Modular Wardrobe Designs To Transform Your Bedroom (Blah To Beautiful)

by Charmaine Kenita | February 29, 2024 | 7 mins read

Modular wardrobe design ideas for bedroom

Modular wardrobes can take a simple room and transform it to a space that suddenly looks spacious. How do they do that? Let’s find out!

Wardrobes can be visible or invisible. It depends on how they are made. They are among the most inconspicuous pieces of furniture in a home, yet which packs the most punch. They are discrete, often unseen and are built for the sole purpose of storage. In the last few decades however, wardrobes have undergone a magical transformation. They’ve become stylish, trendy, enticing and so much more. As much as their purpose has remained the same, what has changed is their look and feel. Modular wardrobes have been a godsend to modern, contemporary homes. Homes that don’t like to confine themselves to a dated period, homes that flaunt their spaces and the things in it.

Modular wardrobes as the name suggests are easy fit storage spaces, can be made and dismantled easily, are sleek and run unobtrusively against walls. Unlike heavy wooden, almirahs that rarely deviated from a standard design, today’s wardrobes are outfitted with glass, chrome and metal, in colours as varied as white to red and styles that go from L-shaped to parallel designs. Some of these contemporary modular wardrobes also have enhanced functionalities – retrofitted with a folding bed or table as a space saving measure or floor to ceiling to maximise storage space.

The designs in modular kitchens are varied, versatile and it can get difficult making your choice. Does functionality matter to you or the look? Will storage suffice for the next five years or would you want to change the design? You must ask yourself questions like these before you undertake any kind of work on your wardrobe.

Modular wardrobe designs are plentiful, as already discussed. To make things easy, we have listed three major design concepts derived from simple ones to where colour and bedroom spaces define them.

Smart Modular Wardrobe Designs

As the name suggests, smart wardrobes are designed intelligently keeping in mind the larger picture and purpose. Think of intelligence that far exceeds ordinary furniture. There are many different variations of smart wardrobes.

Wardrobes With Hidden Beds

Space-saving wardrobes aren’t storage furniture of choice but when factored in intelligently, can make quite a difference. If your bed is occupying space and you live in a small apartment where bedrooms can double up as an entertainment zone or for relaxation, this is a great option to explore. Folding beds are generally built into the wardrobe so they come with foldable legs and can be folded away when not in use. They are built with sturdier material and the wardrobe is designed in such a way that it has lots of storage too. This same design applies to an integrated TV unit that can be tucked away when not in use. In children’s bedroom spaces, foldable beds can double up as study tables. This affords functionality as well as is a great design.

Modular wardrobe with a sleek foldable bed discreetly hidden away in the wardrobe for small bedroom
Simple small bedroom made spacious with a sleek foldable bed discreetly hidden away in the wardrobe

Wardrobes That Divide Your Walls, Not You

Wardrobes can also be designed in such a way as to divide bedrooms into different functional spaces. If you have a huge bedroom and want to create boundaries, make a walk-in wardrobe with a sliding door. Position the wardrobe in such a way that functional spaces are clearly demarcated according to their use.

Modular wardrobes divide your walls with glass partition that divide a large room into different functional sections
Discreet glass partition walls that divide a large room into different functional sections
Complete home interiors with modular wardrobe solutions

Wardrobes That Hide Away All Your Stash

Wardrobes and beds often don’t merge. There is a clear space demarcation for these two types of furniture. However, when space above beds are fitted with wardrobe storage cabinets instead of being left untouched, it can maximise space quite considerably.

Modular wardrobe storage cabinets, it can maximise space for small bedrooms
Shelves above the bed act as little storage spaces for knick knacks clothes and other essentials

Trendy Modular Wardrobe Designs

Stylish, trendy wardrobes are not just functional but look good too. They embellish bedrooms, make them brighter and add a sense of design to the space. Here are a few key ideas that take a wardrobe from dreary to stylish.

Outer Facade That Keeps You Hooked

Wardrobes are simple if not for their outer facade. Gone are the days of boring wood and paneling. Instead, modular wardrobes designs now have glass or mirror finishes, layering and blending of materials, texturing and more. Looking for pretty decor to entice you to your bedroom? You don’t need anything when your wardrobe makes up for it.

Modular wardrobes designs with glass or mirror finishes, layering and blending of materials makes beautiful bedroom
Glossy surface of a two-toned wardrobe that does away your need for a mirror
Embrace a clutter free life with functional wardrobe designs

Corner Spaces To Hide More Than Just Those Shoes

What is waste in the bedroom when that can be put to good use? Even corner spaces if need be! Contemporary wardrobes make use of all available spaces. Empty corners in recesses make for great storage spaces for jewellery and undergarments, even shoes and winter wear. Wardrobes when designed to not just look good but store a lot as well, reflect intelligent design. Moreover L-shaped shelves work well and this design must be made use of to the maximum.

L-shaped modular wardrobe make for great storage spaces for jewellery and undergarments, even shoes and winter wear
An L-shaped wardrobe that has space to store everything one needs from head to toe

Designer Cabinets That Spice Up Wardrobes

Cabinets are a given in contemporary wardrobes. What sets them apart is how smartly they are designed. Vintage wardrobes can be paired with contemporary cabinets, Wooden wardrobes can be stylised as classics. Cabinets can be longer from end-to-end, or smaller peppered all over. Think of making the most with little; let storage and design lead the way.

Modular wardrobe cabinets gives bedroom extra storage, its smart design idea for modular wardrobe design
See how these cabinets built into the wardrobe give this bedroom extra storage? Now that is smart design

Modular Wardrobe Types

Wardrobes aren’t as boring as we make them to be. They are shaped differently and can carry off different silhouettes. This entirely depends to what extent your imagination stretches. Consider wardrobes malleable and work them around your bed or the window and decide their shape accordingly. How do we go about this? Let’s discuss below.

Straight Wardrobes That Mean Business

Designed all along one wall, straight wardrobes form a simple design sense from the outside. They are placed in such a way so as to be unobtrusive, unhindered, complementing the bedroom while blending in all the time. Straight designs can be modular and compartmentalised, freestanding and dismantable or contemporary with open shelves. Their choice mainly depends on your bedrooms’ immediate needs.

Straight modular wardrobes to be complementing the bedroom while blending in all the time
all straight modular wardrobes complement and blend with traditional bedrooms

L-Shaped Wardrobes Hugging Two Walls

Contrary to straight ones these go off the beaten path. Built along two walls, L- shaped wardrobes can limit the possibilities of use of different materials. Also they need to be planned well, especially closure so they don’t clash with other furniture. They do afford plenty of space and storage, can be experimented with and most importantly optimise corner storage which otherwise often gets wasted.

L shaped modular wardrobes afford plenty of space and storage
L-shaped wardrobes occupy more space but pack in so much more
Give your wardrobe a designer look!

Walk-in Wardrobes Emphasising Royalty

Walk-in closets as the name suggests can just be walked at anytime. They resemble these elaborate cubbies that hold all the treasures in the world. In essence walk-in wardrobes can be designed with even a little space. If there is a corner that is too small to place a furniture yet large enough for shelves, then convert it into a walk-in wardrobe. Build floor to ceiling shelves, some attractive lighting place for clothes, shoes, mirrors and the works. There’s more than can be done here than in standalone wardrobes in bedrooms.

Walk-in modular wardrobes build floor to ceiling shelves, some attractive lighting place for clothes
Walk-in wardrobes that look spacious and feel exclusive and make dressing fun

One among majorly two kinds of bedroom furniture, wardrobes have come along way from being just fly-on-the-wall furniture to mean a lot more. They are an integral part of bedroom design and can make or break the look of the bedroom. How you do this is by selecting a design you love, that complements your bedroom and one you’ll look forward storing your clothes in.

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