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Bathroom Design

A Bathroom Designed With Floral Mosaic Tiles And A Rich Walnut Vanity

Charming blue floral mosaic tiles on the wall bring a touch of colour to this otherwise all-white bathroom. Use of white marble with wood finish ties the interior design of this bathroom to perfection.

Special Features
  • A shower area with a bathtub against blue mosaic tiles.
  • A floating vanity with drawers in a darkwood finish.
  • Hidden storage behind the mirror.
  • In-built shower niches.
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A Modern Bathroom Design With Clean Lines And Patterned Flooring

A refreshing bathroom design featuring a stunning combination of navy and white. Geometric patterned flooring is the major focal point of this space.

Special Features
  • A long floating vanity unit for storage.
  • A bath tub built into a nook.
  • An in-built organiser in the vanity drawer.
  • Patterned tiles on the walls and floor.
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A Small Modern Oragnic Bathroom With Marble Tiles

This classy looking bathroom is designed with a white and brown colour scheme. Marbe tiles add a luxue touch to the space and a custom designed vanity provides ample storage.

Special Features
  • A full-length customised vanity with handleless drawers, cabinets and a laundry section.
  • A shower area with a glass partition and wall niches to store essentials.
  • A marble countertop with mirror back lighting.
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A Sleek Modern Bathroom Design With Marble And Vitrified Tiles

This modern master bathroom is all about style and storage. A mix of in-built organisers and drawers offer ample storage space. The use of white and beige vitrified tiles add a touch of luxury to this space.

Special Features
  • A floating vanity with drawers.
  • A shower area with a glass partition.
  • A tall section with in-built organisers.
  • Shower niches to store personal care essentials.
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