built-in unit with ledge shelves and drawers

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Multifunctional wfh friendly home interiors

Upper West Style Study Room

This study room style has an upper west feel to it. The design has multiple storage options, compact study table with leg space and wicker chair, making it a smart space-saving design. Although this study room design is designed for two people, it can surely be customised for one or more than two (depending on the available space).

Study room interior design with upper west style with multiple storage options and study table with wicker chair

By The Window Study Room Style

This compact yet spacious style works well for those who need ample lighting to get their work done. This design has an extended ledge table, open box cabinets, wall mounted shelves and a comfortable chair to complement it all. This style is a great choice if you are tight on the space, as shown in the image, a study like this can be designed in the corner of your bedroom.

latest study room design with the window with ample lighting extended ledge table and open box cabinets

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A Modern Study Room Style

For those of who like everything modern, this study room style will make it to the top of your list. Here, this study room is designed to perfection with all modern accents. The glass door partition is a smart way to create a separate area in your living room or in large rooms, especially if you live in a 2 – 3 BHK apartment or an independent house with no dedicated study. This way, you have a separate study room where you can get things done in peace. In terms of design, this study room has dual-toned open shelves, a wall-papered wall, a black ledge study table with wooden flooring and a comfortable couch that makes this space look modern and chic.

Modern study room design style with dual-toned open shelves, a wall-papered wall and black ledge study table

And it’s a wrap! These six study room styles are designed keeping in mind the essentials of a study room and of course, the style!

Design Tip: A study room must be designed with bright or energetic colours to make the space inspiring and lively enough to work. To add a final touch, you can add potted green plants and inspiring quotes on your wall.