Clever Study Ideas For Compact Homes

by Ekta Poddar | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Study ideas for compact homes with wall mounted desk for studying at home

Give free reign to your home study ideas and ambitions with our designs for small compact homes. 

Who doesn’t dream of escaping the city traffic to work by a window, sitting in the comfort and privacy of their own home? Or a cosy space to prepare for an important meeting before getting into work? Have lofty daydreams but a compact home? Despair not. Hope is at hand in the form our guide on study ideas for small spaces. So, go on to study our guide to find out how you can fit an office into your small home.

Carve Out Closet Space

Building a desk into a closet is a clever study idea for small spaces. In this room, instead of extending closets across the length of the room, space is made for a simple wall mounted desk. A corkboard is put up to keep important information on the radar. A sofa that converts into a bed provides additional seating and sleeping solution in the room.

Home study ideas for you with a wall mounted desk beside the cupboard
A wall-mounted desk in space saved from a closet

Where There Is Creativity There Is A Solution with home study idea

This tiny area under a sloping ceiling has been converted through a brilliant home study idea. A glass-topped table is installed adjacent to a wall-mounted shelf that runs along the entire wall. Windows are made floor-length and installed into the ceiling to allow plenty of natural light to come in. Extra storage is provided through a mobile storage unit.

Small home study ideas with a table below the window on the rooftop
A compact and cosy study built under a sloping ceiling

Floating On A Breeze

A useful small home study idea is to integrate the desk with other furniture. In this case, the floating study space is joined up with a TV console. Both are made with the same light coloured wood making them a cohesive unit with elegant lines. The space below is left open making for an open and airy feel.

Small Study ideas with a tv unit attached to the study table with rectangular cabinets
A study unit and TV console designed to float

Convertible Study Idea

Murphy beds are an absolute boon for small homes. The convertible furniture here meets many purposes. It has plenty of closet space and drawers and even some open shelves. It functions as a desk during the day and at night it can be brought down to become a horizontal bed ideal for one person. The solution is both clever and stylish.

Study ideas for small spaces with a study table customised inside the cabinet
A Murphy bed that converts into a stylish workstation

Transparency Is The Best Policy

The best kind of furniture is that which is not there or at least appears to be invisible. Utilising materials such as glass and Lucite or Plexiglass will do exactly that. In this workspace, light streams straight through the Lucite chair making the corner look open and spacious.

Home office study ideas with a table with drawers and a sketch board placed beside the window for fresh thoughts
Go transparent with a Lucite chair to create an illusion of space
Transform your kid's bedroom into a learning wonderland

A Home Office Study Idea For An Unused Corner

This awesome modern study idea takes an unused corner of the bedroom and converts it into a miniscule workspace. The TV shelving is extended into the corner to become a simple work surface. The natural light streamlining in from the French windows makes it ideal to pack a lot of work in the quiet early hours of the morning.

Section Off From The Kitchen

Compact homes have small everything, be it rooms or kitchens. This small kitchen is niftily designed with a breakfast bar and a workspace. The study is separated from the kitchen using a stylish half screen. The screen divides spaces up but still allows light and air to flow through keeping the area appear light and breezy.

Modern study ideas with a study table attached beside the kitchen
A sunny workspace sectioned off from the kitchen

Integrate A Study With The Living Room

Next on our list is an awesome living room study idea. The open-plan loft is cleverly zoned using furniture and décor. A compact corner attached to your living room proves to be perfectly sized to accommodate a small home study. Stodgy furniture is given a pass and light colours like white keep it cool and simple.

Living room study ideas for your home in a corner for study table
An elegant home study corner attached a living room

Custom Build Furniture That Fits

This super small study proves that where this a will there’s a way of utilising the smallest of spaces. The corner has rounded corners making it tricky to work with. A corner desk is custom-designed to mimic contours of the rounded corner, making it fit like a glove. Dark wood panelling and furniture lend a rich and glamorous look.

Small room study ideas with a big chair and a study table in the corner
Custom made furniture ensure a snug fit

An Elegant Kids’ Study Idea

This built-in children’s study has it all – a study desk, storage for books, shelves to display books and other items. We particularly like the elegant solution of a bench instead of a chair. It neatly slides under the desk when not in use, freeing the passageway up to the window seat.

Small Study ideas design with decorative showcase on the wall
Another example of clever seating, in a kids’ study

Think Out Of The Box With These Home Study Ideas

Have a small box room that you are looking to convert? Install a vintage desk next to a wall, place a matching chair and put in some lights to brighten the space up. Don’t forget a comfortable armchair by the window for when you want to put up your feet.

Kids study ideas for your child with minimalistic interior in the room
A small room converted into a study

With that we have ended our list, but we hope that you are only getting started. Go on and find that unused corner or make your our own cosy cubbyhole by carving the space out for it. Install some clever space saving furniture – desk, chairs and storage – and get to work in a jiffy.

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