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A Compact 1 BHK Home Design With A Mix Of Finishes And Textures

A spacious, well lit 1BHK apartment with classy interiors. The classic choice of neutral colours, textures and elegant pieces of furniture makes this house an aesthetic paradise.

Special Features
  • A beautiful foyer unit with textured wallpaper and a side cabinet with drawers for storage.
  • A simple yet elegant living room with a cosy sofa and an accent wall in orange peps up the space.
  • A TV unit designed with low lying cabinet finished in wood and white laminate has open shelves on one side to showcase your books and decor.
  • A geometric patterned wallpaper against the TV unit complements the look.
  • A sleek L shaped kitchen in a dual colour tone with hexagonal tiled backsplash, handleless base and overhead cabinets finished in high gloss laminate make it functional and pretty.
  • A breakfast table with three chairs between the living room and kitchen adds to the efficiency of the house.
  • A wardrobe with sliding doors and attached mirror in the bedroom saves space while the pullout drawers provide adequae storage for neat organisation.
  • A wooden wall panel behind the bed brings in warmth to this bedroom.
  • A study unit has been designed beside the window to help you work efficiently.
  • A small bathroom with a glass partition to separate the shower area from the sink.
  • A bowl sink, mirror with LED strip lights and closed storage to keep your personal belongings make this bathroom a smartly designed space.
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A Modern 1BHK Apartment Design With Elegant Interiors

A modern 1BHK home with elegant interiors and a combination of soothing neutral colour scheme with a pop of yellow for a warm look. Space saving furniture across the home makes smart utilisation of available area. This 1BHK home has been designed with white marble flooring that makes it appear bigger and adds to the vibrancy.

Special Features
  • The living area and kitchen have been designed in an open layout with a white partition to separate spaces.
  • A white and light wood TV unit with push-to-open drawers at the base cabinet and open shelves to display decor and plants is a minimalistic addition to the space.
  • A grey couch with bright yellow cushions and beautiful frames on a brick wall lend a cosy vibe to this living room.
  • An L-shaped modular kitchen with base cabinets in grey with metal handles provide ample space for storage.
  • The kitchen has a combination of overhead cabinets and open wooden shelves to stock daily use items and groceries.
  • A peppy yellow tiled backsplash cuts the monotony of the space.
  • A small breakfast counter has been included to wine and dine with friends and family.
  • The bedroom is designed with a grey, pink and white colour scheme, an upholstered bed, sliding door wardrobe that saves space and provides ample storage space to hang your clothes.
  • Stylish ring-shaped pendant lights above the bedside table amp up the style quotient of this bedroom.
  • A dual-toned bathroom with a glass partition separates the shower area from the sink and toilet.
  • A floating vanity unit finished in wood laminate along with a bowl sink and mirror backlighting ties the entire look together.
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A Spacious 1 BHK Home Design With A Warm And Cosy Vibe

This 1BHK is designed with neutral tones and minimal furniture for a uber-cool chic look. The neutral colour scheme and woodwork across the home infuses a warm and inviting aura into the space.

Special Features
  • A foyer unit with textured wallpaper, pendant lights, a gold wall mirror and a cabinet with push-to-open drawers adds to the functionality of the space.
  • A white and dark wood laminate TV unit with a wooden back panel and drawers for storage.
  • An open set of shelves has been added on one side of the unit to display books and decor items.
  • The muted colour scheme and marble flooring lend a calming vibe to the living room while the yellow sofa breaks the monotony beautifully.
  • A free standing bookshelf beside the sofa has been added to display books and decor items- well-lit false ceiling, an indoor plant, and wallpaper stitch the look together seamlessly in this living room.
  • A U-shaped modular kitchen in a dual tone with marble flooring and counter-top adds to the grandeur of the space.
  • A bi-fold lift-up shutter unit with racks to organise dinner plates along with overhead and base cabinets and a breakfast table keep this kitchen organised and clutter-free.
  • A luxurious bedroom with wooden shelves and storage cabinets for optimum use of space.
  • A low seating arrangement beside the window has been included to enjoy your morning coffee with your partner.
  • A simple yet sophisticated bathroom with a vanity unit to organise your toiletries with a combination of drawer and open shelf storage.
  • The white tiles and marble flooring makes the bathroom look spacious and a clear glass door separates the shower area from sink and toilet.
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An Elegant 1BHK House Design In Neutral Tones

A well-lit 1 BHK with woodwork across the home. An interplay of textures across foyer, kitchen, bedroom and living room lends a warm, cosy and inviting vibe to the space.

Special Features
  • The bedroom has been designed with a beautiful entertainment unit with low lying cabinets in wood and white laminate along with an open shelf display to organise your books.
  • A geometric-patterned wallpaper in the bedroom complements the entertainment unit and adds to the elegance of the space.
  • A decorous foyer unit with handleless drawers for storage, shelves to keep your shoes with seating above it add to the efficiency of the space. A Buddha statue and a pretty cluster of pendant lights brings the look together.
  • The living room is made vibrant with a yellow sofa and dull gold wallpaper brings in a touch of style to the space.
  • The six seater dinner table in the wood finish and bucket chairs makes it a perfect space to enjoy meals with friends and family. An accent wall behind in wood with glass makes a statement.
  • A side cabinet has been placed in the dining area to store crockery.
  • A modern L-shaped modular kitchen in light wood and white laminate blends in with the colour scheme of the home.
  • An appliance garage, base cabinets and hand-less overhead cabinets provide ample space for storage. Frosted shutters on a few cabinets break the monotony of wood.
  • A tiled backsplash, LED strip lights, and marble flooring adds to the grandeur to this kitchen’s design.
  • A luxurious bathroom with a glass partition to keep shower area separate – A floating vanity unit with a sink, mirror, wall and floor tiles brings the look together – A modern bedroom with marble flooring and large glass windows.
  • The floor to ceiling curtains bring in a cozy vibe to the bedroom.
  • The bedroom has an accent wall in marble and wood that adds to the elegance of this space.
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A Modern 1 BHK Home Design With Muted Colours And Clean Lines

This 1BHK is designed with muted colours and sleek furniture for a simple and elegant look. The home has a mix of texture, finishes and smart space saving furniture to make this a clutter-free zone.

Special Features
  • This living room is designed with a comfortable couch and a TV unit finished in light wood to enjoy your favourite shows. An accent wall, a chandelier and painting on the wall stitches the look beautifully.
  • A beautiful foyer unit with textured wallpaper and a golden wall mirror, a table lamp, and a side cabinet with drawers add to the space’s functionality and aesthetics
  • A balcony with a sliding glass door to enjoy the outdoor view from your couch- A straight kitchen in dual colour with lacquered glass finish cabinets that provide ample storage.
  • A tall unit with inbuilt storage for oven, a series of push-to-open drawers, closed overhead and base cabinets and glass front door cabinets lend ample space for storage and display.
  • A small breakfast table with chairs are added to enjoy your quick meals with family, and floral wallpaper adds to the space’s elegance.
  • A bedroom with a false ceiling, a queen size bed and an elaborate accent wall gives the space a comfortable vibe.
  • The window with floor-to-ceiling curtains and marble flooring adds to the serenity of the bedroom.
  • A compact bathroom with white and grey tiles and marble floorings makes the space look sophisticated.
  • A modern vanity unit with an inbuilt sink provides ample storage for your personal care essentials.
  • The glass partition separates the shower area from the toilet to keep the bathroom clean and dry.
  • A balcony with a brick cladding on the wall in white with a minibar unit and an attached desk is a perfect space to unwind after a long day of work.
  • The wine cellar with shelves and drawers to house your wine bottles, glasses and other items in an organised manner.
  • The swing, turf grass carpet and plants transform this balcony into a petit urban garden where you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature with a glass of wine amides the hustle and bustle of the city.
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A Modern 1 BHK Home Designed With Muted Colours And Wooden Accents

This 1 BHK is designed with muted colours and simple accents. The space-saving furniture and clean lines make the entire home look spacious and clutter-free to make life easy for you.

Special Features
  • The foyer unit with drawers and seater accentuates the beauty and functionality of your entryway.
  • The living room is designed with a brick cladding accent wall, an entertainment unit, a comfortable sofa unit, and a small study nook.
  • The open kitchen has overhead cabinets and base cabinets to keep all your kitchen essentials organised manner.
  • The small breakfast counter with two tall chairs has been included to wine and dine with friends and family.
  • The dining room is designed with a glass top table and four yellow cushioned chairs, and a bookshelf in the corner.
  • The bedroom is designed with a bed, a modular sliding door wardrobe with frosted glass fronts, and wooden flooring for a cosy vibe.
  • The large windows in the bedroom bring in ample natural light and a dresser with hidden storage increases the multifunctionality of the space.
  • The paintings on the wall, pendant lights, and led backlights amplifies the beauty of the space.
  • The bathroom is designed with beige wall tiles and stone cladding walls creating a striking contrast.
  • The vanity unit with closed cabinets, open shelves, and a designated space for the washing machine elevates the bathroom’s functionality.
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A Well-Lit Modern 1BHK Designed With A Soothing Colour Scheme

This 1BHK has everything you need for a contemporary, clutter-free lifestyle. The simple lines, modular furniture and fuss-free design scheme lend a carefree vibe and feel lighter to the eye.

Special Features
  • The entryway is designed with a stone-cladding accent wall and a foyer unit with seats and storage for an uber-cool look.
  • The sectional sofa in the living room adds ample seating space and the teal accent wall creates a striking contrast against the muted colour scheme of the house.
  • The textured wallpaper behind the entertainment unit adds texture to the interior design, while the low-lying cabinet with open shelves and drawers provides ample storage space.
  • The modular kitchen — designed in dual tone with a white countertop and backsplash — seamlessly blends with the design scheme.
  • The handleless base cabinets, overhead cabinets, oil pullout, drawers with organisers and open shelves provide ample storage and display space for you.
  • A small dining area beside the kitchen with a small rectangular dining table, two chairs and a bench for you to enjoy a cosy dinner with friends and family.
  • A modern bathroom design with wall tiles, a vanity unit and a clear glass partition between the toilet and shower area.
  • A bedroom designed finished in wood lends a sense of warmth.
  • A wooden wardrobe with multiple compartments, hangers and drawers enables clutter-free arrangement.
  • A petite workstation beside the wardrobe with a cushion upholstered chair to attend your office calls and get your work done comfortably.
  • A vanity area is designed with turf grass and a large mirror to add a lush vibe to the entire space.
  • The balcony is designed with a side cabinet, a rattan sofa and a coffee table.
  • The accent wall with wooden rafters and artificial grass lends the vibe of a vertical garden in the balcony.
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A spacious 1BHK Home Crafted With Multiple Designs And Finishes

A modern 1BHK curated with intelligent design sensibilities. Perfect for urban dwellers who love simple and classy homes with modern amenities.

Special Features
  • A TV unit designed with a low-lying cabinet, a unit with open shelves and an intricate wallpaper to accentuate the beauty of the living area.
  • A blue sofa and a marble-top coffee table lend a luxurious vibe to the space.
  • A false ceiling with cove lights and spotlights lends a cosy ambience to the space.
  • A peaceful entryway featuring a wooden foyer unit with multiple drawers and wood panelling on the wall to match the design scheme.
  • A grey modular kitchen with handleless overhead and base cabinets, open shelves, in-built hob, chimney and an appliance garage.
  • A four-seater wooden dining table to add a subtle Scandinavian look.
  • A well-lit bedroom with a geometric wallpaper, a bed with cushioned headboard and side tables for a gorgeous and functional space.
  • An open shelf with backlights to exhibit your expensive decor elements.
  • A floor-to-ceiling wardrobe in wooden finish for a clean look and ample storage space.
  • A small dressing unit with a large round mirror, a ledge and a chair, perfect to doll up in the comfort of your bedroom.
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FAQs on 1BHK Designs


A 1BHK is a house with one bedroom, one hall and one kitchen. The house has a structure or spatial planning with one room as the bedroom while the other as a hall or living room. But depending on your style of interior design, you can convert the space in the hall into two sections: living room and dining room. You can also define these two areas with a movable partition if you have the space. The kitchen in a 1BHK can have either an open or closed layout. An attached bathroom usually comes with the bedroom or the hall area

Because a 1BHK has limited space, you can use interior design hacks to arrange your 1BHK flat. Here are some ways in which you can define and arrange your 1BHK flat:

  1. Use colour as a tool to make your space look bigger. Go for lighter colours — a classic white and cream combination can make a 1BHK look spacious and airy 
  2. Invest in modular multifunctional furniture that multiples the storage option in your 1BHK. For example, use a multipurpose TV unit with storage, use divan beds, buy wardrobes with loft storage and multiple drawers.
  3. Go for all things minimal and use only the pieces of furniture required to keep your place spacious and airy. 
  4. Use the vertical height of your place for storage with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, tall shelves and racks, 
  5. Make use of an open layout in your 1BHK to check the flow of traffic in the house.

You can design a 1BHK living room with an open layout so that you can quickly move around the space. Here are some other valuable interior design hacks for your 1 BHK living room:

  1. Use modern furniture such as sectional sofas in larger seating areas instead of old-school sofa sets that are bulky. 
  2. Use a multipurpose TV unit in the living room that’s built with multiple shelves and racks for storage.
  3. Define your living room sitting area with a soft colour carpet and a sleek chandelier or a pair of pendant lights.
  4. If you are adding a dining table in your living area, separate it from the living room with some visual demarcations like floor carpets instead of using partitions that may cramp your place.
  5. Use a centre table with storage so that you can keep the area organised and clutter-free.
  6. Add an accent wall in your living area to break the monotony of the colour scheme; you can add some wall hangings behind the sofa to decorate the accent wall.
  7. Use light colour curtains and a natural colour scheme to enhance the spaciousness of the living room.

Furnishing a 1BHK can be a tricky business because there will be limited space in your house. Hence, you should follow this thumb rule: Keep things light and minimal. Besides this, here are some other tips for furnishing a 1BHK flat:

  1. Use minimalistic and multifunctional furniture sets to multiply storage options.
  2. Go for light and easily movable furniture pieces like a modern sectional sofa, a light armchair, a modular wardrobe, etc. 
  3. Use a light colour scheme with minimal decorations. You can use an accent wall with simple wall decorative pieces like disc plates, a round mirror, etc. 
  4. Use neutral colours so that your space looks breathable.
  5. Invest in furniture that comes with hidden storage to keep your place organised and clutter-free.
  6. Invest in a modular kitchen design with loft cabinets and modern innovative storage cabinets to multiply storage.
  7. Keep your 1BHK bedroom minimalist and straightforward with just a bed with storage and a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with mirrors to save space for a dressing unit.

The cost of 1BHK interior design in Bangalore can vary as per the material and finishes. However, the price may start with a range of Rs 3 lakh-Rs 5 lakh.