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A Bathroom Designed With Floral Mosaic Tiles

Charming blue floral mosaic tiles on the wall bring a touch of colour to this otherwise all-white bathroom. Use of white marble with wood finish ties the interior design of this bathroom to perfection.

Special Features
  • A shower area with a bathtub against blue mosaic tiles.
  • A floating vanity with drawers in a darkwood finish.
  • Hidden storage behind the mirror.
  • In-built shower niches.
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A Modern Bathroom Design With Clean Lines And Patterned Flooring

A refreshing bathroom design featuring a stunning combination of navy and white. Geometric patterned flooring is the major focal point of this space.

Special Features
  • A long floating vanity unit for storage.
  • A bath tub built into a nook.
  • An in-built organiser in the vanity drawer.
  • Patterned tiles on the walls and floor.
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A Small Modern Organic Bathroom Design With Marble Tiles

This classy looking bathroom is designed with a white and brown colour scheme. Marble tiles add a luxue touch to the space and a custom designed vanity provides ample storage.

Special Features
  • A full-length customised vanity with handleless drawers, cabinets and a laundry section.
  • A shower area with a glass partition and wall niches to store essentials.
  • A marble countertop with mirror back lighting.
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A Sleek Modern Bathroom Design With Marble And Vitrified Tiles

This modern master bathroom is all about style and storage. A mix of in-built organisers and drawers offer ample storage space. The use of white and beige vitrified tiles add a touch of luxury to this space.

Special Features
  • A floating vanity with drawers.
  • A shower area with a glass partition.
  • A tall section with in-built organisers.
  • Shower niches to store personal care essentials.
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A Minimalistic Style Bathroom Design In Grey Tones With Wood Finishes

This elegant bathroom is designed with on the principles of minimalism. The colour scheme is grey for the tiles and wood finishes on cabinets add a touch of warmth to this space. Rose-gold coloured lighting adds a soft glow.

Special Features
  • A floating vanity with drawers.
  • A laundry unit.
  • Open shelf storage near the sink to store personal care essentials.
  • A huge mirror with strip lights.
  • A shower area with a glass partition and shower niches.
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A Small Bathroom Design With Slate Tiles And A Space Saving Vanity Unit

This sleek, stylish bathroom features charcoal coloured slate tiles with a smart space saving vanity unit. Storage options have been custom designed to suit lifestyle and budget of the user.

Special Features
  • A tall customised vanity unit with cabinets, drawers, and an overhead loft storage.
  • A pull-out unit with the vanity makes use of corner space against the wall.
  • Mirror back lighting.
  • A shower area with glass partition.
  • Anti-slip tiles for flooring and slate tiles on the walls.
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Latest Space Saving Designs

A Fun Bathroom Design With Yellow Patterned Tiles And A Wooden Vanity

This fun mix of a sunny yellow and walnut finished cabinets add a bright pop of colour in an otherwise white bathroom. An inviting bathroom design like this is perfect for a kids’ or guest bathroom.

Special Features
  • A vanity with marble counter top, a bowl sink, and mirror back lighting.
  • A wall mounted storage units floor space.
  • A shower area with bright yellow patterned tiles and a glass partition.
  • Use of marble tiles on the floor and walls.
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An Understated Modern Bathroom Design With Ample Storage And A Laundry Area

This modern utilitarian bathroom design combines the functionality of a bathroom and a laundry area.

Special Features
  • A customised laundry section in light wood with a variety of storage solutions.
  • A floating vanity designed with a wood finish and twin drawers.
  • Shower unit with a glass partition along with wall niches for shower essentials.
  • Anti-slip tiles for flooring.
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FAQs on Bathroom Designs


Every bathroom needs the following basic elements to make it functional: A toilet, a countertop with a sink, a vanity unit, anti skid flooring, shower fixtures, good lighting, corner shelves, cabinets, towel rods, and shower niches.

Even the most simple bathroom can be made to look expensive and luxurious with the right design hacks. Use marble for your countertop or bathtub as this natural stones lends a luxurious appeal to it. Further you can incorporate patterned tiled flooring with gold fixtures and accents to add a luxurious touch.

This is the first piece of sanitary ware you need to work on as you plan the plumbing requirements for your bathroom. Although it will be the last to be installed in your bathroom it is important to work out where you want it placed as you start planning your bathroom interiors. Toilet designs have evolved from the standard and western style to several advanced ones. So as a homeowner you will be spoilt for choice even with the most basic element needed in every bathroom. The options these days include wall-mounted, floor-standing, rimless, close-coupled, and one-piece toilets. You can pick the right one based on your personal needs and comfort. For instance, if the user of the bathroom is an elderly person or a kid, a wall-mounted or rimmed seat will be an ideal pick. This is because wall-mounted toilets can be fixed to your preference while rimmed toilet seats avoid the risk of slipping.

The best colours for a bathroom are white and navy, white and beige, grey and white, white, pink and copper, green, white and gold, black and white, all white, white and gold, muave, red and rose gold. Check out Bathroom Color Ideas For 2020

Picking the right material for your bathroom floor is much more than choosing a colour scheme or just some shiny tiles. The idea is to design a floor that is durable, low on maintenance, resistant to moisture and looks stylish too. There’s a variety of bathroom flooring materials you can choose from. Some popular ones are porcelain, ceramic, marble, anti slip tiles, vitrified tiles, granite, and slate tiles.

The cost to remodel a bathroom purely depends on the types of material and finishes you use for the cabinets and shelves. Also, if you choose you redo floor and wall tiling then your costs will go up significantly.