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In a world as complex as today’s, the only way to excel in the long term, is to run an adaptive organisation that can flex and weave around constraints and stretch for opportunities. It takes an organisation-wide mindset to make that happen.

That means the only real core competency can be our people. The sum total of the people and their behaviours is the personality of an organisation. And the right personality is like a magnet that attracts employees, customers, vendors, investors – everybody, and includes all stakeholders on the journey to success.

This organisational personality is defined by the values we choose to operate by. If defined and executed well, it will allow us to build an organisation that:

  • Is flexible and adaptive, with a mindset of continuous transformation
  • Maximises stakeholder value

Our Values

Our values come together to form the word CREATE, a happy coincidence that it nicely dovetails into the business we are in, of CREATING homes.

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Customer Happiness

Think of the best customer experience you ever had. We want our people to treat every external and internal customer in the company exactly the same way.

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We want our people to value ideas for their merit, not for their identity. We expect our people to listen, to pay attention, to value each other's time and communicate respectfully.

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We admire people who are curious, like to experiment, fail and try again. We like those who seek continuous improvement and persevere.

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We expect our people to speak their mind and not fake agreement. We encourage our people to stand up to authority and fight for what they believe is right.

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Trust and Honesty

We expect our people to ask for help when in need. We respect people who say "I don't know" when they don't know. We put our faith in people who own up to their mistakes.

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We covet people who enter arguments, not to win, but to listen and build perspective. We expect our people to enter conflicts believing that they could be wrong.

Our Culture

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